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  1. Dream Theater sendiri telah tiba di Yogyakarta pada hari ini, Kamis (28/9) sore dan langsung menuju hotel. Menariknya, tak lama tiba di hotel salah satu personil Dream Theater, John Myung, terlihat asik bermain golf di lapangan golf yang tepat berada di belakang Hyatt Regency tempat mereka menginap.
  2. . Lagu Ytse Jam sebenarnya adalah nama pertama Dream Theater yang ditulis terbalik. Dream Theater awalnya bernama Majesty. Mike Portnoy mendapat gelar Drummer Terbaik dari Modern Drummer selama dua belas tahun berturu-turut. John Petrucci, John Myung dan Mike Portnoy, semuanya menikah dengan personil band power metal/thrash metal bernama.
  3. Dream Theater adalah salah satu band metal yang produktif hingga saat ini, meski industri musik saat ini tidak berpihak dengan genre yang berjaya dekade tahun 1970 sampai dengan tahun 1990. Mereka juga sudah menghasilkan 13 album studio yang rata-rata produksi dua tahun sekali.
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Artist Biography by Craig Harris


Diantara personil Dream Theater, James LaBrie adalah yang hingga saat ini masih tidak berhubungan dengan Mike Portnoy seperginya Mike dari Dream Theater. Hubungan James dan Mike tidak begitu harmonis hingga suatu saat hampir berkelahi.

The Long Island quintet Dream Theater are, in the 21st century, the standard bearers of progressive metal. While the subgenre's origins can be traced to Rush's song 'Bastille Day' in 1975, and Queensrÿche's 1988 concept offering Operation: Mindcrime was its first full-length album, Dream Theater have largely defined and expanded the music's horizons since 1986. The band's ability to deliver tight, melodic, musically sophisticated songs and thematic concept recordings that encompass elements of hook-based hard rock, riff-fueled metal, syncopated prog, and refined lyrics have made them the act that subsequent bands aspire to and are measured by. The recording that initially established their signature was second album 1992's Images and Words, while 1994's Awake and 1999's Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory cemented their place in history. For 2016's The Astonishing, a double-length dystopian sci-fi opera, they were accompanied by the Prague Symphony Orchestra and three choirs. Dream Theater is known for its high-energy concert performances, and while they've released several live albums -- Live at the Marquee, recorded at the London club; Live in Japan, recorded during the Music in Progress tour in 1993; and Live Scenes from New York -- they remain one of heavy metal's most bootlegged bands.

Originally named Majesty (from a lyric in 'Bastille Day'), the band was founded by Berklee College of Music students guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung, and drummer Mike Portnoy; the band soon expanded with the addition of keyboard player Kevin Moore and vocalist Chris Collins. Releasing an eight-tune demo, Majesty Demo, as Majesty, the group sold 1,000 copies within six months. The departure of Collins in late 1986 left Majesty without a vocalist, and after a long period of auditioning possible replacements, the group settled on Charlie Dominici in November 1987. Changing its name, the group agreed on 'Dream Theater,' inspired by a now-demolished California movie theater. Signing with Mechanic Records, the group began working on its first full-length album. Delays caused by label mismanagement limited the group to performing at small clubs and bars. Frustrated by its experiences with the label, Dream Theater finally severed its ties with Mechanic.

This was only one drastic change in the band's course of action. Firing Dominici, the group spent the next couple years searching for a vocalist. The search ended in late 1991 when a demo tape from Canadian vocalist James LaBrie, formerly of Winter Rose, arrived. After flying to New York to audition, LaBrie was invited to join the band. Signing with Atco Atlantic (which came to be known as East West), Dream Theater released its second album, Images & Words, in 1992. One of three videos based on songs from the album, 'Pull Me Under,' became an MTV hit. Although Theater showed considerable growth with their third studio album, Awake, recorded between May and July 1994, the group continued to be hampered by personnel changes. Before the album was mixed, keyboardist Moore left the group to focus on his solo career. Hired as a temporary replacement for the band's Waking Up the World tour, Derek Sherinian later became a permanent member. His first recording with Dream Theater was a 23-minute epic, 'A Change of Seasons,' written in 1989 and released in September 1995 on the album of the same name.

Following a mini tour, Fix for '96, the members of Dream Theater separated for several months and became involved with a variety of outside projects. Petrucci was the busiest. In addition to joining Portnoy and keyboard player Jordan Rudess in the Liquid Tension Experiment -- a group that included influential bassist/stick player Tony Levin -- Petrucci played guitar with Trent Gardner's Explorers Club and made a guest appearance on Shadow Gallery's Tyranny album. Myung and Sherinian collaborated with King's X vocalist Ty Tabor in the band Platypus. LaBrie worked with Mull Muzzler, a group formed with Matt Guillory and Mike Mangini. Dream Theater experienced yet another change when Rudess was tapped to replace Sherinian, who had been fired in 1999. The band released the progressive rock-heavy Scenes from a Memory that year, a conceptual piece that followed the story of the 1928 murder of a young woman and how a modern man is haunted by the crime. It was followed by Live Scenes from New York in 2001, which suffered from an unintentional bout with controversy when its original cover featuring the city of New York in flames was pulled due to the events of September 11. The group continued in the progressive metal vein in 2002 with Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, followed by the leaner Train of Thought in 2003 and Octavarium in 2005. The live album Score: XOX was released in 2006 and featured the band backed by a 29-piece orchestra. It was followed a year later by the new studio album Systematic Chaos, and in 2009 by Black Clouds & Silver Linings. Sherinian went on to record as a soloist and to play with a prog and jazz fusion band, Planet X. Petrucci released an eponymously titled solo album in 2003, featuring accompaniment by Dave LaRue of the Dixie Dregs and Boston-based drummer Dave DiCenso. In late 2010, Mike Mangini joined the group, replacing drummer Mike Portnoy, who left the band in September of that year. With a rigorous touring schedule to firmly break in Mangini, Dream Theater somehow found time to record. They pre-released the track 'On the Backs of Angels' on YouTube via their label, Roadrunner, in June of 2011, followed by the CD release of the aptly titled full-length, A Dramatic Turn of Events, in the fall. After a period of rigorous international touring, the band took a break though its members continued writing. They reconvened in early 2013 and returned with a self-titled studio album in September -- this one with Mangini completely involved in the writing process -- followed in November with the concert recording Live at Luna Park on CD and DVD, which was recorded during the Dramatic Turn of Events tour over two nights at the Buenos Aires soccer stadium. Recorded live at the Boston Opera House on March 24, 2014, the concert recording Breaking the Fourth Wall arrived the following year, and in late 2015 the band announced their upcoming 13th studio album, The Astonishing. A completely conceptual sci-fi offering, it was released on January 29, 2016. After a world tour in which they performed the whole of the album, the band took an extended breather. At the end of 2018, Dream Theater released the single and video for 'Untethered Angel' in advance of a North American tour. The full-length Distance Over Time was the first album by the band to clock in at less than an hour in length in over a decade. Petrucci credited the more economical running time to a more collaborative writing process that took merely 18 days to complete, and focused on harder-edged songs than on more recent recordings. Distance Over Time was released by Inside Out in early 2019. Taking the album on the road, Dream Theater played a sold-out show at London's Apollo, which was recorded for prosperity. Released in November 2020, Distant Memories: Live in London, not only featured live tracks from the album, but a 20th anniversary celebration of their 1999 concept album, Metropolis, Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory. DreamPersonil

Michael Stephen Portnoy (lahir 20 April 1967) adalah drummer Amerika, drummer dan backing vocal dari progressive metal band Dream Theater. Dari technical skill, Portnoy memenangkan 23 awards dari Modern Drummer magazine. Dia co-produced dari lima album terakhir Dream Theater dengan John Petrucci, berawal dari Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory. Dari A Change of Seasons, Portnoy menulis dan menciptakan substantial Dream Theater's lirik. Dia kedua termuda drummer dari(setelah Neil Peart) dan masuk dalam Modern Drummer's Hall of Fame (di umur 37 tahun).
Cerita sebelum Dream Theater
Mike Portnoy tinggal di Long Island di Long Beach, New York. Ayahnya bekerja sebagai DJ di lokal radio station, membantu Portnoy mendapat apresiasi untuk musik termuda karena ayahnya mengkoleksi LPs. Dia terinspirasi dari Rush, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Iron Maiden, dan The Beatles, dan lainya. Juga Portnoy klaim drinya-sendiri untuk menjadi drummer, dia ambil kelas teori musik di high school. Sebelum dream theater dia bermain dengan band lokal, dua diantaranya (Rising Power dan Inner Sanctum) rekaman dan rilis album. Dia keluar dari Inner Sanctum (akhir high school) stelah menjadi scholarship (sarjana) untuk memperhatikan Berklee College of Music di Boston; bagaimanapun ia keluar dari Berklee. Disana ia bertemu, John Petrucci dan John Myung. Mereka membentuk band, yang diberi nama 'Majesty' sebelum berganti nama menjadi Dream Theater
Neil Peart, John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Bill Bruford, Phil Collins, Vinnie Colaiuta, Peter Criss, Nick Mason, Keith Moon, Carl Palmer, Vinnie Paul, Simon Phillips, and Ringo Starr.
Inspirasi dari band
Jane's Addiction, The Beatles, Between the Buried and Me, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Jellyfish, King Crimson, KISS, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Umphrey's McGee, Megadeth, Meshuggah, Opeth, Pantera, Phish, Deep Purple, Radiohead, Rush, Queen, Tool, The Who, U2, Yes, and composer/guitarist Frank Zappa.
Kehidupan Pribadi
Mike dan istrinya Marlene bertempat tinggal di suburban Pennsylvania bersama anaknya, Melody Ruthandrea dan Max John.
Dengan Dream Theater
1989 - When Dream and Day Unite
1992 - Images and Words
1993 - Live at the Marquee (Live)
1994 - Awake
1995 - A Change of Seasons (EP)
1997 - Falling Into Infinity
1998 - Once in a LIVEtime (Live)
1999 - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
2001 - Live Scenes From New York (Live)
2002 - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
2003 - Train of Thought
2004 - Live at Budokan (Live)
2005 - Octavarium
2006 - Score (Live)
2007 - Systematic Chaos
2008 - Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
2008 - Chaos in Motion (Live)
2009 - Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dengan Liquid Tension Experiment
1998 - Liquid Tension Experiment
1999 - Liquid Tension Experiment 2
2007 - Spontaneous Combustion (as Liquid Trio Experimeny)
2009 - When the Keyboard Breaks: Live in Chicago (CD) (As Liquid Trio Experiment 2)
Dengan Transatlantic
2000 - SMPT:e
2001 - Live in America (Live)
2001 - Bridge Across Forever
2003 - Transatlantic Demos by Neal Morse
2003 - SMPT:e (The Roine Stolt Mixes: circa 1999)
2003 - Live in Europe (Live)
2009 - The Whirlwind
Dengan Neal Morse
2003 - Testimony
2004 - One
2004 - Testimony Live DVD
2005 - ?
2006 - Cover to Cover
2007 - Sola Scriptura
2008 - Lifeline
Dengan OSI
2003 - Office of Strategic Influence
2006 - Free
2006 - re:free
Dengan John Arch
2003 - A Twist of Fate
Tribute Shows (CD and DVD)
(available at only)
One Night in New York City - Yellow Matter Custard (2003) (The Beatles) with Paul Gilbert, Neal Morse and Matt Bissonette
Two Nights In North America - Hammer of the Gods (2006) (Led Zeppelin) with Paul Gilbert, Daniel Gildenlöw, and Dave LaRue
One Night in Chicago - Cygnus and the Sea Monsters (2006) (Rush) with Paul Gilbert, Sean Malone, and Jason McMaster
One Night in New York City - Amazing Journey (2007) (The Who) with Paul Gilbert, Billy Sheehan and Gary Cherone
Dengan selected musicians
1984 - Rising Power: Power For The People (out of print)
1986 - Inner Sanctum: 12 A.M. (out of print)
Instructional DVD Releases
Mike Portnoy merilis instruksi video drumming /DVDs. These include:
'Progressive Drum Concepts' (Rittor Music 1995 1 VHS/DVD)
'Liquid Drum Theater' (Hudson Music 2000 2 DVDs)
'In Constant Motion' (Hudson Music 2007, 3 DVDs)
Portnoy's self filmed performances
Mike has also self-released 'drum-cam' DVDs of the last several Dream Theater and side project recording sessions through his own 'MP4' production company. These are 'in-studio' recordings typically consisting of Full Band, Isolated Drums tracks, and an Audio Commentary. These releases are only available for sale on Portrom the store.
'Asian Clinic Tour' (MP4 Productions 2001, 1 DVD) (out of print)
'Ten Degrees of Turbulent Drumming' (MP4 Productions 2002, 1 DVD)
'Drums Across Forever' (MP4 Productions 2002, 1 DVD)
'Drums of Thought' (MP4 Productions 2004, 1 DVD)
'Live at Budokan' (MP4 Production 2005, 1 DVD)
'Mike Portnoy - Drumavarium' (MP4 Productions 2005, 1 DVD)
'sysDRUMatic chaos' (MP4 Productions 2007, 1 DVD)
'SCORE' (MP4 Productions 2008, 1 DVD)
'Black Clouds & Silver Drumming' (MP4 Productions 2009, 1 DVD)
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