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Live Again is the 12th release from legendary Scottish folk band Silly Wizard. The album contains a complete recording of their 1983 live concert from Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts. The project was released exclusively through the Birnam CD Online Shop on 16 February 2012. It is the first release from the band in 24 years. We like to play music. For booking email [email protected] Live (band) Produced by Live (band) & Jerry Harrison. Album Throwing Copper. Lightning Crashes Lyrics Verse 1. Oh, now I feel it comin' back again Like a rollin' thunder chasing the wind. The official website of Sir Tom Jones including tour dates, music, videos, merchandise and more.

To Live Again
Live album by
GenreHeavy metal
LabelZero Corporation
Tarot chronology
To Live Forever
To Live Again

To Live Again is the first live album from Tarot. The album was released only in Japan, by Zero Corporation, but the album was remastered and released in Finland in 2006. Some tracks were re-released along with Stigmata.


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Track listing[edit]

  1. 'Children of the Grave'
  2. 'Live Hard Die Hard'
  3. 'Iron Stars'
  4. 'No Return'
  5. 'Tears of Steel'
  6. 'Breathing Fire'
  7. 'Midwinter Nights'
  8. 'Wings of Darkness'
  9. 'Rose on the Grave'
  10. 'Things That Crawl at Night'
  11. 'Dancing on the Wire'
  12. 'Lady Deceiver'
  13. 'The Colour of Your Blood'
  14. 'The Chosen'
  15. 'Kill the King'
  16. 'Do You Wanna Live Forever'
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With my to my that was it hallelujah. My What time is it? Why do you? God. Why? Be strong. One more. What I like. You. He was. I miss you. I see so. I am I need you. My man. I'm I told. That Just so we. For me, You do. Yeah. They don't see no. See you and be your. Thank you. Thank you so much. thank you for taking our time to be with us tonight. Keeping us this Sunday. Thank you so much. Thank you so much. God bless you all gonna be a next week Sunday night. God bless you. Oh no. Alone. Hey, thank you guys. Thank you guys. Yeah. Thank you so much uh looking at it. I still have uh some people on the line. Wow. Thank you so much just wanna something my god two more two last time. thank you guys this song I promise to release ago I released this morning on my YouTube page this song you guys asked me to release my also is on my YouTube page now you can't just go to my YouTube page click the link I press that the link on this page click the league and it take it to my YouTube page to get a song And enjoy this song. Thank you guys. Thank you guys. Thank you for the love. Thank you for love. We're a little bit tired. We've been we've been going from one show together since Saturday went to show in the afternoon last Saturday night this afternoon Sunday before coming to this place. so we're a little bit stressed out The hope Hope hope you enjoyed your day with us. Thank you for taking our time to be with us tonight. Keep it next week Sunday night. God bless you. We'll come back. Come your way I personally love you guys I love you. I love you from the depth of my heart. God will bless you God will will keep you the pandemic will not see your end this year will not see your end. We shall all see the end. Of this year, and we shall ourselves happy New year in 21 God bless you will come your way again next week. Good night. It's the band entertainment.
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