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How to Unlock a Secured PDF File for Editing & Printing?

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Contact the author or the creator of the PDF document to edit it. Through setting passwords and disabling other functions, such as printing and editing, you can limit access to a PDF. If you have the password for the file, you can remove protection from a PDF. Once the unlock password has been installed, you can follow these steps to unlock the PDF file: Download a new copy of the PDF (with the new sealer password applied). Method 3: Unprotect A Protected PDF File with Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat is the actual software which is used to create the PDF file. Thus using it to edit a secured PDF file or disabling the password features is the easiest and direct methods of all time.

At times, you get stuck when you want to print a PDF file and it does not even open by your end. This happen just because it is protected document with owner level password or restrictions. Quite frustrating moment, Now what should one do to work with this!

Double-click the PDF in Google Drive. Doing this will open the PDF inside of Google Chrome. If your PDF is user-locked, you'll need to enter a password and click Submit to view its contents. When a PDF/A compliant document is opened, a bubble message appears at the top right corner of the document area shown as below. Click on Enable Editing, accept the change by clicking on Yes. In some cases, the notification messages in Foxit PhantomPDF were set not to show PDF/A message again under General tab in Preferences window.

Unless and until you won’t unlock a secured PDF file it will not become an accessible document to print or to edit something on it. Hence, here in this blog you will find the tips and tricks to Unlock PDF file for printing and editing.

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Reason to unlock a secured PDF file

We all have many PDF documents with crucial information which cannot be shared and without password protection. It is natural to preserve document so that it should be accessible to only authorized people. Protected document make sure that no one can access the data without unlocking it.

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Following are some daily situations and the basic reasons why there is a need to unlock PDF

# Cannot print secured PDF file even if you have Adobe Reader

Adobe Acrobat allow its users to open, and view a secured PDF easily without any issue. But when you click on to print the document. You will find “PRINT” is grayed out in adobe reader.

*Working on Windows with Adobe Reader, without unlocking PDF file it is not possible to print the secured PDF even if you know the correct owner password.

#CTR+C not applicable in Adobe Reader

This is quite disturbing when you can’t even copy the content from the secured PDF file. Using CTR+C keys to copy text, but text become grey in color hence these keys are ruled out to copy text. Also, manually copying one to one word is time consuming task!


Unprotect Pdf In Bluebeam

Unprotect Pdf Foxit

*So, Unlock PDF is very well required here.

#Editing is not valid

Even if you have the basic software Adobe you cannot edit anything in password protected PDF file. Whether you spend hundreds of dollars in purchasing the most professional Adobe Acrobat Solution then also it is not possible. Until and unless you unlock a Protected PDF file for editing and printing.

Unprotect pdf foxit file

Free Solution to Unlock PDF file and make it accessible for Printing and editing

Here are some free solutions using which you can successfully unlock PDF file without even any charge.

Solution 1:- Using Google Chrome

Step 1:– Drag the PDF file to Google Chrome
Step 2:– As soon as you drag the PDF file to chrome it gives you the notification tab where you have the Print icon.

Step 3:– Click Ctr+P or Press Print Icon from the pop up window

Step 4:– In destination, Select “Save as”, and hit the SAVE button in print settings
Step 5:– Save secured and password protected PDF file as a new PDF file without any protection
Step 6:– Give reasonable name to your PDF file and Hit on SAVE option

Solution 2:- Alternative Solution to Unlock PDF File for Editing & Printing

Unprotect Pdf Foxit File

Using Aryson PDF Unlocker software you can safely remove the printing, editing and copying restrictions smartly and with free of cost. The FREE demo version of this software is completely safe as it never harm the original content and smartly unlock the secured PDF file and save them with watermark. If you want to remove watermark too, purchase the licensed versions of PDF file unlocker.

Usually there are two types of password levels used in PDF file to make it secured and protected. One is Owner level and the other one is user level. PDF Unlocker Tool help users to unlock PDF file at the owner level of restrictions, so that it is accessible for users to work on PDF files easily. Try its free tool and make your Secured documents ready to edit and print.

How to Unlock a PDF file with help of this software?

Step 1:- Download Now and Install the Software
Step 2:- When you launch the software on your desktop, you have two options either select single PDF file or you can select multiple PDF file to Unlock

Step 3:- After Selecting single or multiple PDF file as needed and Press NEXT button and proceed further

Step 4:- Now you will see a new pop up window showing Output PDF file description

Step 5:- Fill out all the details carefully, and click on unprotect PDF button to continue the process
Step 6:- Click on OK button, then PDF file unlocker process is completed successfully and the resultant PDF file is saved in the desired location, after that you can easily edit or print.

Final Verdicts

Blog does not give you the hack to crack secured documents, it just help the help guide to users who own the PDF file but unwillingly forgot the password to unlock a secured PDF file for printing and editing.

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