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Editors’ Notes Joy Division bassist Peter Hook was at a wedding when producer Martin Hannett began mixing the band’s second album, Closer, in March 1980.By the time Hook returned to London, where they were making the record at Pink Floyd’s Britannia Row Studios, a couple of tracks were ready. Joy Division - Closer (1980) 01 - Atrocity Exhibition. 05 - A Means to an End. 06 - Heart and Soul. 07 - Twenty Four. Between March 18th and March 30th 1980, Manchester post-punk legends Joy Division were in London with Producer Martin Hannett recording their second and final studio album Closer. The session began following the previous two that involved the recording of “ Love Will Tear Us Apart” at Pennine Studios on January 8th, and Strawberry Studios. Joy Division - Closer (2CD) Hi-Res 24-192 (2013).rar. Golden Love Songs - 1987 - Vol. 2 (Move Closer).rar. Tyrone Davis - Let's Be Closer.

  1. Joy Division Closer Rarest
Real Name
Ian Curtis, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris
Joy Division were a British rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. They were originally named , then changed their name to and finally became Joy Division before recording and releasing their first 7' EP '.
Ian Curtis (vocal, occasional guitar), Bernard Sumner (guitar, keyboards), Peter 'Hooky' Hook (bass guitar, backing vocals), and Stephen Morris (aka 'The Human Drum Machine') (drums, percussion).
Shortly after the suicide of Ian Curtis on the 18 May 1980 –following troubles with grand mal seizures (a form of epilepsy), depression, and other contributing personal factors happening in his life– the band was renamed New Order, following a pact between all four members made long before Curtis's death that should any member 'leave', the remaining members would change the name of the group.
  • Bernard Sumner
  • Ian Curtis
  • Peter Hook
  • Stephen Morris

Joy Division Closer Rarest