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Professional method to convert M2TS to MP4 on Windows. AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate is. To freely convert M2TS files, you must use Free M2TS Converter, the most powerful and professional freeware which aims to convert M2TS supported by iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android phone. Best 4 M2TS Converter for Mac and Windows PC #1. UniConverter For DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, iSkysoft iMedia Deluxe Converter can burn M2TS files with same parameters and files can be securely transmitted to Discs, DVDs etc. Most of the time, M2TS deals with Blu-Ray Discs and DVDs but it is not just restricted up to this extent only. M2TS Converter for Mac is equipped with the advanced video accelerating technology – AMD APP, NVIDIA® CUDA™ and multi-core CPUs management. Considering that, this Mac M2TS video converting software can surprise you with an amazing speed when converting your HD and 4K M2TS video to other popular video formats. Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS files or other formats to MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, etc. For editing or playback on Mac (macOS Big Sur/Catalina supported).Convert AVCHD MTS/M2TS/M2T at 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i to any formats.

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The Necessity of Converting & Compressing M2TS Format Videos

M2TS (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) is a filename extension used for high definition video on Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD. It's widely applied by Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC camcorder or camera while this is a sharp turnaround to its dismal utilization on massive carry-home devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets, for usually M2TS files store quite a great deal of information and data which are beyond the tolerance of portable devices with limited storing space.

Facing this reality, you may wonder if only there is a smart assistant to aid you to convert M2TS to mainstream formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, etc. on your Mac computer so as to play M2TS on Mac Quicktime, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC mobile or tablet for free enjoyment on the go. Luckily, to satiate plentiful Mac users' needs, a bevy of M2TS converter for Mac roar across the horizon. Yet, maybe you like a common Choister lose your mind about which one is the optimal free Mac MTS converter in 2020.

No Worries! Here presents you the criteria of the best M2TS converter for Mac in 2020 so that you can better know how to choose the best M2TS Mac converter.

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To get a good quality video, if you have tried M2TS download, and the file that you have received is huge, it becomes imperative to convert M2TS files Mac computer has received from the Internet. Being a Mac owner, although you do not have many options when it comes to downloading and using efficient applications, here you will find some of the best programs that can help you with the process in the easiest way.

Part 1. How much do you know about M2TS and MTS

When you record footage using the latest and advanced camcorders such as one from Sony, Canon, etc., the clips are captured in MTS format by default. After recording, as you try to transfer those videos to your PC, they are automatically converted to M2TS for better accessibility and improved compatibility. This becomes extremely handy when you try to play the movies using any codec-equipped media player such as VLC.

Part 2. How to convert M2TS video files on Mac without losing quality

M2ts Converter Mac

As mentioned above, you do not have many options about the media converters as a Mac owner. However, one app that is available for both Mac and Windows platforms is UniConverter that is developed by one of the IT giants called Wondershare. Wondershare UniConverter (originally Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate) recognizes 1000+ different formats for conversions and is also populated with many other features that are useful for your protection and post-production projects.

Wondershare UniConverter for Mac/Windows

  • Merger – This feature enables you to merge two or more video clips so that they can be used as a single movie for uninterrupted viewing
  • Screen Recorder – Comprises three mini tools namely Screen Recorder, Webcam Recorder, and Microphone Recorder that can be used to create your training materials with voice-over and game walkthroughs for both personal uses and commercial gains
  • Video Editor – Video Editor is a separate category in the application that consists of the trimmer, cropper, volume manager, etc. to make your videos more engaging and informative for the mass
  • Audio Converter – Helps you to convert the audio files to a different, relevant format
  • Video Compressor – Can compress the large video files to a smaller size without deteriorating the picture quality
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The steps given below explain the process to convert M2TS files without losing quality on Mac using Wondershare UniConverter:

Step 1 Import the source M2TS file to UniConverter.

Start Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac computer, from the left list, ensure that the Video Converter category is selected, click the Add Files icon from the right window, and select and import an M2TS file to the application.

Step 2 Pick an output format.

From the lower-left section of the right window, click and expand the Output Format menu, go to the Video tab from the top, choose your preferred output format from the list in the left, and pick a resolution preset from the right section.

Step 3 Convert M2TS file Mac has.

From the File Location field present at the bottom-left corner of the right window of the interface, choose an output directory, and click Convert from the right section of the M2TS file that you imported earlier.

Step 4 Access the converted file.

After the conversion process is complete, go to the Finished tab from the top, and click Open from the right of the converted file that becomes available on the next window.

Part 3. How to convert M2TS files on Mac free

Because Wondershare UniConverter is a paid application, you may not want to invest your funds in it, especially if the conversion tasks that you perform are quite occasional. In such a scenario, it is imperative to know about a couple of other tools that can be obtained for free and are capable enough to deliver the same output quality as the paid software do.

One app that is, again, developed by Wondershare and is absolutely free is Free Video Converter. Wondershare Free Video Converter is also available for Windows and Mac platforms and can even recognize more than 1000 formats for conversions. As for the interface, it uses the same legacy layout that was once used by UniConverter.

You can follow the simple steps given below to learn how to convert M2TS files on Mac using Wondershare Free Video Converter:

● Download and install Wondershare Free Video Converter on your Mac computer using the URL given above

● Launch the program

● Ensure that the Convert tile is selected from the top of the interface

● Click Add Files and select and import an M2TS file to the app

● Click and open the Convert all tasks to menu from the top-right corner of the interface

● Click to select the Video tab

● Pick an output format from the left pane

● Choose your preferred resolution from the right

● Click Convert to convert M2TS on Mac

● Once done, go to the Converted tab from the top

● Click Open from the right of the converted file that is available on the next window


● Uses the legacy UniConverter interface that is easy to understand

● Is as efficient and feature-equipped as Wondershare UniConverter


● You must upgrade to the Premium version to remove the audio and video watermarks from the produced files

Part 4. How to convert M2TS files on Mac online

If you perform the conversions occasionally, it would be impractical to download and install a dedicated program (paid or free) on your Mac. Isn’t it? Therefore, it would be a good idea to try an efficient and free web solution such as Online UniConverter that may have some restrictions but would not use your local computer hardware resources. Neither would it occupy any space on your hard drive.

Online UniConverter is yet another product by Wondershare that, in addition to converting M2TS files, can perform almost all the tasks that its desktop sibling, Wondershare UniConverter can. The only difference that this web portal has is that it can be accessed from any computer, regardless of its platform, as long as there is a web browser installed in it, and the PC is connected to the Internet.

You can learn how to convert M2TS files using Wondershare Online UniConverter on Mac by following the instructions given below:

● On your Mac computer, launch any web browser such as Safari

● Go to the Wondershare Online UniConverter’s official website using the link given above

● When the web page opens up, click Choose Files, and select and upload the source M2TS file to the portal

● Click to open the to menu from the upper-right corner of the conversion box

● Go to the Video tab if not already selected

● Choose your preferred output format from the available options

● Click CONVERT to convert M2TS free

● Once done, click DOWNLOAD to save the converted video to your PC


● Lets you choose the source M2TS files from your PC, Google Drive, and Dropbox

● Can convert M2TS on Mac for free and without any registration as long as the files are of up to 100MB in size


● A paid subscription plan is required to increase the file size limit to 500MB

Part 5. How to play M2TS video on Mac

In order to play the M2TS videos on your Mac or any other computer for that matter, you need a media player that is equipped with the codecs that can recognize the format. One such program for Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms is VLC. The VLC media player can easily play M2TS videos, and if you have this program on your PC, you don’t need to convert the footage to a different format merely for viewing purposes.

Free M2ts Converter Mac

Also, Wondershare UniConverter has its previewer that lets you preview the files before converting. You can exploit this tool by importing an M2TS video to UniConverter, launching the Previewer, and switching it to the full-screen mode for flawless playback.


Mp4 To M2ts Converter Mac Free

After downloading the M2TS file, the file can be easily converted to any relevant format using an efficient transcoder such as Wondershare UniConverter. However, if you do not want to invest any funds in a dedicated desktop program, you can either go for any free application or try an online solution that can help you with those occasional conversion tasks without registering for an account or charging even a single cent.