Peavey Serial Number Dating

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Ru/Hotmovies/ peavey wolfgang would eventually replace anthony in a number dating models were introduced at a serial number usually appears on this is wolfgang. Wolfgang, peavey wolfgang serial number to nature of the wolfgang standard deluxe nt - korean or custom purple quilt with original hardshell case. But, I can't find a date on it, only a serial numbre, which is: 058404. I can't find any information on the Peavey website. Any of you speaker gurus know? Apr 22, 2012 #2.

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  3. Peavey Bass Serial Number Dating
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I quote here one really interesting post from TDPRi forum about Peavey amps serial #, as I hava lot of love (LOL) for them. Thanks Larry.

Peavey customer service (avaialble on their website) could answer your question for sure, but from what I have seem of T-60 serial numbers, that one would be no later than 1980. Reply Re: Peavey t60 manufacture date.

Peavey Bass Serial Numbers


Peavey Serial Number Date

Peavey Serial Number Dating

Peavey Bass Serial Number Dating

Peavey Serial Number Dating

Years ago, Roger Crimm of Peavey Customer Service posted to the Peavey forum about serial numbers that Peavey had used. In the decade of the '80s, serial numbers were made up of a 2 digit prefix and an 8 digit serial # following that. The prefix indicated the year of manufacture, followed by 8 digits in the rest of the serial number, which was the pattern.
Peavey Serial Number Dating
The first digit of the prefix was a number, indicating what year in the decade the piece was manufactured. That was followed by a letter, which IIRC ('If I Recall Correctly,' in case you were wondering) indicated the type of gear in question. And in the lower right hand corner there was a number and a letter corresponding to the year the prefix indicated.
So, for example, my Bandit 65's serial # is 4A-01900152, so my Bandit 65 was an amp manufactured in year 4 of the 1980s, i.e., 1984. And in the lower right hand corner of the nameplate is the designation 84C, which corresponds to the year indicated in the serial number.
IIRC, some time in the early 1990s, that serialization system changed. My Peavey Studio Pro 112 TransTube (1995 or 1996, I believe) has an 8 digit serial number without a prefix. But then again I have an old Peavey Envoy 110 teal stripe that is a 1990, and uses the serialization system of the 1980s.
The Solo Series Bandit 112 was manufactured after the Bandit 75, beginning in 1988, continuing to 1995. In my limited experience, a teal stripe such as yours would date from 1990 on. Your serial # 1A-05016114 still follows the system used throughout the 80s, and apparently into the early 90s. So that prefix indicates an amplifier manufactured in year 1 of the decade. Also, that number in the lower right hand corner, '91B,' corresponds with a 1991 date.

Peavey Amplifier Serial Number Dating

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Peavey Serial Number DatingFollowing this review, my old Bandit 112 was a 1989 product !