Prentice Parts Manual

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One of our customer's main concerns, early on, was “CAN WE GET PARTS”. We have built our business, and our reputation, by doing our best to make sure that our customers are able to obtain the parts and the service that they require. We have been doing so for nearly 55 years, and Prentice has been doing so for even longer. If you need Prentice Knucleboom Loader Parts give us a call. If you need help identifying your Prentice Loader Model, or the parts you need, give us a call. If you prefer you can email us. We will do our best to help.

Lift Capacity Chart PRENTICE 2124. Boom Type: Knuckleboom. Boom length: 25’ (7.62m) lbs. 5528 6842 7626 9325 8900 9058 8608 6544 6172 2507 3103 3459 4230 4037 4109 3904 2968 2800 lbs. 4613 5302 5198 5358 6030 5755 6363 6056 5974 5664 4087 3838 kg. 2092 2405 2358 2430 2735 2610 2886 2747 2710 2569 1854 1741. Prentice Cranes For Sale, New and Used. Prentice Crane Repair, Sales, Parts and Service. Custom Built Prentice Cranes.

We supply prentice parts, from seal kits to filters, out rigger pads, hydraulic pumps, Prentice grapple parts, trash grapples, hydraulic tanks and Prentice Hydraulic Cylinders. We also stock hoses, pipes, hose reels, cable reels, rotary unions, swivels, rotate motors, wear pads, controls, remote parts, radio remote controls, valves, valve assemblies and Prentice seats. When you need Prentice parts fast give us a call can supply jibs, booms, attachments, electronics, switches, knobs, fluids, bushings, extensions, you name it and we have it for any Prentice crane such as a TS33, TS29, Our extensive Prentice hydro ax Parts Department Carries most available Prentice parts for sale in stock and ready to ship today, from gears, bearings, tong cylinders, pins and bushings, snubber parts and pivot parts. We supply high quality replacement parts for forestry equipment including trash loaders, knuckleboom loaders, feller bunchers, material handlers, crawlers and log skidders. We stock Prentice Hydro-Ax parts for 120, 120C, 120E, 124, 2124, 180C, 180D, T180E, 210, 210C, 210-SPA 210D, 210D-0RF, 210E, T310E, T325, 410, 410B-SPA, 410C, 410D 410-SPA, 4710C-SPA, 410DX, CRX410D, 410E, CRX625, 711EX, 280 and 384 Prentice models.

Prentice parts manualManual

When you need Prentice parts such as Heaters, Air Conditioners, Joystick Handles, Oil Coolers, Micro Switches, Axle Parts, Bearings and Oil Seals, Boom Pins, Brakes, Bushings, Cab Lights, Clutches, Control Cables, Electronics, Engine Parts, Exhaust Systems, Fuel Caps, Gaskets, Gauges, Grapple Cylinders, Grapple Swivels, Hydraulic Boom Tubes, Hydraulic Swivels, Ignition Switches, Motor Mounts, Motors, Pillow block Bearings, Solenoid Cartridges, Transmissions, Ball Bushings, Universal Joints, V-belts and Windshield Wipers remember we are your one stop Prentice crane shop for parts sales and service.

Prentice 120c Parts Manual


Prentice Parts Manual

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