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Q: Sometimes when I walk up to a wall, my view goes back to standard first person view. A: That is also one of the anti-clipping measures. If I had removed this feature, and you walked up to a wall, you would see through the wall. This is a FPS MOD for MP2, there are two versions of it, the original one who dont know her creator and the Shepard one. These mod is not mine but is a great mod. Note: is you want to play your mods in first person here is a video Youtube.com thanks to lethalaxis for the video. I hope you liked it thanks to shepard for making: Shepard 2nd fps.

The mod will add more realism to the game from the first person. A more perfect display of first-person body parts will appear. Addition may seem similar to the mods: Modified Improved First Person and RFPR, but this is not at all the case, because this modification is much easier to configure.

Everything works together with shaders, Optifine HD, Better Animations and others. In short, this mod will bring notes of realism in Minecraft to the computer.

How to Install Minecraft Real First-Person Render Mod ?

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Download Minecraft Real First-Person Render Mod
  3. Double-click on the file downloaded from Forge to run the installer.
  4. Unzip the downloaded file from the mod.
  5. Paste the downloaded file the folder .minecraft/mods
  6. Run Minecraft. Enjoy.

Download Real First-Person Render Mod for Minecraft

for MC 1.12.2 ⇒ Download

Minecraft First Person Mod

for MC 1.11.2 ⇒ Download

for MC 1.10.2 ⇒ Download

Minecraft Improved First Person Mod 1.7.10

for MC 1.7.10 ⇒ Download

Credit: rejah_tavi Source:CurseForge

- enables rendering of body in first person view.
- the contents of map can be seen in both first and third person view.
Planned Features
- eating animation
- better compatibility with Smart Moving. Both already work well together, but there may be some visual annoyances.
- better animation for bow and possibly other weapons/tools
- bug fixes
- option to disable the mod while playing.
Change log for version 1.5.2r1
- updated to Minecraft 1.5.2
- merged the utility mod files into the main mod for now.
- Bows added by other mod will be held on left hand like the default bow.
Download / Installation Direction(for Minecraft version 1.5.2)
This mod requires Minecraft Forge and Render Player API. This mod requires installation in correct order to function properly. Please read the installation instruction before installing the mod!
- Install Minecraft Forge for version 1.5.2 (link or alternative link (download the build or over). download the recommended, universal version)
- Install Optifine if you are using it (Remember that Optifine Light isn't compatible with Minecraft Forge, which means this mod won't work with Optifine Light either. Optifine Ultra and Optifine Standard work fine with Minecraft Forge)
- Install Render Player API for version 1.5.2 (link)
- Download ImprovedFirstPerson1.5.2r1.zip in the link below and from that zip file, and put the jar file (ImprovedFirstPerson1.5.2r1.jar) into the coremods folder. If 'coremods' folder does not exist, either create a new folder named 'coremods' in '.minecraft' folder or start Minecraft with Minecraft Forge installed, and put the jar file in the newly-generated 'coremods' folder.
Don't forget to install Minecraft Forge BEFORE Render Player API or Optifine
Please be aware that I cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly on every computer and that I won't be responsible for damages to your copy of Minecraft, computer, and/or saves, if any of those should ever occur.This mod is purely on client-side and will probably do nothing if installed in server. You will be still able to join server with this mod installed, but just to be safe, do not join the servers that do not allow client-side modification with this mod.
Download Link for ImprovedFirstPerson1.5.2r1.zip:
[mediafire] [adfly]
Known Issues
- arrows are fired slightly off from where player's bow is pointing
- enchanted item effects ('glittering effect') do not show up correctly
- player's body jitters when walking while aiming with a bow
- Optifine capes do not show up
- placement issues with blocks, covers and other similar blocks from RedPower mod
- not compatible with Animated Player mod.
Frequently Asked QuestionsFirst
I try to reply to posts of people having problems with this mod, but if I don't, it's either because I'm busy or because the solution to that problem is here:
Q: I can see inside my head.
A: It's either:
-You forgot to install Minecraft forge first before Render Player API.
- Some of the mods you are using isn't compatible with Render Player API. Mods that edit player model most likely aren't compatible with Render Player API. However, if the mod uses Render Player API, then it will work fine with this mod.
Q: Minecraft starts up and crashes with following message (the message can be seen towards the bottom of the error log):
A: Render Player API was not correctly installed. Be aware that, just like Minecraft forge, Render Player API has to be installed in the minecraft.jar directly.

First Person Mod Gta Sa

First person mode minecraft
If you followed these directions carefully but are still having the same problem, then feel free to post the problem here.