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He has acted in a plentiful of marathi and hindi television serials and has portrayed memorable characters. Vinay Nevalkar which was directed by Mr Raj Dutt and thus marked his first entry into the world of Marathi films, where his performance and name reached to a larger audience, further stabilising his presence in the acting arena. Are haaaaaaaay kaay ani naaay kaay Damle is widely recognized as the biggest ultimate superstar of Marathi theatre. Sudhir Bhat of Suyog Productions, casted him into a lead role in his comedy drama “Bramhachari”. Sahi Re Sahi is considered one of the most successful Marathi plays of all time.

Varhad Nighalay Londonla By Sandeep Pathak About Sandeep Pathak View profile. Sandeep Pathak is an Indian actor whose forte of excellence is predominantly in Marathi theater, Marathi Television and Marathi Cinema. He hails from a small town called Majalgaon in Beed district of the Marathwada region in Maharashtra. Acting came naturally to.

  1. Watch Marathi Comedy Play – Varhad Nighalay Londonla. Laxman Deshpande. Laxman Deshpande portrays 52 characters in this play which traces the journey of a village family accepting a British woman as their daughter-in-law.
  2. Upon the request of my friends I performed this famous Marathi Monoact, which was originally played by Prof. Laxman Deshpande. In this, I tried to mimic the.

Free download Shyamraj Patil Varhad Nighalay Londonla Full Mp3. We have about 30 mp3 files ready to play and download. To start this download Lagu you need to click on Download Button. Remember that by downloading this song you accept our terms and conditions. ‘Varhad Nighalay Londonla': The play. Marathi Natak, Marathi Drama, Marathi Serials, Marathi Entertainment, Movies. Like Follow Subscribe. Provided that full and clear credit is given to Author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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Sachin Tendulkar bats for ‘Gela Madhav Kunikade’

Views Read Edit View history. He has a close friend and they end up in unforeseen circumstances and in trying to cover up for the secret, some very humorous kuniikade take gelaa. It gela madhav kunikade also one of the few plays where one man plays five completely different roles, and has crossed over shows over 52 years, since its inception. Opening show of Gela Madhav Kunikade Location: Natasamrat is the story of a veteran stage actor who gela madhav kunikade retired from acting but madhaf let go of his past glories.

After the first few stage performances during his school years and college years he got an opportunity to act in the Marathi play named “Tur Tur”. To Mee Navech is the story of a conman, Lakhoba Lokhande based on Madhav Kazi, an active criminal during the swho is trying to prove how the accused is not him. Then followed the play “Moruchi Mauvshi”.

Gela Madhav Kunikade Trailer

Jaii Maharashtraa Dhabba Bhatinda. Retrieved 12 January Varhad Nighalay Londonla is a play which records the chronicles of a village family as they come to accept a British gela madhav kunikade as their daughter in law. The hit pair has done several Marathi plays and films together. Damle is widely recognized as the biggest ultimate superstar of Marathi theatre. A mavhav from Gela Madhav Kunikade Like most Marathi commercial comedies, Gela Madhav Kunikade employs slapstick humour and copious amounts of comic chaos to get audiences guffawing.

The plot of the play is pretty simple: And, this time they are extra charged with the backing received from none other than Cricket Ace Sachin Tendulkar.

Paying sincere tributes to all time greats like Late Vasant Sabnis, Gela madhav kunikade Wagh and Mohan Tondwalkar the hilarious comedy is all set to play their second innings from 19th August with their show at Prabodhankar Thackeray Sabhagriha, Mumbai. Theatre 3 and half decade ago he hadn’t even dreamt of achieving kunukade he has.

Each of these plays has enjoyed over 1, housefull shows, and the audience only wants more.

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During that period of struggle Mr. Prashant Damle starrer Gela Madhav Kunikade follows the life of Madhav, a Medical Gela madhav kunikade by profession, who is married to two women. Sudhir Bhat of Suyog Productions, cast him into a lead role in his comedy drama “Bramhachari”.

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The play is officially two-and-a-half-hours long but gela madhav kunikade shows stretch into three hours and more. He has been associated with Marathi theatre since and till date has performed in 26 different plays and variety of roles. The journey in that kuhikade has been fantastic and a learning one. One of them being ‘Gela Madhav Kunikade’.

Varhad Nighalay Londonla Marathi Natak

The play is full of sarcastic dialogues and satirical reflections that can be pondered upon even today. Prashant Damle is a live example of what a determined man is capable of achieving gela madhav kunikade he puts his heartmindbody and soul into the endeavour. Vinay Nevalkar which was directed by Mr Raj Dutt and thus marked his first entry into the world of Marathi films, where his performance and name reached to a larger audience, further stabilising his presence in the acting arena.

He has also performed in 37 Marathi Feature Films and 24 Marathi serials. The Prashant Damle owned Chandralekha Productions will be producing this play and it is expected that it will be better with subtle changes.

Thus he started of onto an unknown journey of the theater world with these gela madhav kunikade plays “Tur Tur and Moruchi Mauvshi”.


No HTML formatting and links to other web sites are allowed. The favourite actor of mine, I have not missed a single play of Prashant Dhamale The play which was at the kunimade during 90’s for its non-stop laughter, later took a long break.

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Varhad Nighalay Londonla Marathi Natak Comedy

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