How To Make Hiren Boot Usb 15.2

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Hiren boot usb stick

Hiren's Boot CD 15.2, Dos/Windows/Linux Bootable CD, Hirens BootCD, Download WinTools, Partition/Data Recovery. HBCD 15.2 has lots of Open-source/Freeware applications. Hiren's BootCD 15.2 is definitely the swiss army knife of the tech team at Proyecto Byte.There's an entire section of the site dedicated to this awesome tool. We've already explained how to make a Hiren's Boot CD and how to make a Hiren's Boot USB drive (in case you don't want to waste a CD). The reality is that, even though a USB drive is much more practical than a CD for its speed.

Hiren’s Boot CD is very useful bootable CD to solve computer problems. it has a lot of testing, troubleshooting and repair tools.

Create A Bootable Hiren’s Boot CD on USB Flash Drive (2018) Hiren's Boot CD has been updated to a Windows 10 PE with loads of PC Repair tools to fix all your. 'USB Function For DOS' and 'ThumbDrive for DOS'. Go to 'Advanced Setup'. Set the '1st Boot Device' to 'USB RMD-FDD'. Reboot the PC and it now should boot from the Usb Stick. Go to 'USB Mass Storage Device Configuration'. Select 'Emulation Type' and set it to 'Harddisk'. Go to the 'Boot Menu' and set the '1st boot device' to 'USB-Stick'.

What’s Inside Hiren’s CD?

  • Antivirus Tools
  • Backup Tools
  • BIOS / CMOS Tools
  • Browsers / File Managers
  • Cleaners
  • Device Driver Tools
  • Editors / Viewers
  • FileSystems Tools
  • Hard Disk Tools
  • MBR (Master Boot Record) Tools
  • Network Tools
  • Optimizers
  • Other Tools
  • Password/Key Tools
  • Process Tools
  • Recovery Tools
  • Registry Tools
  • Remote Control Tools
  • Startup Tools
  • System Information Tools
  • Testing Tools
  • Tweakers
Hirens boot usb for windows 7

Hiren's Boot Usb

HirenDownload Hiren’s CD 15.2 link 1Download Hiren’s CD 15.2 Link 2

Hiren's Boot Usb Windows 10

Convert Hiren’s CD to Bootable USB

Hiren’s CD 2 Bootable USB is a free to use tool to make bootable USB disk from Hiren’s CD iso file in easy steps.


  • Create Bootable USB from Hiren’s iso file.
  • Easy to use just 123 and get your Bootable USB.
  • Test you USB after creating it.
  • Diagnostics log.
  • Free tool
Download Hiren’s CD 2 Bootable USB Tool

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