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You'll need to purchase your own copy of Microsoft Office.Missing
Since you do not possess the Certificate of Authenticity or theSkuo11

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SKU011.CAB download at 2shared. Click on file SKU011.CAB to start downloading. 2shared - Online file upload - unlimited free web space. File sharing network. File upload progressor. 33629072 files available. Find answers to Microsoft Office missing file (SKU111.CAB) from the expert community at Experts Exchange. Hallo, Ich versuche schon seit zwei Tagen das MS Office 2003 Professional zu installieren, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Nach Eingabe des Serialkeys erscheint eine Meldung 'SKU011.CAB nicht gefunden'. OneNote 2003 (Retail) SKU0A1.CAB OneNote 2003 (Trial) SKU1A1.CAB Outlook 2003 SKU01A.CAB Outlook 2003 Standard SKU0E0.CAB OWC10 SKU026.CAB OWC11 SKU0A4.CAB PowerPoint 2003 SKU018.CAB Office Professional Enterprise Edition 2003 SKU011.CAB Office Professional 2003 (Retail) SKU111.CAB Office Professional 2003 w/ InfoPath (Retail) SKU1E3.CAB. Please can you tell me how to get rid of this stupid SKU011.CAB missing. Not sure if my issues is different to others, but this only comes up when opening Access. Word, Excel etc open perfectly OK. I have tried editing the Registry CDCache directory as a lot of articles show, but still the same.

actual Microsoft Office CD, you do not have a legitimate

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installation of Microsoft Office as an illegal license transfer
has occurred.

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Skuo11 Cab Missing

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I can't repair Office 2003 because I don't have an Office CD (guy I bought PC
from didn't give me one for some reason) and I don't have the Certificate of
Authenticity. I've read some posts and I need these things to repair Office.
PC is custom built, using XP SP2. I think the file was destroyed during Disk
Defragmentation. Any suggestions?