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Search the Wolgang Guitar Registry To search for a particular setting select the criteria from the drop down box then click submit. Results displayed are the last 10 guitars registered, there are over 100 guitars in the database. Premium serial numbers: what does a letter mean infront of serial number? Santuzzo: All Other Guitars (including Prestige) 2: 05:55 AM: FS - Peavey 5150 head and Peavey 4x12MS cab: Funeral9: Classified Ads: Guitars and Gear: 3: 02:04 AM: Peavey ValveKing or Peavey Vypyr: cursed: Gear, Equipment, Recording & Off Topic: 8.

Evh Wolfgang Serial Number Lookup

NumberEvh Serial Number Lookup

Fender Evh Serial Number Lookup

NumberPeavey evh serial number lookup

Fender Evh Wolfgang Serial Number Lookup

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Purchasing a used amp and want to check if it has been modified by Voodoo Amps. Enter the serial number to search the Voodoo Amps mod database to determine if a certain amp has been modified by Voodoo Amps. You can also use the drop down list to select a amp brand and/or model to see what mods are being performed on a particular amp model.

Search Voodoo Amp Mods

To search for a particular amp enter the serial number into the search box then click submit. Or select a particular model from the drop down box and click submit.

This is just a place holder using the settings db. Once data feed arrives do the following:

  • Build database
  • rebuilt page with serial number search and display all info (no pop up window)Database will be setup to allow for every amp modified by Voodoo. Model drop down box is populated from db for each distinct amp model that has been modified.

    EVH=0335535150 III 50W HeadDual consentric knob (volume/gain) circut modification done in August 2020. Fender issued mod
    EVH-0303155150 III 100W HeadUse with a Marshall 1960A cab
    5150Comments and modifications to your 5150
    EVH0151065150 III Limited EditionGreat amp,suits me perfectly !Comments and modifications to your 5150
    EVH0257045150 III 50W HeadComments and modifications to your 5150
    EVH0235955150Comments and modifications to your 5150
    wg02526a5150Comments and modifications to your 5150
    EVH0186285150 III 212 ComboComments and modifications to your 5150
    0250735150 loud MF at 4 watts love it.
    testing 35150Comments and modifications to your 5150
    evh40194975150Comments and modifications to your 5150none wow awesome amp I love it!!
    083886265150 212 ComboNo modifications have been made by myself, but recessed handles have been fitted in the sides of the amp, and wheels fitted on the bottom.
    EVH-0149345150 III 212 ComboI guess there was a bad batch of plastic knobs that crack/break. Mine was missed two knobs from the store and 5 others are cracked. They will be replaced with a new set.
    00-065964425150None,was designed perfect by the man EDDIE VAN HALEN ,no need to mess with perfection
    EVH-0176085150 212 ComboI mailed the supplied Owner's Registration card twice to 8860 E. Chaparral Road Suite 100, Scottsdale, AX 85250-2610 and was returned to me unable to forward both times.

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    Evh Serial Number Lookup

    Evh Wolfgang Serial Number Lookup

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