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Enjoy watching stereo­scopic videos and DVDs thanks to this intuitive and flexible 3D movie player that supports a variety of file formats

I have acer h6510bd and i use potplayer fof half-sbs and ou videos. Works just fine, no need for software pageflipping. What would be useful is 3d regognition when i start 3d movie in potplayer, something like stereoscopic player does have. Now i have to right click and find 3d settings and adjust them to match the video. It’s a bit tricky because when 3d is on it messes up everything that. 3D-Player is a lightweight video player that comes with 3D support, enabling you to watch stereoscopic videos and movies. The program's interface is simple, comprising only the basic playback. This video player software download is currently available as version 2.4.3. Compatibility may vary, but generally runs on a Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 desktop and laptop PC. NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player has been tested for viruses, please refer to the tests on the 'Virus Tests' page. It is published by Nvidia. Stereoscopic Player is a powerful media player that allows you to view many types of 3D videos, and even 3D DVDs (with a little extra work). The lengthy list of supported formats includes AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MP4, WMV, ASF, MOV, MXF, MKV, and FLV.

What's new in Stereoscopic Player 2.5.1:

  • Added option to change the folder playback sort order
  • Changed: Migrated C# code from Visual Studio 2017 to Visual Studio 2019.
  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.73.1.
  • Fixed deadlock when format selection dialog is opened while the player is in the background
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Stereoscopic Player is a media player that was especially tailored to accomplish a specific task, namely that of allowing users to watch stereoscopic videos.

Can process pictures and videos

The user interface of the program is familiar to Media Player Classic. This means you can open a video file (e.g. AVI, MPG, ASF), image file (e.g. JPG, BMP, GIF), stereoscopic metafiles and playlists.

You can also open left and right files which are required for stereoscopic view, a specific audio file (in case the videos are silenced) and load the audio from a particular track (the left or right one).

Stereoscopic 3d player pc download 64-bitStereoscopic 3d Player Pc Download

Furthermore, you can open a DVD file and load a video from an URL, change the layout, aspect ratio, parallax and orientation. Plus, you can view and configure video properties, such as format, tiles, cropping, timing, information, preview image and filters.

Manage playback controls and quality

In addition, you can import library files and export stereoscopic metafiles, update the video library, as well as change the viewing mode (e.g. monoscopic, dual screen output, multiview, anaglyph).

General settings can be changed when it comes to the user interface (e.g. select preferred language, clear history), playback options (viewing method, slideshow interval), decoders (preferred filters, DVD decoder), control (e.g. enable serial remote control protocol, enable serial output) and advanced options (e.g. configure proxy settings, change the stereoscopic metadata server).

Stereoscopic Player uses a moderate to high amount of system resources and indeed recognizes the formats it claims to support. However, you have to install separately the decoders in certain cases (e.g. DVD decoder), and it happened that some of the videos did not run very smoothly.

In conclusion

All in all, Stereoscopic Player is a good software for playing stereoscopic videos. The help file lacks, therefore beginners may find it difficult, at first, to learn how to use Stereoscopic Player.

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Stereoscopic Player was reviewed by Elena Opris

Stereoscopic 3d Image

  • 20-day trial
  • The playback duration is limited to 5 minutes
  • 1.5 GHz processor or better
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • DVD decoder
  • Sound card
  • 3D hardware (3D glasses, 3D display, 3D projection system)
  • Dual core processor for 720p playback
  • Quad core processor for 1080p playback
  • Depending on the codec, a faster processor might be required
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Stereoscopic Player 2.5.1

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Bino is a video player with the following main features:

  • Support for stereoscopic 3D video, with a wide variety of input and output formats.
  • Support for multi-display video, e.g. for powerwalls, Virtual Reality installationsand other multi-projector setups.
Other advanced features include scriptability, automatic support for highprecision color input and output, and support for using two camera devicessimultaneously.

Bino currently works on GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is based on the following libraries:

  • OpenGL (with GLEW) for video output.
  • OpenAL for audio output.
  • FFmpeg to decode video and audio files.
  • Qt for the user interface.
  • LibASS to render subtitles.
  • Optionally Equalizer for advanced multi-display support.

Bino is free software, licensed underthe terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or later.