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Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been finally released by Developer Owlcat Games and Publisher Deep Silver. it is a single player RPG game where your choices and decision as the player will shape the whole environment and story.

In the game, you will be leading a party of adventurers comprising of unique characters to form a new kingdom. the story takes place in Stolen Lands, part of the greater region of the River Kingdom which comes from original Pathfinder.

After you defeat the wisps you will find three unique coins, they are for quest Coins for a Dead Man's Eye. The swamp witch's hut is to the northwest of the well, you can throw a rock at the window or simply open the door. Throw a rock will turn the old witch hostile, if you simply open the door you can ask Old Beldame about the Lost Child. If you played coin-ops in the 80s you know the answer. To get home of course. Luckily for us, Skunk Studios, the company behind Varmintz, has done an excellent job paying homage to the near forgotten genre first started by the classic game Frogger.Varmintz adds several new gameplay elements by borrowing from other genres.

Location Of All Artifacts And Bonuses In Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Throughout your gameplay, you will be able to collect many different items which will boost your stats and bonuses.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker features a complex kingdom management system that requires constant care and supervision from the player. There is an option within the game to allow the A.I. To manage the kingdom for you. However, some players have decided to forgo the A.I.’s help in favor of a better challenge. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is an isometric Role-Playing Game developed by Owlcat Games (a company based in the Russian Federation and founded & led by veterans of Nival Interactive, specifically the ones responsible for Heroes of Might & Magic V, the early Allods games, and Silent Storm, among others), based on the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game's 'Kingmaker' Adventure Path. ★ ARCANE ON TWITCH ★ ARCANE ON TWITTER ★ SUBSCRIBE ON YT ★ BECOM.

Artifacts are one of the many collectibles which can increase or decrease your stat and bonuses. so in this guide, you will find the location of all the Artifact pieces.

Below you will find the list of all the Artifacts and their respective bonuses. just note that the guide is still a work in progress and will be completed when more information is found.

Trailblazer’s Helmet

Bonus Stat – Ranged Attacks – DR 2/-, Falling or Thrown Rocks – DR 10/-, cast “Good Hope” and “Crushing Despair” 1/day. gain +3 Dodge bonus to Armor Class and +3 Insight bonus to saves against Giants & Goblinoid subtypes in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Wiki

  • Name Of Fragments – Dwarven Helm Shard
  • Number of fragments – 7 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

Location Of All Fragment

  • Dwarven Ruins – in a barrel on the northwestern parapet.
  • Dwarven Ruins – in a chest on the southwestern parapet.
  • Dwarven Ruins – the top floor of troll lair, in a chest in the room with Kargadd.
  • Dwarven Ruins – the top floor of troll lair, in the body of Nagrundi. near the Sundial.
  • Dwarven Ruins – the bottom floor of troll lair, underfloor stone next to the fire in the room with the glowing rune.
  • Dwarven Ruins – the bottom floor of troll lair, underneath a hidden stone, next to the troll “treasury”.
  • Lone House – in a chest in the northeastern corner.
  • Ruined Watchtower in a hidden chest in the northwestern corner.
  • Ruined Watchtower on the top of the cliff in the northeastern corner.
  • Ruined Watchtower – under a rock pile next to the bridge in the south.
Dwarven Smith Paraphanalia

Number of Fragments locations – 5 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

  • Soof Blackened Gloves – Dwarven Ruins – the top floor of troll lair, in a chest south of the entrance.
  • Soof Blackened Tongs – Dwarven Ruins – the bottom floor of troll lair, in a chest next to Hargulka’s throne.
  • Soof Blackened Hammer – Dwarven Ruins – the bottom floor of troll lair, in a chest nearby the southern door to the top floor of the lair.
  • Soof Blackened Brand – Kunk River Ford – This item is only available during the ‘rescue Jubilost’ phase of the Troll Trouble questline. it is located in the east, in the second chest of the gnome camp.
  • Soof Blackened Apron – Ruined Watchtower – in the chest in the ruined watchtower.
Necklace of Double Crosses

Bonus Stat – +4 Mobility, +4 Trickery, +4 Stealth, +2d6 Sneak Attack Die, Allies provoke an Attack of Opportunity when moving through a square you threaten in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

  • Name Of Fragments – Scorched Fragment Of A Necklace
  • Number of fragments – 7 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

All Fragment Location

  • Ancient Tomb – on the body of one of Tartuccio’s Mercenaries
  • Old Sycamore – ground level, on a body near the kobold entrance to the underground in the southeast direction.
  • Old Sycamore Caves – top level of the caves, in the southwest corner rock pile near the mine cart.
  • Old Sycamore Caves – bottom level of the caves, rock pile near the body of the giant spider.
  • Thorn Ford – west of Kressle, twig pile near the river.
  • Three-Pine Islet – small tombstone on the island, surrounded by traps.
  • Trail in the Hills – in the southeast corner, in debris.
Restovic Paraphanalia

Number of fragments – 5 (return all fragment to storyteller for reward in Pathfinder: Kingmaker)

  • Restovic Ranger’s Broke Arrow – Old Sycamore – southeast, on a body near the kobold entrance to the underground.
  • Restovic Inquisitor’s Broken Arrow – Old Sycamore Caves – on the upper level, Tartuccio’s body.
  • Restovic Sorceress’s Discharged Staff – Oak-That-Strayed – in the northwestern corner of the map.
  • Restovic Paladin’s Crumpled Helmet – Old Sycamore Caves – lower level, in the eastern corridor from the Giant Centipede.
  • Restovic Swordlord’s Empty Sheath – Old Sycamore Caves – lower level, in the southeastern corner by the Giant Spider.
Forest Knight’s Bracers

Bonus Stat – gain +2 morale bonus to attack rolls, saving throws & skill checks when the wearer is shaken. gain the effect of Hideous Laughter when the wearer becomes frightened or confused. When hit by an enemy of the Fey subtype, Frighten your enemy for 1d4 rounds. Cast Freedom of Movement with a duration of 1 minute, 1/day in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

  • Name Of Fragments – Shard’s of Knight’s Bracers
  • Number of fragments – 10 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

Pathfinder Kingmaker Minting Coins

Location Of All Fragments

  • Ford Across the Skunk River – hidden cache, in the wall near the southern bank of the river.
  • Goblin Fort – in a hidden crate by a wall present on the southeastern part of the map.
  • Hodag Lair – in a hidden pile of twigs on the eastern side of the map.
  • Hunting Grounds – on the body of a giant fly trap, in the water in the middle of the map.
  • Lizardfolk Village – in a chest in the chieftans hut, you can unlock it or kill chieftan and take the key.
  • Lone House – on the body of the Bandit Captain, in the western side.
  • Ruined Watchtower – in a chest to the west of the stone bridge, just above the body with the white cog.
  • Swamp Witches Hut – in the northwestern corner, on a branch behind the giant slugs.
  • Womb of Lamashtu – take the left fork to the northwest, in the room with Redcaps & Spiders. it is under a rock.
Cypress Queen’s Paraphanalia

Number of Fragments locations – 5 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

  • Cypress Queen’s Crown – Womb of Lamashtu – on the body of a primal manticore.
  • Cypress Queen’s Flute – Candlemere Tower – on the body of Duke Dazzleflare.
  • Cypress Queen’s Goblet – Dwarven Ruins – top floor of the Troll lair, in the secret room next to the painting kobold.
  • Cypress Queen’s Quill – Lake Silverstep Village – in the cave with the undead cyclops
Ring of Reckless Courage

Bonus Stat – +4 charisma, +4 stealth, +4 trickery, +2 DC for mind-affecting spells, +4 to critical confirmation rolls, -4 perception, -2 wisdom, -2 will, -10 saving throws against traps. when the wearer receives a critical hit they become Confused for 1d4 rounds in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

  • Name of Fragments – Melted Shard Of a Ring
  • Number Of Fragments – 12

Location Of All Fragment

  • Bridge over Gudrin River – in the northeast direction, near the goblin prince or pack of wolves (depending on your story progression)
  • Bridge over Gudrin River – near the zone entrance, to the northwest.
  • Dragonleaf Gulch – on a pile of rubble next to the fly trap.
  • Goblin Fort – in a crate next to a prison cage, near the fort entrance.
  • Goblin Fort – on the body of a goblin commando, in the upper part of the goblin fort.
  • Hunting Grounds – on a Hydra in the water in the middle of the map.
  • Hunting Grounds – on a chest to the northeast, near the corpse of the primal fly trap, slightly south of the Embeth Travelers.
  • Hunting Grounds – on the corpse of the primal fly trap, northeast corner of the map, slightly south of the Embeth Travelers.
  • Lonely Barrow – on a body in the first chamber.
  • Shrine of Lamashtu – on the west of the crossroads.
  • Wolf Lair – in the small box on the ridge.
  • Womb of Lamashtu – on the body of a primal giant spider matriarch, west door before the portal to the first world.
Taldan Paraphanalia

Number of Fragments locations – 5 (once you have all the fragment return to storyteller for reward)

  • Taldan Horseshoe – on a hill south of the goblin merchant
  • Taldan Snaffle – Hunting Grounds – on a cliff in the north direction.
  • Taldan Spur – Goblin Fort – dropped by the goblin shaman.
  • Taldan Stirrup – Lonely Barrow – can be found in the northeast room with the undead berserker.
  • Taldan Whip – Bridge over Gudrin River – Crag Linnorm cave, you will need Fire and Cold Iron resistance or invisibility.

Check out more Pathfinder: Kingmaker guides below

Part One
Begins automatically after you complete the first act and become the ruler of the kingdom. Just travel around the world map, managing the main character and his squad. Explore the various ‘’blue’’ points that give certain bonuses to your kingdom. Near your fortress, there’s a location called Bald Hilltop: sooner or later, you’ll learn about activity there. Go to this territory and fight against spiders.

Return to the kingdom and execute the project ‘’Spider’s plague’’ after having dealt with spiders. After a while, visitors will arrive to the throne room and the second part of the quest will begin.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Coins

Part Two
It is activated after the completion of the previous quest. As previously, you need to wait a specified period of time while completing other tasks. It is advisable to finish off the trolls before the deadline so that you do not have to fight against two opponents at once. When monsters appear appear, release an appropriate decree in the ‘’projects’’ section of the kingdom management system.

Part Three
Begins after the end of the countdown related to the previous quest. Go to the Bald Hilltop, which you have visited before (to the left of the capital of the kingdom). When a corresponding event appears, you will again need to send a person to the location ‘’Bald Hilltop‘’ in the menu. When he returns with the successful completion of the mission, the task will be completed.

Part Four
Begins after the completion of the third part. For starters, you need to visit the throne room and discuss the problem with Linzi. After this, you will simply need to develop the kingdom, waiting for a new attack. At some point, approximately 20 days before the end of the countdown, you’ll be asked to visit the Bald Hilltop. Move there (keep in mind that it is located near the capital, at the upper left side from it). Defeat all enemies and complete this part of the mission.

Part Five
Except for defeating the enemies on the Bald Hilltop, you should also deal with the Green Death event, otherwise, you’ll be losing five points of each of the three characteristics every week. So complete it as soon as possible to end the Part Five. The Part Six will start when a new guest will come to the throne room.

Part Six
The timer starts, and, first, you have to go to the Bald Hilltop and beat the enemies. Return to the capital right away and tackle the Wild Hunt event. Once you complete it, a visitor will arrive at the castle. Go to the throne room, talk with Storyteller who believes that the next attack from the Bald Hilltop might be the last one. Here the seventh (last) chapter starts.

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