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Joy Division Bootlegs

When a cult band like Joy Division only releases two 'proper' albums it's not surprising that a number of bootlegs come out to satisfy the demand from fans. What is surprising is the sheer number of these releases!
This information is provided for educational use only. We do not condone the production of bootlegs nor do we encourage anyone to buy them. Many unauthorised recordings suffer from poor sound quality with misleading and incorrect sleeve notes and can be quite a disappointment to the buyer. Bootlegs are generally released without the artist's consent, without payment, and often in a format that the artist would not agree to.

+ - (plus minus)
1979 Radio Sessions
A 30 Year Anniversary Tour 45
All God's Angels Beware
All Love Lost
All the Lyrics
Alternate Unknown Pleasures
Amsterdam 1980
Asylum Doors
At An Earlier Date
At Last
Atmosphere 7'
Atmosphere LP
Atrocity Exhibition
Atrocity Exhibition: Live in Paris 79
Aus Grauer St├Ądte Mauern
Beginning Of The End
Black Souls
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Bowdon Vale Youth Club
Box File
British Underground
Ceremony / In a Lonely Place 12'
Ceremony LP
A Christmas Of Joy (Division)
Closer To The Unknown
Closer To The Unknown Treasures
Closer To The Unknown Treasures Vol 2
Collector's Item
Colony Of Dead Souls
Concert 18 Jan Effenaar
Cross Of Iron
Dante's Inferno
A Darkness In My Soul
Day of The Lords
Dead Soul(s)
Dead Souls, Exercise One
Death Trip
Demos and Rare Tracks
Desperation Takes Hold
Die Kalten Winde Des Winters
Digital Glass
The Dutch Recordings
The Early Years Box
Electric Funeral
Electric Music
The End
End Live In England 79
Exercise One
An Evening With...
Factory By Moonlight
Factory By The Moonlight
The Factory Manchester 6-7-79
A Factory Sample
Flexi discs
FM Broadcast 11/1/80
Form And Substance
From Centre Of City
From The End To The Beginning
Further Transmissions
Futurama 2 / Futurama 79
Glass Is...
Good Evening We're Joy Division
Greatest Hits
The Grey Assembly
Hand of Doom
Happy Porpak's Punk Sampler
Heart And Soul
Heart Of Darkness
Here are the Young Men
A History in Cuttings
House Of Dolls
House Of Prayer
How Many Echoes Are There
Ian Curtis 15 July 1956 - 18 May 1980
The Ideal
The Ideal Beginning
An Ideal For Killing
An Ideal For Living (7' 12')
An Ideal For Living - The Demos (LP)
I'm Not Afraid Anymore
ln A Lonely Place
Inquisited Again
Inside The Line

An Interview With Ian Curtis
In the Studio With Martin Hannett
In This Room - Studio rehearsals
John Peel Sessions 1979-1980
A Journey That Leads To The Sun
Joy Division
Last Order
Leaders Of Men
Leigh Rock Festival
Le Terme
Le Terme *Part II*
Le Terme *Part III*
Let The Movie Begin
Licht Und Blindheit
Life Before Death
Live 1979/1980
Live and Obscure
Live at Ajanta Theatre Derby
Live at Leigh Rock Festival
Live at Malvern Winter Gardens
Live at the Apollo
Live at the London Lyceum
Live at the Paradiso Club Amsterdam
Live at Town Hall, High Wycombe
Live at University of London Union
Live! From Eindhoven, Holland
Live in Amsterdam 1980
Live in Blackpool 1979
Live in Holland
Live in Paris
Live Malvern / Eric's
Live Sampler
Live Transmission ... Dance to ...
Live Transmissions
Lost Control
Lost Treasures
Love, Fear, Isolation
Love Will Tear Us Apart (LP)
Love Will Tear Us Apart (7')
Love Will Tear Us Apart (12' CDS)
Manchester, So Much To Answer For
The Marble Index
Martin Hannett Personal Mixes
Mater Dolorosa
Maximum Joy Division
A Means To An End
At The Moonlight Club
The Moonlight Club
Morituri Te Salutant
Nashville Ballroom
New Dawn Fades
No Love Lost
No More Ceremonies
Non In Vendita
Once Was The Young Man (DVD)
One Size Fits All
Out Of Balance, Out Of Tune
Out Of The Room
Pearl Harbor!
Peel Sessions
Performances 01
Queens Hall Leeds
The Raven Has Chosen ...

A Retrospective On ...
A Retrospective - Part II
Rough Trade Deutschland
Russell Club - June 13 1979
Russian MP3 CD collections
Shades Of Division
She's Lost Control
Short Circuit Live Electric Circus
Singles 1978-1980
Solitary Demands

Something Else
Something Must Break
Sordide Sentimental
Soul and Heart
Soul of Heart
The Sound And The Fury
The Sound Of Music
The Sound Of Music Volume 1
Stroszek's Last Stand
Studio Sessions Vol 1-3
Substance Video
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine...
That Last Fatal Hour
That'll Be The End
There Must be More Than This
They Keep Calling Me
They Walked in Line
This is The Room
To The Centre of Koln Vol II
Try To Cure Yourself

Twenty Four Hours
University of London Union
Unknown Martyrs
Unknown Pleasures
Unnamed LP
Various Artists Live - Alternative Vol 2
The Visitor
The Visitor Box
Waiting For Our Sight
Walk Away... In Silence
Warsaw 7'
Warsaw LPs
Warsaw CDs
Warsaw At The Beginning
Warsaw The Lost
Warsaw Studio Demos
We Were Strangers
Where Will It End
Winter Gardens
YMCA 2-8-79
You're No Good For Me
The Youth Club
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Joy division rarJoy

Joy Division - The Best of Joy.Joy Division - The Best Of Joy Division (2008) - Rock - Torrent Kitty - Free Torrent To Magnet Link Conversion ServiceHere you can download tiff joy tiff joy album rar shared files: Joy Phone.rar 1995 = A Means to an. Joy Division - 1980-02-08 - London, UK (Audience FLAC) They Keep Calling Me BootlegFACTUS ULU 80 Recorded Live at University of London ULU, London, 08 Feb 1980 Source: Silvercd- CUERipper 2.1.4 - FLAC 01 - Dead Souls 02 - Glass 03 - A Means To An End 04 - Twenty Four Hours 05 - Passover 06 - Insight 07 - Colony 08 - These Days. Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition) by Joy Division album. Zip Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition) by Joy Division album. Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition) by Joy Division Rar. Best Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition) by Joy Division Zip.!BEST Unknown Pleasures (Collector's Edition) by Joy Division mp3 Online. Joy Division - 'Les Bains Douches, Paris ' (Bootleg) Again we have to thank France for saving anglo-american music from themselves.This concert was the subject of a radio broadcast on the Bernard Lenoir Show on French radio, so there exists a broadcast quality recording, which was partially released on CD at the turn of the century.

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Joy Division Rar
  1. Joy Division - Warsaw - Discography (1978-2010)
  2. Genre: Post Punk 23 Releases MP3, AAC, 320 kbps 4.28 GB
  3. Albums:
  4. [1979.06] Unknown Pleasures
  5. [1980.07] Closer
  6. [1981.10] Still
  7. Compilations:
  8. [1990.09.xx, SFRCD111] Peel Sessions [CD, compilation]
  9. [1991.11.30, SON 12] Substance [CD, compilation, reissue]
  10. [1995.08.15, 9 45979-2] Permanent: Joy Division 1995 [CD, compilation]
  11. [1997.12.08, 828 968-2] Heart and Soul [4 CD, compilation]
  12. [1999.xx.xx, MPG 74034] Warsaw [CD, album, reissue]
  13. [2000.08.07, SFRSCD094] The Complete BBC Recordings [CD, compilation]
  14. [2005.11.22, 10795] Let The Movie Begin [CD, compilation]
  15. [2007.06.19, CD 10797] Martin Hannett's Personal Mixes [CD, compilation]
  16. [2008.03.24, 5144273022] The Best of Joy Division [2 CD, compilation]
  17. [2010.12.08, none] +- singles 1978?80 [Web, compilation, remastered]
  18. Extended plays, singles:
  19. [1978.06, PSS 139] An Ideal For Living [7', EP]
  20. [1980.03, SS 33 002] Licht und Blindheit [7', single] LC ~262 kbps
  21. [1980.04, FAC 23] Love Will Tear Us Apart
  22. [1980.06, FAC 28] Komakino [Flexi-disc 7', single]
  23. [1980.08, Facus 2] She's Lost Control / Atmosphere [12', single]
  24. [1980.12, FAC 13.12] Transmision [12', single]
  25. [1986.11, SFPSCD013] The Peel Sessions [CD, EP]
  26. [2009.09, Fac213.7] Atmosphere [7', single, reissue]
  27. Live albums:
  28. [1999.05, FACD 2.60] Preston 28 February 1980 [CD, live album]
  29. [2001.04, FACD 2.61] Les Bains Douches 18 December 1979 [CD, live album]
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  40. [/spoiler]
  41. Links:

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