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Portal of I is the debut full-length studio album by Australian extreme progressive metal act Ne Obliviscaris. The album was released in 2012, a lengthy amount of time after the band’s only prior release, the demo The Aurora Veil (2007), from which all the tracks reappear on Portal of I. Country of origin: Australia Location: Melbourne, Victoria Status: Active Formed in: 2003 Genre: Extreme Progressive Metal Lyrical themes: Life, Death, Mythological. Portal of I is the full-length debut of the Australian progressive metal band Ne Obliviscaris. It was released on May 7, 2012 via Code666 Records. All music by Ne Obliviscaris. All lyrics by Xenoyr.

  1. Ne Obliviscaris Portal Of I Downloaded

Melodic Black Metal - Australia

NE OBLIVISCARIS’ third album, ‘Urn’ is bound to be a career defining moment. The Australian extreme prog shooting stars have honed and re-balanced the key elements of their unique sound to a razor sharp musical edge. The dynamic entwining of fierce growls and emotive clean vocals, the contrast between devastating et intricate guitar riffs and thundering drums against an unleashed violin and gorgeous string parts as well as the perfect blending of epic progressive and intense extreme metal forms of expression are all marking a new peak in the steep rise of the band.

Ne Obliviscaris is a (currently) six-piece progressive extreme metal band from Melbourne, Australia that includes a vast array of influences within their sound; consisting of a violin, two guitars, bass, drums, clean and harsh vocals. JSR Merchandising creates, produces and sells official merchandise for a number of rock & metal, bands & artists.

Founded in the beautiful Australian coastal city of Melbourne, Victoria in the year 2003, NE OBLIVISCARIS took the inspiration for their name from the proud motto of Clan Campbell based in Argyll, Scotland, which means “forget not”. From the start, this collective of exceptional musicians made it clear that they did not intend to follow any trends or walk on well-trodden paths. Their first demo, ‘The Aurora Veil’ (2007) had a massive impact in the metal underground far beyond the fifth continent and already their debut full-length ‘Portal of I’ (2012) reached mainstream music press, which praised a unique array of influences and the characteristic virtuoso violin.

NE OBLIVISCARIS immediately climbed remarkably higher on the ladder with sophomore opus ‘Citadel’ (2014) by adding avant-garde approaches including jazz, flamenco, progressive rock, and many other wide-ranged influences to their solid metal base.

Parallel to their success on a critical level and with an ever-growing host of die-hard fans, the Australians increased their reputation as an excellent live act with extensive touring literally around the globe. The financial base for this was laid by NE OBLIVISCARIS’ ground-breaking use of modern day crowd-funding campaigns. This includes an ongoing Patreon membership scheme under the moniker The Ne Obluminati, which is revolutionising the relationship between band and fans by using the ancient concept of patronage in today’s democratic setting.

‘Urn’ will lift NE OBLIVISCARIS to the next level. Outstanding musicianship meets excellent songwriting and a firework of brilliant ideas. Evening out the scales between extreme and progressive metal, the Aussies carve their own path. Spin ‘Urn’ on heavy rotation and NE OBLIVISCARIS will take you to a whole new dimension of musical delights.


  • Xenoyr : harsh vocals
  • Tim Charles : violin & clear vocals
  • Benjamin Baret : lead guitar
  • Matt Klavins : guitar
  • Dan Presland : drums
  • Martino Garattoni : bass

Ne Obliviscaris Portal Of I Downloaded

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