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Download PUBG MOBILE on your computer (Windows) or Mac for free. Few details about PUBG MOBILE: Last update of the app is:; Review number on is 29496161; Average review on is 4.1; The number of download (on the Play Store) on is 100,000,000+ This app is for Teen. PUBG is now available on every major platform like Windows, Xbox, and even PlayStation. Well, the game is not yet available for Mac users. So here’s how to play PUBG on Mac. ALSO READ: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) PC Download Free And Paid. Play PUBG On Mac: Using GeForce NOW.

Pubg for Macbook: Hello friends welcome to our pubg guide blog. Are you searching a lot to know the way to install pubg on Mac PC? Now just stop surfing you are finally landed in the right place where you can get the complete details and guide of how to play pubg on MacBook? using different methods. You know very well about pubg game (players unknown battlegrounds) which is played by millions of users from all around the world and the award-winning game.
Pubg game is available for all kinds of devices. So whatever the device you have you can definitely play pubg game. Now pubg is available for PC Windows, Android, and IOS mobiles, Xbox One and play station 4. Installing pubg on Mac is not that much of a tough process but there is no official pubg game released for Mac users so installing pubg on Mac little tricky. Here in this post, we provide you three ways to install and play pubg on MacBook, you can play players unknown Battlegrounds on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. OK let's get into the topic.
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Play PUBG Mac Using Nvidia GeForce Now:

The Nvidia provides a video streaming software called GeForce now. Which will help you to play Players unknown's battlegrounds on MacBook? The GeForce now is a software that will connect you to the GeForce gaming PC in the cloud so you don't need to have any higher configuration/ specifications in your Macbook.
PUBG on Mac
  • First of all download GeForce now from Nvidia official website. We provide the link below.
  • The GeForce now free beta version will be available on the official web page.
  • Create an Nvidia account and get the free GeForce now beta.
  • Install the 'GeForce Now' on your MacBook.
  • Once the installation of GeForce completes, on the home screen you can see all the latest games.
  • Select players unknown's battlegrounds game there are a lot of games available with this GeForce cloud computer.
  • now it is time to play pubg mac with your friend and unknown. if you have any doubts please let us know below.
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Install PUBG MacBook with Tencent Gaming Buddy:

Pubg for Mac is not officially launched so we need to play pubg mobile on Macbook with the help of a Tencent gaming buddy. Tencent gaming emulator is specially designed for playing pubg mobile on Windows PC. Tencent is not MacBook so we need to do some tricks on how to install Tencent's gaming buddy on Macbook.
PUBG for MAC using Tencent
  • There is a software called parallel desktop which will allow you to install windows OS on your Mac PC.
  • Now download the parallel desktop app from its official page and install a parallel desktop for Mac. Then choose to install Windows 10 on your MacBook.
  • Once the installation of a parallel desktop with Windows completed try to search on download Tencent gaming emulator.
  • That's it now you can easily play pubg mobile on Mac with the help of the Tencent gaming emulator.
  • If you have any doubts related to this method please let us know in the below comment box.

How to Install PUBG Mac using BlueStacks:

BlueStacks is one of the best Android Emulator which will support all kinds of graphics games and applications. BlueStacks always getting good reviews from the users so you can try BlueStacks how to play pubg on Mac.
PUBG mac using bluestacks
  • First united download BlueStacks emulator mac PC which is available on the official BlueStacks web page.
  • After the downloads of BlueStacks completes try to install it on your PC and do the sign-up process using your Gmail account.
  • Now open BlueStacks and find Google Play Store. India top search box type 'PUBG'.
  • From the shown result click on pubg game and install pubg on Macbook.
  • You can also download pubg mobile APK file from the official pubg website and install it in BlueStacks. That's it now you can play pubg mobile on Mac PC with the help of BlueStacks.

These are all three ways to install pubg on Macbook. If you have any queries related to pubg Macbook please let us know in the below comment box. We always ready to provide you the best results as soon as possible. Thank you for your visit.

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PUBG Lite For Mac is the lightest version of official Player Unknown Battlegrounds an online multiplayer Battle Royal Game.

As we know that the PUBG Steam version requires you to have higher hardware and a higher Graphics Card to run on your machine. So, many people love this game on the mobile phone and they also wanted to play it on Mac as well.

This is why PUBG Corp has launched this lighter version so the user with low hardware can also enjoy this game. You can read about the requirements of PUBG Mac lite below but first, we discuss how to run it on macOS?

Yes, we first need to know that because Pubg Mac is not officially released for the MacBook or iMac. This is only supported by Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and 7 as well. But don’t worry I have found a few methods which you can use to run it on your MacBook as well.

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Why Use PUBG Lite Mac

There could be several reasons to play PUBG Lite for Mac instead of the Steam version of PUBG PC/Mac. The most famous reason is hardware support.

Yes in the Steam version you are required to have an expensive graphics card, an expensive computer, a huge amount of RAM which not everyone could afford.

Instead of this PUBG lite is free of cost and can run on any low price computer/Mac. If we talk about the steam version then we found that it costs $30 to purchase and then you can play.

So, these are a few reasons why people are moving towards the Lite version instead of that Steam version of Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

Download PUBG Lite For Mac

Pubg Mac

PUBG Lit Requirements For Mac

Before we proceed to download this game make sure you have these enough requirements on your Mac.

PUBG Lite PC Minimum Requirement

PUBG Lite PC Recommended Requirement

How to Install PUBG Lite in Mac

There are two ways to install lite PUBG on your Mac, the first method needs to have an Android Emulator while the second method requires a Virtual Machine. In this article, we will cover both methods so you don’t have to go anywhere else for a seconds method.

Ok so let’s first talk about the Android Emulator version:

  • First of all, you need to download an Android Emulator for your Mac. There are many Emulators are available on the internet like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MeMu and so on.
  • We will talk about the BlueStacks version, first download and install BS Emu on your Mac by using this method: Install BlueStacks on Mac
  • Ok, so now simply Run this Emulator and the first launch will take around 7 – 10 minutes because it collects some data and read the system information, etc.
  • After the launch, you then need to open Google Play Storethere and then Sign In if you already have an account or Sign Up to create a new account.
  • When you have done this step Now simply open Play Store and search for PUBG Mobile Lite.
  • Click on the first result you see there and then click on Install, within sometime App will be downloaded and installed automatically on your Mac.
  • You can then see the icon of PUBG Mobile Lite on your BlueStacks Home Screen. Now just launch the game from here and you are ready to play and enjoy this awesome game with your friends.

Install Using Virtual Machine

This is the second version in which we need to install the Virtual Box and then create a Virtual Machine. It is also a simple method and you will then be able to play PUBG Lite PC version. Yes, the above tutorial was for PUBG Lite for Mobile but this one is to play Lite PC version.

So let’s read out how you can do so:

1. Before we proceed to our guide first of all download the Virtual Box and then install Windows 10 in it. If you don’t know the proper way then here is a guide which you can follow: Install Windows 10 in Virtual Box Mac

2. After installing Windows now you need to launch VMBox and then launch Instance from there. Within some time it will boot and you see Windows 10 Desktop.

3. Now open any of the Web Browser in Virtual Machine and open this link Download PUBG Lite PC. Then download a copy of the Game by clicking on Download Now.

4. In a short time, it will be downloaded in your VM and then install it like a normal application.

That’s it you have now successfully installed PUBG Lite for Mac you are now able to play with your friends or anyone around the world. Wait there is still something missing here which is an account, this requires you to have lite PUBG account to play.

You have to create a new account by following the below guide:

  1. Open and then click on Create New Account
  2. Enter all information which is asked there like, Your Full Name, Email, Password, etc.
  3. After this simply click on Create My Account
  4. Now open your Gmail or yahoo which you used to sign up for an account.
  5. Then confirm the email address sent by PUBG Lite Corp.

That’s all you are now ready to play this amazing game on your MacBook or iMac without having an expensive graphics card.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using PUBG Lite in MAC

There are many pros and cons can be founded in the Lite version. I want to list some negative and positive things about this game which I don’t like or I like the most.


  • No Need to Have an Expensive Hardware
  • Can Run Without Graphics Card
  • Easy to Play on Mac
  • Easily Control using Mouse and Keyboard
  • Same PC like Experience
  • Communicate and Play with Friends
  • No Huge Amount of Space is required


  • The map is too short as compared to PC or PUBG Mobile version
  • It is 60 vs 60 Gameplay not 100 vs 100
  • You cannot play with PUBG Mobile Lite players if you are using PUBG Lite Pc version
  • It is a little bit laggy as the developers are still working on it

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Since I mentioned every step clearly so anyone can easily get a copy of this awesome game for themselves. Somehow if you still have some questions in your mind which you are trying to ask.

Then make sure to read this faq list for PUBG Mobile Lite for Mac. After reading this I am sure you will get all the answers but somehow if it doesn’t work. Then feel free to comment down below I would be glad to help you and answer that question.

Q1) Is PUBG Lite for Mac Free?

Yes, PUBG Lite is totally free to play you are not going to charge but it requires some real money when you purchase UC from there. It is also known as Unknown Cash that requires money to buy otherwise playing it totally free.

Q2) Does PUBG Lite Mac have Bots?

Yes, Of course, every PUBG game has bots but sometimes it depends on your level. If you are totally noob and play the game for the first time. You will only see bots but as soon as you push rank you will then face some real enemies as well.

Q4) Can I play it on my Mac having 1GB Ram?

Yes, you can play this game on Macbook or iMac machine having 1GB of Ram. Since the name suggests it is the lite version so it doesn’t require higher CPU or GPU at all.

Q5) Is PUBG Lite available for Asia Region?

Pubg Mac

Yes, PUBG Mobile Lite is now available in all the regions. Before that, they release a beta version that can be only played on a few countries like Australia, Cambodia, Myanmar etc. But now they have officially launched a stable version that can be played anywhere in the world.

Q6) What is the Difference Between PUBG Lite and PUBG Mobile?

The lite version of PUBG is developed only for the low-end mobile phone users. So, the difference is that the lite version has a smaller map, and also has only 40 players. Even though you will see low graphics in lite version as compared to the Full version.


So, I hope after reading this simple and easy guide you surely downloaded a copy of PUBG Mobile Lite For mac. Because I have mentioned all the steps very clearly and have provided a complete step by step guide as well.

But in case you are facing any type of issue while downloading then make sure to read the download section above. Also, I write a complete method that you can use to create a PUBG lite account.

If you want to show me some love then don’t forget to share it with your friends so you can play with them as a Squad.

Download Pubg For Mac

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