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OptimizePress is one of the OG WordPress landing page builders. The product first came out way back in 2010. Back then, there weren’t a lot of options when it came to building sales pages for WordPress. The focus was mainly on building general website pages. So most website owners were forced to turn to coders and designers to build bespoke landing pages for their websites.

This, of course, was a costly way to build sales funnels for websites. And that’s when OptimizePress came into the picture. All of a sudden, WordPress users had a way to create landing pages that focused on conversions rather than design or animations. They could build the landing pages themselves, much like any other page on their WordPress website.

OptimizePress was one of the first players in the landing page builders space back in 2010. But of course, the field got more and more crowded as time passed. Slowly competitors started building more and more sophisticated products to build high-converting landing pages. For a while it seemed like OptimizePress would be overtaken by the competition and become just another one of the names in the space.

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It is this situation that forced OptimizePress to innovate. Development started on a new version of the product in 2017 and eventually came out in 2019. This version is called OptimizePress 3.0 and is an attempt to bring the software up to speed with the needs of WordPress users at this time.

This was an important move to make because the WordPress environment is constantly changing. That dynamism is brought about partly by WordPress itself being updated. It also comes from developers who build products for WordPress continuously looking for ways to build better products. As a result, users expect products like OptimizePress to keep up with the times and that’s exactly what they’ve done.

There is a lot that has been added to OptimizePress; plenty of new tools to take stock of and old tools that have received a new layer of paint. Even if you’ve used the plugin before, you may find that you need to familiarize yourself with the new aspects of this latest version. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the OptimizePress 3.0 landing page builder and how you can use it to take your WordPress game to the next level.

OptimizePress 3 Review

Before we jump into exploring all the cool new bells and whistles that come with OptimizePress 3.0, let’s take a moment to understand what the product is about foundationally.

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin that lets you build landing and sales pages and market them effectively online. You can even build entire membership websites using OptimizePress and some of the associated tools that come with it. But at its core, the plugin focuses on helping you turn your website into a marketing machine. (So basically it helps you Optimize your WordPress haha! )

Optimizepress Core Skills

Since OptimizePress is a marketing-focused product, it isn’t like your average WordPress page builder. Page builders are products that care about building aesthetically pleasing WordPress pages. They’re built to serve the needs of designers and developers who want to do their job at a more rapid rate.

OptimizePress, on the other hand, isn’t a WordPress page builder – it’s a landing page builder. The difference is subtle and it’s important. A landing page builder focuses on conversions and sales. The main aim isn’t to build pages that look pretty with great transitions and animations. Rather, the focus is on creating effective sales funnels and making your website an integral part of that process.

You can create an entire landing page funnel using the OptimizePress 3.0 WordPress plugin. There are a wide range of templates to choose from to aid you in that process. Users can start with the template and then modify every element to suit their taste or to adhere to brand guidelines.

Of course, each of these templates is optimized for converting. What a conversion is depends on the goals of each landing page. It could be to get a new email subscriber, have visitors sign up for a webinar or to sell a product. No matter what your goals are, you can find landing page templates on OptimizePress to achieve them. That includes not just building the landing page, but leading visitors through the funnel right until checkout.

OptimizePress has created various tools to help their users optimize the process of turning their website visitors into paying customers. The plugin was fully revamped during the transition to OptimizePress 3.0 and you get access to a whole new set of features. There are also new third-party integrations to help take website owners marketing capabilities to the next level. Let’s take a look at the features available in OptimizePress 3.0, how they work, and what they can help you achieve.

OptimizePress Landing Page Builder Review

At the core of OptimizePress’ WordPress product is its landing page builder. This is a true WYSIWYG landing page builder where you can visually add and remove elements and see all of your edits in real time. You can do all of that without having to mess with too many menus or buttons. The entire experience is built around a drag-and-drop methodology.

The process of building a landing page using OptimizePress starts with a template. Users can choose from over 40 of these templates based on their goals and design preferences. Each one is built to convert.

After picking a template, you set about editing it. The extent to which you edit the landing page depends on your own needs. At the very least, you will have to edit the copy on the page to fit what you’re selling. If you want to, you can get a lot more detailed than that. OptimizePress lets you edit fonts, images, colors and more on every landing page. So if design is a priority, you can play around with all of those aspects of the landing page.

Every landing page on OptimizePress is mobile responsive. Considering that half of all web traffic comes from mobile now, this is an important inclusion. OptimizePress is also GDPR-compliant so you can store and transfer data without worrying about running into regulatory issues.

Now let’s talk about the functional and conversion-related aspects of the landing pages. Setting up an opt-in form on OptimizePress is about as easy as it gets. All it takes is a few clicks and you’re ready to collect data from users. You can also turn these into 2-step opt-in forms if you want to further establish how interested visitors are in what you’re offering.

The opt-in forms in OptimizePress can easily be connected to your email marketing service. The plugin integrates with various email marketing providers to make this possible. That includes Emma, SendReach, GetResponse, and Demio. You can take advantage of this to automatically send data about your leads to your email marketing software and instantly send out targeted email campaigns.

Another key functional aspect of OptimizePress’s landing pages is their page load speed. The team behind this plugin uses a unique framework to develop pages that load extremely quickly. Every template you use has been tested for speed before launch. This ensures that your landing pages do well in the SEO rankings. It could also mean better ad conversions because visitors respond better when ads lead to pages that load quickly.

OptimizePress Sales Pages Review


Interesting fact: Foundr Magazine used OptimizePress to build it’s first sales page when it started. Nathan (my ex-boss) the CEO used OptimizePress to create the landing page for the magazine sign up 5 years old. Just goes to show you how OptimizePress was the status quo.

A sales page is a specific kind of landing page. It’s one that is meant to sell a product to a visitor, rather than, say, ask them for their email or to sign up for a free webinar. Sales pages are about the hard sale and OptimizePress has specific features to help you make those happen.

Just as with landing pages, there are also sales page templates on OptimizePress. There are templates to sell courses, masterclasses, training seminars, ebooks and more. These can be edited easily to promote the physical or digital product you’re putting out into the world. They’re designed to load quickly so that you don’t lose visitors while your page appears on their screen.

Now when you have a sales page, you also need to have it rigged up to a checkout software. OptimizePress integrates well with a wide range of shopping cart services. WooCommerce, SamCart, WP Simple Pay, and ThriveCart are some of the softwares that you can use along with the OptimizePress plugin.

The great thing about these sales pages is that they can be put together in no time. Each template comes ready with sections for marketing copy, product information, demos, pricing tables, etc. All you need to do is choose a template and plug in the relevant information.

Users can add specific marketing-focused elements to each page to increase the possibility of a conversion. For example, you can throw in a countdown timer to create urgency or a video to visually demonstrate how your product works. OptimizePress gives you the ability to include all these elements easily and create sales pages optimized for your audience.

OptimizePress Marketing Funnel Builder

With the latest version of OptimizePress, you can build entire marketing funnels using the plugin. That means that you aren’t limited to creating individual landing pages. Instead, you can create an entire flow that takes customers from being made aware of the product to purchasing it. You can use OptimizePress to build every link in that chain and connect the individual parts to build a funnel.

The OptimizePress WordPress plugin greatly simplifies the process of building marketing funnels. To start, choose the kind of funnel you want to put together. You can create funnels to sell books, launch a product, promote a webinar, and get new email subscribers for your newsletter among other things. You can then choose from templates that have been built for the kind of funnel you’re putting together.

OptimizePress has created a branding selector so that you can quickly edit each template to suit your business’ branding. It’s easy to change the color scheme and styling on each page so that it reflects the way your brand is supposed to look online.

Once you like how your marketing funnel looks, it’s time to link the different parts of the funnel. This step is taken care of by OptimizePress’ funnel linking technology. Basically, it knows where each page in the funnel is supposed to be and automatically puts them in the right order. So all you have to do is get the content on each page right and this WordPress plugin will do the rest.

The marketing funnel builder is one of OptimizePress’ biggest strengths because of how comprehensive and intuitive it is. It takes the plugin from being a landing page builder to a platform for creating entire marketing campaigns. Being able to create sales funnels with a single plugin is a boom to businesses no matter what they’re selling.

OptimizePress – More Features and Plugins

We’ve seen that the OptimizePress plugin is built around creating high-converting sales pages. The company offers a few other plugins and features to help Internet marketers hit their goals. We take a look at a few below.


How do you create a sense of urgency among website visitors about buying your product or service? One of the ways to do that is by presenting social proof about others who have already purchased it. OptimizeUrgency is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to insert that social proof into your blog posts on WordPress.

Here’s how it works. OptimizeUrgency works by showing visitors alert boxes at the bottom of their screen. These alert boxes could be created in a few different ways:

  • Pre-loaded alert: When you manually enter data about new sales that you have made.
  • Feature alert: An alert about new product features or recently added content
  • WooCommerce Alert: A live update made from WooCommerce with details of a sale. This works through OptimizeUrgency’s WooCommerce integration.

Much like the rest of OptimizePress’ portfolio of products, OptimizeUrgency uses a simple drag-and-drop interface to create the alert boxes. You can decide where to position the boxes, whether they appear on certain kinds of devices, and the design of the boxes themselves.


OptimizeLeads is software to improve your lead generation practices so that you can grow your audience. To make that possible, the plugin offers a range of opt-in forms and pop-ups that are optimized for conversion.

Along with the opt-in forms, there is a range of other smaller elements that you can add to your web pages to grow your subscriber list. Some of the elements are notification bars to promote email addresses and slides to show off your products.

OptimizeLeads users can edit and add these elements to their website using a visual editor. You can trigger certain animations and transitions when visitors interact with them.

More importantly, OptimizeLeads presents you with tools to track the performance of your lead generation techniques. You get real-time analytics on how they’re performing. It’s easy to set up A/B tests to determine which methods are really working and which aren’t.

Another important feature of this plugin is its visitor targeting. In certain cases, you don’t want all your visitors to see all your promotional content. You may want to target them based on the amount of time they’ve spent on the site or how far they’ve scrolled down a certain page. With OptimizeLeads, it’s simple to trigger actions based on visitors’ behavior.

The software can be integrated with most major email marketing services.


The checkout is the final stage of a customer’s journey. It’s also a crucial one because you don’t want to lose your customer here. A customer who’s at checkout is the one you’ve invested most marketing and sales dollars on. Losing a customer at this stage means failing to convert them after getting it right at all the previous stages.

OptimizeCheckouts is a WordPress plugin that oversees the entire checkout process. You can use the plugin to access payments in over 40 supported currencies using a Stripe integration. Once a buyer completes the purchase, you can have their information sent directly to your ESP or CRM using various integrations. Finally, you can use that information to send customers a digital download or payment confirmation email.

OptimizePress’ Lightning Builder handles the creation of the checkout forms themselves. You can start with a template and tweak it to your liking. There are no transaction fees involved for using OptimizeCheckouts. You only pay Stripe’s transaction fees.

OptimizeCheckouts is a great solution for marketers online selling one or a few products at a time. If you run a full-fledged e-commerce store, then it makes sense to use a solution to WooCommerce. But if you’re selling just one e-book or seminar, then OptimizeCheckouts is a more nifty solution.

OptimizePress Marketing Integrations

OptimizePress offers integrations with a wide range of third-party services.

Attractive images are an important part of any great landing page. OptimizePress’ landing page builder integrates with Unsplash to give users access to over a million free images. You don’t need to pay any additional fees to use Unsplash’s images.

Videos are another important piece of the high-converting landing page puzzle. You can add videos directly from YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia to your Unsplash pages.

OptimizePress Integrates with almost every single Email Marketing software or Marketing CRM so you can save your subscriber data easier. Here’s a list of some of the email marketing and CRM tools that you can connect to OptimizePress:

  • AWeber
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Drip
  • ConvertKit
  • Campaign Refinery
  • InfusionSoft
  • Emma
  • GetResponse
  • KlickTipp
  • SendLane
  • MailerLite
  • Ontraport
  • Stripe
  • Clickbank
  • GTM/GA, Optimizely and VWO
  • Webinar Ninja
  • EasyWebinar
  • ……and so many more!

If you need to use other tools in conjunction with OptimizePress, you can make use of its Zapier integration.

Optimizepress Core

OptimizePress Support and Documentation

Support and a lot of Documentation are very important and necessary, especially for beginners. You don’t want to spend an entire week designing your Sales Page, you want to have it done quickly so that you can go out and make people come to your page.

OptimizePress definitely has you covered when it comes to the support. They’ll be sure to make sure that you can use their product without facing any problems. If you have any issues at all when it comes to building your sales page just message their support team and they’ll be back to you in an instant.

OptimizePress Pricing

OptimizePress is pretty cheap compared to most page builders out there, especially when you consider everything it offers.

OptimizePress starts at $99 per year for the Essential package, which lets you use the product on one personal site. You can build an unlimited number of landing pages using OptimizePress’ templates and page building platform.

The Business package costs $149 per year and can be used on five websites. It gives you access to OptimizePress’ premium WordPress templates and comes with the Unsplash integration. You also get the OptimizeUrgency plugin and access to a course on how to build membership websites.

The Suite package is usually priced $249 per year but is currently available for $199. With this package customers get everything in the previous ones plus the OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeLeads, and OptimizeCheckouts plugins.


Use on 1 Site

  • Build Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Leads & Traffic
  • Revolutionary OptimizeBuillder Page Building Platform
  • SmartTheme WP Marketing Theme
  • Templates Cloud Access including 100+ Templates
  • 20+ Premium Integrations inc Zapier
  • Regular product updates & new features
  • Email Support from our global team



Use on 5 Sites

Optimizepress core exercises
  • Everything in Essential
  • Priority Email Support from our global team
  • Premium Templates Collection
  • Access 1million+ free photos with Unsplash integration
  • OptimizeUrgency: Add Scarcity alerts to your pages
  • OnePage Membership Course:How to Sell Courses & Memberships with OptimizePress



Use on 20 Sites

Optimizepress Coupon

  • Everything in Business
  • OptimizeFunnels: Create marketing funnels in WordPress with ease
  • OptimizeLeads: Our Hosted opt-in form software (add optin forms anywhere)
  • OptimizeCheckouts: Accept payments on your website with ease (Coming Feb 2020)
  • Priority access to our new product releases


All Packages Include a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

OptimizePress Discount Code

Optimizepress Core Exercises

They’re many websites on the internet making misleading offers such as:

  • OptimizePress Coupon
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However, the truth is that OptimizePress does not offer any coupons! But OptimizePress is currently offering a discount on the OptimizePress Suite plane.

OptimizePress Discount Price:

  • Essential $99
  • Business $149
  • Suite $249 $199

Is OptimizePress 3 Worth it?

OptimizePress 3.0 was a much needed overhaul that came at just the right time for the company. It also came as a boon to marketers looking for tools specifically for WordPress.

OptimizePress’ greatest strength is its focus on creating sales pages that convert. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill page builder. It’s a landing page builder that helps your product get eyeballs.

It’s also worth noting that the templates on OptimizePress are extremely well made. The designs are visually pleasing and simultaneously fast to load.

OptimizePress is without a doubt a WordPress landing page builder that marketers should give a shot.

Thanks for reading this review, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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