How To Earn Promo Credits On Imvu

by admin

Once you get at least 100 points (which shouldn't be very hard if you use the guide I'm going to provide you with) you get to turn in all these points for real imvu credits!!! So if you got 500 points, that 500 real imvu credits in addition to the promo credits you can get daily on the imvu site!!! Our team have developed this imvu credit hack tool especially on the demand of our followers. By making use of this imvu hacks and cheats 2016 you can hack imvu credits. This imvu cheats for credits is quite simple to use that a good non technical person may use imvu credit generator device with no hassle. IMVU Description. IMVU's Official Website. IMVU is a 3D Avatar Social App that allows users to explore thousands of Virtual Worlds or Metaverse, create 3D Avatars, enjoy 3D Chats, meet people from all over the world in virtual settings, and spread the power of friendship.

There are various ways to get credits on IMVU. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to earn credits for free and to purchase them with real-life money. In this blog post, we will cover all the different ways you can get credits. If you don’t know already, IMVU has 2 types of credits. Promo credits and credits. Check out our other blog post about what are promo credits and credits on IMVU.

Free ways to get Credits

Daily spin

Every 24 hours you can spin a roulette wheel on IMVU and you are guaranteed to win 1 prize:

  • 15-200 Promo Credits
  • A random item from the IMVU Catalog
  • A random WithMoji

You can use Daily Spin on IMVU Next or IMVU Mobile by clicking on the credit icon on the top right-hand corner and then clicking on Daily spin.

Peer Review

Peer Review is when you check if the newly submitted products by other IMVU players are following the Virtual Goods Policy before it the product is visible to everyone. You are given 5 promo credits for every product you check. However, you may only earn a maximum of 500 promo credits (review 100 products) a day.

There is an added bonus of 45 promo credits if you find a product that is not functioning properly if you found that that product is not rated correctly or it is breaking the Virtual Goods Policy.

Giveaways and Competitions

Sometimes IMVU hosts giveaways or competitions. The details of these giveaways/competitions are usually posted on the IMVU Hosted Contests & Events discussion page.

IMVU usually also gives away 10,000 credits every time they host a Twitch stream. You can follow IMVU’s Twitch Channel at IMVUOfficial on Twitch.

IMVU players also host giveaways or competitions too. The details of these giveaways/competitions are posted on the User Hosted Contests & Events discussion page.
You should also check out the IMVU hashtag on Instagram as other IMVU players may host giveaways or competitions there too.
IMVU players may also host giveaways in IMVU Groups. However, these are a little harder to find as you have to join different groups and manually see which groups are hosting giveaways.

Working/Getting an IMVU Role Play Job

There are some IMVU players who Role Play and hire other IMVU players to work for them. For example, sometimes other IMVU players host parties and want someone to DJ for them during this party. They would pay you in gifts or credits to play music using various IMVU voice box products or using IMVU Music. Another example and the most popular way to get a role play job on IMVU is to be a part of a modeling agency. Your job would be to model and promote another IMVU Creator’s product. In return, the agency or the IMVU Creator will gift you products or credits.

Watching Videos/Surveys and Offers

You can watch videos in the Watch Videos Section. Usually, you earn approximately 15 promo credits per video you watch. Videos are usually 1-2 minutes long.

You can complete surveys in the Survey Section. You can earn different amount of promo credits depending on the survey. You will not receive any promo credits if you do not successfully complete a survey.

Offers are sometimes completely free or may require some sort of payment on the 3rd party website to complete successfully. You can view your offers in the Offer Section. Again, you must successfully finish the offer to receive your promo credits. On some occasions, you may be awarded credits rather than promo credits.

Please be careful when doing these surveys and offers. Make sure to read all the details and fine print.

Paid ways to get IMVU Credits

Purchasing Credits


The most obvious way to obtain credits is to purchase them. You can do this directly from the IMVU Store. However, I recommend waiting a few days and snatching your credits on sale. IMVU usually has sales on credits fairly often. The discounts usually rank from 15%-40% off. They also host a 45% off sale once every week or so for their VIP customers.

Earn Real Imvu Credits

Creating IMVU Products

How To Earn Promo Credits On Imvu Profile

You can potentially earn unlimited amounts of IMVU credits by creating IMVU products for the IMVU Shop. If other IMVU players buy a product you created with credits (not promo credits), then you can earn profit from that sale. However, to create IMVU products you need credits (not promo credits) to submit a product into the IMVU shop. Getting a sale is also not guaranteed. You can increase your chances of getting a sale by promoting your products and creating high-quality products.