All Star Smash Mouth Acapella

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What is the BPM for 'smash mouth all star' For example: harry styles - sign of the times (which is 120 BPM, by the way) BPM results for 'smash mouth all star' Smash Mouth All Star 3:20 Duration 104 BPM Listen on Spotify Listen on Apple. Get instrumental stems and vocal acapella to remix All Star by Smash Mouth. This remix stem pack for All Star is not on SKIO yet. Show your interest by requesting to remix this song.

Nichijou desserves a true second season. Japan knows jack shit about anime.Sources:Base: Nichijou - Zzz... (Outro, full ver.)Mashup MaterialSmash Mouth - All Star [acapella]Soulja Boy - Crank That [acapella]Other Jokes:At the beggining, the bell dings are pitch shifted to continue the start, which sounds like Hopes and Dreams (Undertale's main leimotif)And Soulja Boy is there because steel-drums xddAcapella means 'only voices'.


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should been a megalo here

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(no visable nose on them intensifies)

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i expected more memes tbh

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(anime nose bleed intensifies)

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(thinks for a sec...) fUcK iT.

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i like the song but i dont know what keep it or just forget it because of the thumbnail (I HATE ALL PEOPLE WHO DO THIS)

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Selamat Pagi

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Do you Happy?

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actual gold

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@garketmardener: I always look at this image on this page to remember the actual placements of the keys then there's this page that shows what notes are in what keys and which major keys are relative to which minor keys also the way I figure out the key of a song most of the time is by putting the singing part of gangnam style over it and pitch shifting it until it sounds in key, and since gangnam style is D major then however much it's shifted is the key of the other song

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@scream-skelly-gore: I know jack shit about keys to be honest it's just all so confusing and i honestly tried but can't seem to get into remembering what the fuck they are. I think major removes the 2nd and 5th semitone and minor removes the 3rd and 6th but ???

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@scream-skelly-gore: Okay turns out that other version of this mashup idea I mentioned is some unlisted thing I'm not supposed to share? So I guess just disregard what I said about it.

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I should've mentioned this sooner, All Star is F sharp major and Zzz is C sharp major, so these are out of key. You could fix that by shifting All Star up by 7 or down by 5. But, one time on a discord music bot I heard another Zzz/All Star mashup that was in the correct key (and also included Walkin' on the Sun which is also a lot closer to Zzz in key). I haven't been able to find it from searching for it though. Also I know this was uploaded 7 months ago but hopefully it would still be helpful to tell you these things.

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All Star Smash Mouth Acapella



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i'm not ok with this

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Smash Mouth Songs

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How dare you!

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love those shell drums lol

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mfw i just realized that the bells at the beginning were an undertale reference

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i do


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Oh yeah! I 'member! I love Nichijou!

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@nathaniel-kang-2546979: intended

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4:20 exact length

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All Star Smash Mouth Song

but she wanted to go to the souljacademy

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All Star By Smash Mouth

yeah i remember the part where that little professor girl built a shrek robot