Star Wars The Old Republic Single Player Campaign

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Like a lot of players, I have very little time to play and when I get any real time, it is often at odd hours when it is impossible to find others to group with. Like so many games before it, SWTOR is falling into the trap of creating some interesting content but limiting it to groups. In less than 2 weeks I have gotten everything the game has to offer without doing the mind numbing dailies or having a group.
All of the flashpoints and 2/4 man heroics should have a scaled version for solo players. Same rewards, same level of challenge but give the ability for all of the working people that have families and lives to get the most out of it.
I can hear all of the fanbois now... Yes I know I can do daily stuff, I can do crafting and I can roll up another alt and re-do the same stuff I just did. I am not talking about the stuff I can to, I am talking about what I, and a ton of others like me, CAN'T do, and that is play the most fun and rewarding content in the game.
There is a serious lack of player base for finding groups to begin with and will be for a long time to come. Also with the fact that many people work one or more jobs and have families, we don't have the time to spend more time finding a group than we do actually running the content.
For my money, I want to be able to log on, play any content I want that is level appropriate and be able to do it solo.
Many people don't like groups to begin with and would never join any sort of guild but time is still the biggest thing.
I will keep an eye on changes but for now, in well less than a month I have exhausted the game. Those that like groups can always continue to play that way. Those that don't like that or just don't have the time for it, should have the means to do the same content, get the same rewards and get the same value for their money if they are subscribers. Just because all of the other MMO's didn't do it that way, does not mean it wouldn't be better.
I am sure the fanbois will line up quick to flame this and spout the virtues of groups and how the world would fall without them. Save it.
This is my opinion and one I am sure is shared by a majority of the players. I have asked 25 people at random and all 25 loved the idea so the few flamers on a forum would mean nothing.

With EA continuing to dump their older games onto Steam, the popular MMO STAR WARS: The Old Republic is now available thanks to Steam Play Proton it's easier than ever to play it on Linux.

Lets run the numbers to see what you get in terms of unique, purely single-player content, leaving aside all the MMO style multi-player stuff. If you take just the class stories alone up to 50, that is 20+ hours of unique story line content for each class, so around 160 hours total from all the class stories, if you level one of each. Ivan Sulic of IGN praised the graphics, sound, general Star Wars setting, and online mode, but was very critical of both the AI and the single-player mode. 'This is a multiplayer-centric third and first-person shooter, which means players who opt to stick to single player will have something to do, but won't be thrilled enough to desire.

Confused? Don't know what Steam Play or Proton are? Check out our dedicated page first.

This free to play MMO originally released in 2011 and it's set thousands of years before the original Star Wars movies. A time when the Sith are very much around and something not explored in any of the movies. As a huge Star Wars fan, seeing this easy to access on Steam makes me happy. Not a fan of Origin? Good news for Linux users, as it's not here. The Old Republic is one EA title that does not come with the Origin client and so it should be less of a nuisance.

Like the fancy HUD in the corner? That's MangoHud.

With the latest stable version of Proton with 5.0-9, the game works and performs well. Tested across a character I had left on it from a great many years ago, to a brand new character pictured above. There is one issue though: with the typical Star Wars intro video giving you a blank white screen with audio. It's possible to just skip it but thanks to that one issue it's not perfect out of the box. Still, an overall minor point when the rest of the game works so well.

Star Wars The Old Republic Single Player Campaign 2016

Looks like the Steam release is quite popular, unsurprisingly, with well over twenty-five thousand players online. Looks like another EA game to get a player boost thanks to Steam. You can find STAR WARS: The Old Republic on Steam.

Does Star Wars The Old Republic Have A Single Player Campaign

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