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Experience Arena of Valor, an epic 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Games.

MOBA has always been a genre that attracts the majority of gamers around the world. And Arena Of Valor right from the launch and to the present time never disappoints with excellent gameplay and outstanding graphics


In This game, you Create a team of five heroes and battle other teams online in an enormous closed 3D arena. Your objective: destroy the other team’s Nucleus before they destroy yours. Destroy their defensive towers and fight their heroes to reach the nucleus!

You can choose from a roster of over 50 heroes to build a perfect and balanced team, Starting off with the typical characters of this kind of game, such as fairies, warriors, ninjas, wizards, and then surprisingly DC Comics favorite characters like Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Women or The Joker. Each one with its own role, power and ability.

Aov Emulator Pc

Tips and tricks

1. Start with one or two heroes

Experience Arena of Valor, an epic new 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Games! Master unique and powerful heroes, like Batman. BlueStack is currently widely popular emulator that allows the player enjoy their RPG action packed MOBA game play for free on their PC, Mac, iOS or other OS devices. Developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technology this powerful gaming emulator is highly recommended to stream AOV game that is filled with fun and adventure in a jungle.

The reason you want to focus on one to two different characters is this increases how fast you will master the heroes of choice, and it helps you work on being good at the game. You don’t’ want to get stuck learning mechanics, and abilities, and builds for different heroes! You could learn 1 or 2, and play the game non-stop, and gain a better understanding of how to play it as a whole. In this case Valhein, the hero you start out with in tutorial is the best suited for beginners.

. Lower Equipment Requirement, Min. In case you worry about the size of Arena of Valor on your PC, GameLoop could reduce the requirement to 2GB RAM, which ensures the game occupies less storage of your computer. Also, play AOV on PC would fix the common problem of the fast power consumption of mobile. DOWNLOAD FOR PC DOWNLOAD FOR MAC. Garena: Arena of Valor game is a very special and the very first invention by Garena and is widely played, and hence it is available to install it on Pc and Mac very easily and within just a few minutes. In order to install this game and enjoy the perks of Garena, you must install it using an emulator software.

Aov emulator pc apk

2. Teamwork

This is a MOBA game, you are playing with other real players. If you want to increase your chances of winning the game, try to follow up players that seem to be doing good and make sure you help out others teammates in other areas of the map.

3. Make use of the jungle

Around the three battle lanes is the jungle, which is crawling with monsters. Anyone can take on these beasts, and there are very good reasons to do so.

Defeating monsters in the jungle earns gold for your team, which is used to purchase upgrades in the arena. Many of the monsters also grant special buffs and bonuses when defeated.


4. Gear up

Upgrading gear with gold earned during a match is one of the best ways to become more powerful, it’s a good idea to routinely purchase new equipment as soon as possible.

5. The arcana

Aov Emulator Pc

Arcana are boosts that increase various stats of your heroes like attack power, armor, and magic damage. Adding Arcana that complement your play style can be of great benefit.

6. Play on PC with NoxPlayer

One unique advantage you can count on is to play Arena of Valor on PC with NoxPlayer. AoV is fully optimized in NoxPlayer so once you have installed the game in the emulator, you don’t have to go through the process of bidding keystrokes. It’s all already preset and will load automatically for you for the best experience possible.

To play it on your PC, Install latest version of the NoxPlayer, sign in your Google account, then install Search and install Arena of Valor from Google Play or App Center. Or you can download the apk file from any apk-site, and just drag and drop the file in NoxPlayer; it will install automatically. Then you can enjoy!

Garena: Arena of Valor is one of the most popular games of all times, especially if you are a DC comics lover. YES! Now you have a chance to showcase your skills by choosing the superhero of your choice. The choice is totally yours, whether you want to play as the Batman, the Joker, Superman or Wonder Woman. For the very first time, an exciting feature of introducing superheroes for all the gamers who inspire them and relate them in their daily lives. Now they have the option to play with them and enjoy their quality time.

Aov Emulator Pc Download

What actually Garena is? Garena is a digital entertainment platform, developing and publishing online PC and mobile digital content in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. Arena of Valor, the invention of Garena, is their first mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). For the very first time, in the history of their digital content invention, they have formed up a special and new introduction for the gaming society i.e. the invention of multiplayer online game. In this game you can connect online with your unique id and you can challenge others for a battle. The most exciting feature in this game is that you can play it along with your friends and family members. No matter how bored you are, you always have the chance to play this game no matter what time it is and where you are. You just have to download it on your mobile or simply log in using a laptop or online gaming server and you are ready to go.

Arena of Valor is a type of modern game that allows you to take the challenge, the challenge of guiding your favorite character (superhero) in the battlefield throughout the battlefield and the enemy’s territory and get rid of your main rival. Like most of the multiplayer online battle games, Arena of Valor requires you to choose your favorite character from a list of 15 free characters which are available for free of cost. Of course, you have to keep certain things in mind before selecting any character. You have to be really vigilant and keeping in your mind their skills set and type of attacks the characters can perform. If you keep these things in mind, you surely will ace the battle and would give a tough challenge to other online players.

Garena: Arena of Valor offers really simple and easy to handle in-game control options through which you can control your most favorite characters. The rule is straightforward, you have to guide your protagonist (character) by sliding your finger across the screen (usually your preferred side of the screen) and clicking on the lower part of the screen. By using this simple technique, you can easily move your character to the desired location in the battle arena. The right side is used for the attacking purpose which contains unique control options which are used to attack your opponent. On the right side of the main playing screen, you will find the very basic attack, and in addition to that you will also find four other types of special attacks which you can use to diminish your rival. The most fantastic feature is that you can buy more attacking options from the game store, which you can use to become more stronger than your opponents.

The main objective or the core theme of the game is to destroy the central nucleus that is based inside the rival base territory. To reach there, you would have to destroy the defense towers that are in the battlefield to protect their territory. Here you have to be very careful and play the game with maximum concentration because you will face a lot of special attacks coming from different characters which can harm you and become a reason for the destruction of all your previous efforts. If you play the game with the desired concentration and without taking an eye out of your domains, you will surely carry your team to the victory by gaining the maximum territory.

Aov Emulator Pc Apk

Arena of Valor includes various game modes that are specially designed to target a particular type of gamers. The most popular and the most played mode of Arena of Valor is the classic mode which allows 5 vs 5 player battle. There are also 3 vs 3 battle and 1 vs 1 battle feature as well. Some more battle modes include Battle Royale, Soccer Fever, and Hook Wars. All these specially and very carefully designed battle arena modes are to test gamer’s skills by testing their in-round skills with reduced teams or own their own.

Garena: Arena of Valor is categorized among those games on the that offers a multiplayer online battle arena game. It includes more than one hundred million users from all over the world. It has a specially designed ranking system that starts from bronze level and reaches up to a higher version, i.e. the conqueror level.



Garena: Arena of Valor game is a very special and the very first invention by Garena and is widely played, and hence it is available to install it on Pc and Mac very easily and within just a few minutes. In order to install this game and enjoy the perks of Garena, you must install it using an emulator software.

Emulator software is a very popular and most trending software these days which helps to bridge the gap between google play and the operating system. It provides a helping hand for the game to run smoothly. Moreover, it helps to play the games directly. The first step is to install your desired game using any emulator software program and then install it instantly and enjoy the game without any hurdles as an emulator gives direct access to play the game smoothly and without worrying for any error or viruses.

BLUESTACKS is the most trustworthy emulator nowadays which completes the gap between android system and Mac system or PC. It gives a whole range of games to enjoy on the go. It is known to be the safest and the most reliable emulator on the internet which you can use it to download any game within just few minutes and enjoy your quality time along with your friends. The installation of BLUESTACKS player software is very easy to play your desired games at any time and at any place. You must install this emulator to start enjoying your most favorite games. The procedure after installation is very simple and easy. Simply search the name of the game such as ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ in this case in the search bar. The next step is just to download the game and enjoy playing it on your laptop.

Steps to download and install ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ using BLUESTACKS are as follow:

  • You must download the BLUESTACKS emulator software through internet.
  • You must download BlueStacks player from any web browser or simply by following the link provided.
  • As you enter the official website of Bluestacks emulator, you must press the download button.
  • A new window would pop up showing further instructions. Follow the instructions to download the emulator.
  • Once the BLUESTACKS player is downloaded, now you should Install the BlueStacks by installing the downloaded setup.
  • Double click on the installed application (downloaded setup).
  • Now press the install button.
  • After successful installation of the player, now open the BLUESTACKS player (downloaded file).
  • As the Bluestacks emulator is opened, search your desired name of the game you want to play such as ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ in the top right corner of this player where search bar is located.
  • A new window in Bluestacks emulator would show up which would connect the Bluestacks player with the Google play.
  • Now press the Install button under the name of the game ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ and wait for the game to get installed.
  • Simply press open after the installation.
  • You are ready to enjoy your game.

HOW TO INSTALL ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ ‘ON PC AND MAC USING NOX Player?

NOX player is another type of emulator which helps to play the games directly. There are many popular emulators which are used to play the games and make out of them conveniently. Nox player is another type of emulator which acts as a bridge between the google play and the windows. You can log in to the Nox player using your official google account login and password, and you can install the games on your laptop according to your own choice.
Steps which are required to be followed to install the game ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ using Nox player are as follow:

  • Download Nox Player from google or by following the given link
  • Once the Nox player is downloaded, you must Install the Nox player using the downloaded setup file.
  • For that, go to the desktop and double click on the Nox player and open the installed application.
  • After the Nox player is successfully opened, you can start the search in the search bar located in the Nox player.
  • In the search bar, type ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ and press enter.
  • A new window would pop up upon pressing enter which would lead you to Google Play.
  • In the new window, press on the Install button and wait for the game ‘Garena: Arena of Valor’ to get installed.
  • Press the open button after the installation of the game.
  • CONGRATULATIONS! The game is successfully installed and be ready to enjoy the most amazing and thrilling game of all times.


Arena of valor is an action game which gives you different options to play the game using different emulators. Another option to play the game is to install it using MEMU emulator which is another trustworthy software for Android games. It is highly recommendable software that allows you to play the game because this emulator has helped to make the life of gamer’ community easier. It has provided a comfortable environment for gamers as it gives many options to play any game and enjoy it without wasting time.

The Steps which are to be followed to install the game “Garena: Arena of valor” are as follow:

  • Download MEMU player emulator from the browser or click on the link provided.
  • Press on the download button and wait for it to download.
  • Once the memu player is downloaded, press on the install button to install the software.
  • To install the software, open the MEMU app from desktop by double click.
  • Press on the install button and let it install.
  • After the successful installation of the application, open the memu player.
  • Select the language as English and press Next.
  • Now select the keyboard layout as English (US) and press Next.
  • This would lead you to Google Play option and would ask you to sign in using your google play details.
  • Enter your email address and password to get logged in.
  • In the search bar, type “Garena: Arena of valor” and press install to install the game.


    The minimum requirement is 4.0.3 and above versions.
    Yes, the game is available on the IOS operating system.
  • MINIMUM iOS VERSION NEEDED FOR “Rules of Survival”:
    The requirement for iOS is 9.0 or above.
    Every type of combos, including up to date attacking techniques, new superheroes, and their clothes.
    There is a specially designed feature of the report in the game which you can always use to report any hacker. Simply put the name and id of the person and our team will look into the matter and will try to remove such profile from the network.
    There are chances that you do not have the updated app version of the game. You must update your game to play smoothly.
    You must report this issue to our help desk team, and your query would escalate to the relevant department for further consideration.
    The Download size of the game is 63 M.
    The current version of the game is