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SHIBA INU REVISED JANUARY 2009 SHIBA INU GROUP: Non-sporting SIZE: Males: 14 ½ to 16 ½ inches. Females: 13 ½ to 15 ½ inches. WEIGHT Males: 23 pounds preferred. Females: 17 pounds preferred. Slight variations allowed. COAT: Double coated; outer coat stiff and straight with soft and thick under coat. Short and even fur on face, ears. FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE (AISBL) SECRETARIAT GENERAL: 13, Place Albert 1er B – 6530 Thuin (Belgique) / EN FCI-Standard N° 257 SHIBA.

We will arrange with you the rough delivery time and transportation method for the puppy.

Origins: The Shiba is the smallest of the Japanese native breeds, which include the Kai Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Kishu Inu, Shikoku Inu, Tosa Inu and the Akita Inu. Despite its smaller size it was bred to hunt small wild game, bear, boar and to flush birds. The name Shiba means, both 'small' and 'brushwood' in Japanese.

  • A Shiba Inu can be predisposed to this condition at birth, but it can also develop due to injury. The severity of patellar luxation ranges greatly, from some cases being mild and negligible, and others requiring corrective surgery.
  • THE SHIBA INU The Shiba Standard is fairly explicit in depicting the ideal for the breed, but, as in all breed standards, there is much room for interpretation. For that reason, the National Shiba Club of America has put together a Breed Seminar and this booklet to help judges and fanciers better understand the breed.

(We will check the season in advance as it could change after we send the puppy, depending on the state.)

Please make your payment.

You need to make full payment within 7 days after you make an

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official reservation.


We will attach a PDF of the information regarding the purchase

procedure (purchase and sale agreement) to an email.

We apologize for the inconvenience but please download the PDF file, sign on it, and send it to us via email attachment.

When the time comes, we will prepare all vaccines (combination,

rabies, etc.), health checks, microchips, and suchlike.

After 51 days of age, we will get its veterinarian to give it a

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combination vaccine and a health check-up. (We will send you the

vaccination certificate and health certificate with the puppy.)

We will perform these procedures at Japan’s Animal Quarantine


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We will send the puppy over when it’s our agreed time to do so.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions after

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the puppy arrives.

You can email us in English.