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Fonts of the Beast

Listen: In this latest installation of CLASSICS WEEK 2014, Anthony Fantano visits with Iron Maiden's breakout alb. The Number of the Beast (2015 Remaster) Iron Maiden to stream in hi-fi, or to download in True CD Quality on

The Book Of Souls Font (v2.0)
Iron Maiden Font 1 (Metal Lord)
Iron Maiden Font 2 (Purgatory)
Iron Maiden Font 3
Maiden England 2012 Font (Slant)
A Matter of Life and Death
Benjamin Breeg Font
Dance of Death Font
Visions of the Beast
Flight 666 Font
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The Number of the Beast topped the charts in the U.K., but even more crucially - with Judas Priest having moved into more commercial territory - it also made Iron Maiden the band of choice for purists who wanted their metal uncompromised. Maiden took the basic blueprint Priest had created in the late '70s - aggressive tempos, twin-guitar. Routinely ranked among the greatest heavy metal albums of all time, The Number of the Beast is the birth of Iron Maiden as we know it, a relentless metal machine lifted to soaring new heights by the arrival of erstwhile Samson frontman Bruce Dickinson. Dickinson's operatic performance here made him an instant metal icon, challenging even Rob Halford for bragging rights, and helped launch the.

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The legendary British heavy-metal band Iron Maiden was formed in 1975 by the bassist Steve Harris. He knew perfectly what kind of music he wanted to play, and, as the result, he started looking for like-minded persons. Pretty soon the very first line-up was established, and the rockers began performing in small clubs. The potential was huge, and the constant shows all around the United Kingdom helped Iron Maiden to gain the popularity. Moreover, the style created by the musicians turned out to be truly revolutionary: Iron Maiden are considered to be the founders of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Iron Maiden Albums In Order

Due to the number of concerts, the rockers managed to save some money and afford recording the first demos. Among them was the composition Prowler that later peaked at number one of metal-chart. Iron Maiden’s bright shows were attracting everyone’s attention, including attention from representatives of various labels, and by 1979 the band signed the contract with EMI. Thus, in 1980 the band’s debut album Iron Maiden was released and it got excellent reviews from the critics. The rockers did not make their fans wait too long for the following studio work: the second long play Killers, that proved to be as interesting and strong as its predecessor, was issued in 1981. Iron Maiden started the professional career in a very confident way, because the musicians managed to gain a huge fan base and also to establish a reputation of one of the most talented and prominent young bands.

Iron Maiden’s members always had plenty of new ideas, and the musicians realized them very well in the studio. Thus, the records The Number Of The Beast (1982) and Piece Of Mind (1983) were certified Platinum in the UK and on the other side of the Atlantic. In 1983 the famous magazine Kerrang! included Piece Of Mind and The Number Of The Beast into the list of The Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Times to the first and second places accordingly. In general eighties became the Golden period for Iron Maiden: the rockers issued their best albums and managed to achieve the world recognition.

Nineties turned out to be a bit less successful for the band: there were rumors about Iron Maiden’s disbandment, which luckily proved to be fake. Maybe the albums of nineties were received in that way because of the fact that the extremely talented vocalist Bruce Dickinson quitted the group. Nevertheless, the band’s fans were satisfied: they got such strong long plays as No Prayer For The Dying (1990), Fear Of The Dark (1992) and many others. In 1993 the founders of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal released the live album A Real Dead One, recorded during the concerts in Europe. A Real Dead One became the real present for all the live sound lovers, as soon as that album could preserve the energy and drive of Iron Maiden’s performances.

Even if someone considers nineties to be not the best period of the band’s creativity, the millennium showed the real potential of the musicians. Iron Maiden’s line-up is worth mentioning: not every band has three guitarists, and of such high level. That helped to achieve the new sound, which turned out to be even more powerful than it used to be. Moreover, the group’s fans were extremely happy because Bruce Dickinson came back. The album Brave New World, released in 2000, debuted at number two in the UK and soon it was certified Gold. Three years later Iron Maiden issued the record Dance Of Death (2003) that had been crated in the band’s best traditions. The studio attempt titled A Matter Of Life And Death appeared in 2006 and it was enjoyed by the fans and it was critically acclaimed.

In 2010 Iron Maiden’s discography was enlarged by the album The Final Frontier that had been waited by fans for four years. The musicians’ skills allowed them to create not only the strong, but also the incredibly difficult from the technical point of view work. Iron Maiden never looked for the easier ways, they always did their best, and The Final Frontier is the bright example of that. That studio work already attracted the attention of millions of fans all around the world, and there is absolutely no doubt that The Final Frontier will be interesting for all the good music lovers.


Studio Albums

The Final Frontier
The Final Frontier is studio album number fifteen from the heavy-metal icons Iron Maiden. Although it's the longest CD they have, the new record is not boring, but begging to be listened to again and again





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Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast Album Download Full

Iron Maiden The Number Of The Beast Album Download

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