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Table of Contents
Table of Contents i
Executive Summary 1
Part (A) 2
A-I: Operations Management at Daimler Mercedes-Benz 2
Quality & Material Management 2
Speed 4
Dependability and Flexibility 6
Cost 6
A-II: Process Management at Daimler Mercedes-Benz 7
Types of Daimler Mercedes-Benz customers 7
Advanced Design Process 8
The Body and paint Shop (Raw Materials and Workers job commitment) 9
The Assembly Line 10
Customer Service Strategy 11
Inventory Management 13
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management 14
The Process Chart 15
A-III: Lean Management in Mercedes Benz 16
Part (B) Capacity Management in Mercedes Benz 19
Part (C) Conclusion and Recommendations 22
Reference List 24
Executive Summary
Daimler Mercedes-Benz is one of the most
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The increasing numbers of sub-model cars can also affect the brand quality through increasing any risk issues once launched to the public. Furthermore, according to (Stephen, 2004) Mercedes customers have high expectations about the high quality promised by the company. In 2003, the company disappointed many customers when they sold over 2000 vehicles with an extra option for a navigation system, which were not ready to be delivered at the right time, also accompanied by other mechanical issues. On the other hand, the company made an announcement about its new high quality hydraulic breaking system, which increased its competitiveness in terms of safety and quality against other competitors in the industry.
Our company should make sure that manufacturers deliver products with the highest design specification, in order to be order-winner quality conformance, by delivering products with no defects (Hill and Hill, 2012). Furthermore, improvements in quality lead to a decrease in cost for the company. According to (Evans, 1997) higher quality products lead to a decrease in costs for the company through higher productivity: ‘improvements in quality leads to lower cost because of less re-work, fewer mistakes, fewer delays and snags’ (Evans 1997, P.55).
Speed According to (Hill and Hill, 2012), synchronising all supply chain activities through using the same data, and completing production at the scheduled time, coordinated between the manufacturer and suppliers,

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