Linux Snippet Manager

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Save your often used text snippets and then expand them whenever you type their abbreviation.

SnippShot is a minimalistic code snippets manager that saves your snippets in the Cloud and easily access them from any machine. You can create limitless snippets as you want, search pieces, rename them, or even delete them completely. Manage all your code snippets with multi-level folders, shortcuts, tags, and Smart Groups. Polo is a modern, light-weight and advanced file manager for Linux with support for multiple panes and tabs. It also features a device manager, archive support; PDF, ISO, and image actions; supports checksums and hashing, and video downloads. Importantly, it supports for cloud storage; running and managing KVM images, and so much more. JCodeCollector is a free cross-platform application that helps you manage your.


For example:- 'spr`' expands to 'Snippet Pixie rules!'

For non-accessible applications such as browsers and Electron apps, there's a shortcut (default is Ctrl+`) for opening a search window that pastes the selected snippet.

The Search and Paste window opened with Ctrl+` (can be changed) is very convenient for quickly finding and pasting snippets, and shows the most recently used snippets first for quick access.

Snippets can be imported and exported in a simple JSON format.

Supports placeholders:-

  • Date/Time: Insert the current or calculated date/time with configurable format.
  • Clipboard: Insert the text contents of the clipboard.
  • Snippets: Insert snippets in your snippets!
  • Cursor: Set where the cursor should end up after the snippet has expanded.

All placeholders are delimited (wrapped) by '$$', with the placeholder name starting with an '@' symbol.For example, today's date can be inserted with '[email protected]$$'.

Linux Snippet ManagerJobSnippet

This shell utility that makes it easy to save, search and recall shell commands. It usesGitHub Gists as the backend storage, so your work is backedup and accessible from multiple locations. Of course, since you are storing data publicly, makesure that you are sanitizing the data, so no secrets are shared.

Install and ConfigureĀ¶

Linux Snippet Manager App

Install with Homebrew:

Linux Snippet Manager Bot

Create a new access token on GitHub that allows only thegist scope. Create a pet configuration file and set the access_token.


Linux Snippet Manager Job

Create new snippets:

List existing snippets:

Search for snippets:

Linux Snippet Manager Software


The pet command does not have version validation associated with snippets uploaded to Gist,so it is possible to wipe out your snippets in two separate ways:

  1. Downloading empty snippets from your Gist, which overwrite your local snippets.

  2. Uploading empty local snippets to your Gist. Since GitHub stores revisions, you can recoverfrom this.

Make sure that you have the latest snippets locally before updating your Gist.

Upload snippets to Gist:

Download snippets from Gist: