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The Downloader and Private Browser apk has size of 1.4 Mb and has been uploaded on Jan 24, 2020. Downloader and Private Browser has 10314 downloads on Android Freeware and is among the most popular tools, downloader, browser, downloads, browse, media, file, videos, protected apps. We provide the latest Downloader and Private Browser apk file to. Get protection beyond your browser, on all your devices. Product Promise. Learn how each Firefox product protects and respects your data. Firefox Relay (beta) Sign up for new accounts without handing over your email address. Firefox Private Network (beta) Protect your browser’s connection to the internet. View all Products. Downloader & Private Browser. Downloader & Private Browser lets you easily download videos, photos, audio and other files from your favorite media sites to your Android. Save all your downloads in a confidential password-protected folder that only you can access and play back videos and music with the in-app players.

Downloader & Private Browser (Premium) - is a multi-functional program that lets you easily download files from the built-in browser and protects you from unauthorized individuals. Built-in audio and video players that allow you to recreate any format.

Downloader and Private Browser you can easily download to your Android device from your favorite websites directly from music, videos, photos, and other files. There are only one personal password-protected folders to download all your videos and music and store the app you can use to play your favorite files with the offline media player. To find our full-featured multi-tab private browsing on the Internet in the private with the application. 3 MP supports the most common file types including M4A, MP4, M4V, MOV, AVI, WMV, Doc, XLS, PDF, TXT and more. Check out our current Music and Video Downloader app for free and why it is a favorite among Android users.

Downloader And Private Browser

Downloader And Private Browser Mirmay

Downloader and Private browser whose main current of the protection and privacy of its users. Not only that, when we can take a screenshot with the apps we do not even browse through the terminal.

Upload any kind of file to the memory of the user terminal, and as you want (as can change the value of options) can be downloaded with one as many. Also, file upload and they will be stored in different folders based on the video, pictures, music, documents ...

Another interesting tool password Downloader and Private Browser Security may all downloads. With this feature, users can create their Android device with another user to download all the files without fear of them via your browser.

In any case, Downloader and Private Browser are the best, that is, when the video contains a Web page to access, understand it, and it will allow us to be directed to download the memory of the terminal. In addition, it comes with an integrated mp4, m4v, MOV, 3gp, and M3U8 player.

Downloader and Private Browser is an efficient browser, whose main issue ads. And because they see many other major browsers without any performance problems.

Key Features

  • Upload videos, photos, music and more
  • Store your private files in a password protected folder
  • Offline video and music player app allows you to play your files
  • Such as Chrome and Firefox as the browser to complete the multi-tab features

* YouTube videos can not be downloaded because of legal restrictions.


Private video downloader for windows
  • Full Screen
  • Bookmark
  • History
  • Smart Download
Downloader and private browser for computer

File Manager

  • Download a
  • Password protection for private content
  • Supports recovery of interrupted downloads
  • Download files on 3G or Wi-Fi
  • Support folders and subfolders
  • Moving to rename and delete files

Music player

  • MP 3, WAV and M4A music playback formats
  • Create your own playlists
  • Background / Lock Screenplay mode
  • Album Cover

Video Player

Downloader And Private Browser Apk

  • Background Video Playback
  • Mp4, m4v, MOV, 3gp, and m3u8 video playback
  • AirPlay support
  • Video Playlists

A number of fixes and improvements we have to ensure a good experience.

Downloader And Private Browser App For Laptop

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Downloader and private browser for pc

Private Browser And Downloader Free

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Downloader And Private Browser App

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