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Yesterday I had to reinstall Adobe Captivate 5, because I “accidently” edited a crucial Adobe Captivate system file without keeping a backup of the original (yeah I know – not to smart).

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  4. Captivate Voices Download

Download locations for Captivate text-to-speech converters. Captivate 5 Voices for Windows and Mac. Captivate 4: NeoSpeech text-to-speech converter.

I usually purchase my copies of Adobe software from the Adobe Store and select “Download” as the delivery method. I had kept the original Adobe Captivate 5 install files, but I did not keep the Text to Speech packages. This turned out to be problem since the Text to Speech download links now are for Adobe Captivate 5.5 only and doesn’t work with Adobe Captivate 5.

There is however a way to get hold of these “older” files if you know the correct links to the download packages.

Text-to-speech that captivates Choose from a library of digital voices to create narration with human pitch, emphasis, and intonation. Voice narration. This is accomplished through an option called Text-to-Speech, and can be found in Captivate by selecting Speech Management in the Audio pull-down menu. By default, only one voice is available, but you can download more voices if needed. Click here for instructions on how to download additional voices for text-to-speech in Captivate 5.5.

Go to and navigate to the Adobe Captivate product page. Click the Try button and log in to your account. When you get to the Trial download page you then you copy / paste one of the links from the list below into your browser to download the files that you need.

That’s it ;o)

Here are the files that I find relevant. I included the links for the trial downloads for Adobe Captivate 5 and Adobe Captivate 4 in case anyone needs those. Remember that these files are fully functional versions but they will only work for a 30-day trial period.

Text to speech packages for Adobe Captivate 5:

Loquendo TTS package CP5:
Captivate Text To Speech Voices Download

Neospeech TTS package CP5:

Trial installation files for older versions of Adobe Captivate:

Adobe Captivate 5 – English – Windows files:

Captivate Text To Speech Voices Download

Microsoft Text To Speech Voice Downloads

Adobe Captivate 4 – English – Windows:

Microsoft Text To Speech Voices

Adobe Captivate Text To Speech Voices Download

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Captivate Voices Download