Inventek Laser Level Reviews

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A rotary laser level is an advanced device that gives the effect of full 360 degree vertical and horizontal plane, for which it spins the beam of light quick enough to process the operation, illuminating a horizontal plane. Some rotary laser level has a self-leveling automatic technology and some just have level vials that are readable, along with screws that could be adjusted manually.

A rotary laser level can face many damages and encounter some minor troubles that can be fixed by the user itself. Here are some of the troubleshoots of the rotary lasers, along with tricks to fix the problems;

  • Affected leveling
  • On duty battery failure
  • Low visibility of laser beam
  • Laser beam not visible due to bright light
  • Dead area
  • Remote control malfunction
  • Dropped or mishandled
  • Rotary device not responding

Affected leveling

Sometimes the rotary laser level device is unable to give the desired and perfect alignments or leveling. The lines might not come in perfect alignment and also the leveling gets unsteady. This is a concerning problem as, if the leveling or alignments are not displayed properly in a flow, then that is sure to tremendously affect the construction.

Troubleshooting tips for incorrect leveling: the rotary laser level device must not be placed where there are heavy vibrations or where large machinery is being run, as the vibrations will extremely affect the alignments or leveling, making the lines unsteady.

Usage tips: the rotary laser level must always be placed on a firm and concrete floor, either on a tripod stand or a pole leveling ceiling to floor. In case one has no tripod stand or pole, the rotary laser level device can also be mounted to the wall.

On duty battery failure

In some cases the battery of the rotary laser level device might fail suddenly during the operation and the rotary laser level device might stop working, forcing the operation and work to be stopped in the middle of process. This might be a great risk in construction areas where the work needs to be done in one go.

Solution for this problem: to minimize the risk of battery failure during the time of any work or operation, one can connect the rotary laser with an external power supply or DC power source.

Tip: one must always connect the rotary laser level device to the external power supply only through the combined AC/DC converter and battery charger that was provided along with the rotary laser level equipment. If some other materials are used, it may cause permanent damage to the rotary laser level.

Low visibility of laser beam

There some moments when the visibility of the laser beam emitted by the rotary laser level gets very low, due to which the alignment and leveling become very less visible even in normal light. It makes it impossible to get the accurate leveling due to the low visibility of the beam.

Solution for this problem: one can change or decrease the rotating speed of the rotary laser level device. The speed is normally and usually set in a default rotation mode. It is very easy to change as there are already buttons on the device, to change the speed of rotation according to one’s visibility need.

Tip: if the visibility is too poor or if the beam is to be transferred to longer distances, then one can also stop the rotation completely and the position of the beam can be adjusted accordingly.

Laser beam not visible due to bright light

In bright lights or sunlight, the laser beam from the rotary laser level device, sometimes gets totally invisible that makes the leveling with the rotary laser level impossible, finally hampering the work required to be done.

Solution for this problem: if one cannot see the laser beam emitted by the rotary laser level due to bright lights or sunlight at the outdoors, the best way to tackle this problem is to use a laser detector. The laser detector makes the beam visible even in bright light. Both laser detector and laser level combined together can deliver more effective leveling.


Inventek Laser Level Reviews

Tip: if the rotary laser level device is above the head height, then it is best to attach the detector also at a high level for perfect and improved results.

Troubleshooting tips for a dead area

In many cases the laser beam of the rotary laser level is unable to reach some areas due to some obstructions. The area in which a clear laser beam cannot reach is called the dead area. In construction sites, it is very important that the beam reaches all directions; else it can affect the leveling.

Solution for this problem: if there is any dead area in the leveling with the rotary laser level device, one can simply change the direction of the rotation. It is possible to change the direction of rotation to clockwise or anticlockwise mode.

Tip: the direction should only be changed when the rotation speed is zero at 0° rmp or at scan mode. If the direction is not changed by keeping the rotary laser level in 0° rmp, the rotary device might be damaged, affecting the functioning of the device.

Remote control dysfunction

Inventek Laser Level Reviews

Many a times, the remote control of the rotary laser level device don’t respond and sometimes it does, that creates confusion for the user about the remote control, if the remote control is internally damaged or working. It also creates a problem when remote control doesn’t work at the time of need.

Solution for this problem: many users are unaware of the fact that the remote controls work only when there is direct uninterrupted line of sight between the remote sensor and the sensor in the rotary laser level. The remote control doesn’t work if there is any interruption.

Inventek Laser Level Reviews Ratings

Tip: the remote control of the rotary laser level device should always be used in its effective range, as it works only in that range. The batteries of the remote control must be changed regularly whenever required.

Dropped and mishandled

Rotary laser level device is also at a risk of being dropped and if the device is used for large site with many workers, it can also be mishandled, making the device lose all its settings and there might also be possibility that the device to be damaged.

Inventek Laser Level Reviews

Solution for this problem: to check if the rotary laser level device is working properly, a horizontal plane calibration test can be performed. Here are the steps for doing the test;

  • Set the rotary laser level at a distance of 50 m from the wall
  • Let the laser points the X-axis towards the wall and turn on the device
  • Mark the point where the beam of the rotary laser level is pointing
  • Turn the rotary to 180° and mark the point
  • See if the difference between the heights of the points is not more than 10 mm. the same process can be repeated for the y-axis

Tip: it is important to always do the calibration test to make sure that the rotary laser level is working right. If there are any problems then one can take professional help.

Rotary device not responding

Sometimes the rotary in the rotary laser level stops responding, making the device unable to perform any necessary rotary functions. It can be a big problem for construction sites.

Solution for this problem: one should check the rotary laser level thoroughly. The batteries and connection must be checked and if both are alright, then the joint of the rotary must be checked, for any existing corrosion. If there is any corrosion, then some anti-corrosion ointments can be applied to clean the corrosion.

Tip: the rotary laser level must be checked regularly. If required, the rotary laser level must be sent for professional repairing.


These problems are minor and the rotary laser level can be adjusted in order to make it work properly yet again. Along with the tricks and tips for various troubleshooting, maintenance of the rotary laser level is very important as, if the device is not maintained properly; it would not take time for the rotary laser level to be damaged permanently. So here are some of the maintenance tips that are very important to remember;

  • The device must be always kept in cool and dry place in a range of -10° F to 55° F.
  • If in case the device gets wet, it should be cleaned with a dry towel. The rotary laser level must not be put into the case until it is totally dried. The device must not be dried near fire or with electric dryer.
  • The device should not be dropped or kept in areas with constant vibrations. It must not be handled roughly and the user has to be extra careful.
  • The calibration must be checked regularly.
  • The outer part of the device should be cleaned with a soft towel dampened in water and little soap solution. Strong detergents, cleaning liquids or other chemicals must not be used to clean the device.
  • The laser aperture of the rotary laser level can be cleaned by rubbing with a lint-free soft cloth moistened with special isopropyl alcohol.
  • The detection window of the laser detector can be cleaned by using a glass cleaning solution.

Rotary laser level is a complicated device, but if one knows how to handle the device, then using it is not a big problem.