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BCC 8.1.0 for Sony Vegas was released on 9/21/2012. BCC 8.1.0b was released on 4/24/2014 - Support for Movie Studio Platinum 13 and Vegas 13 is added.
BCC 8 for Sony Vegas supports the following host environments:

• Windows 7 64

• Sony Vegas 10.e - 32 and 64 bit

• Sony Vegas 11 (version 594/595 or higher) - 32 and 64 bit

• Sony Vegas 12

• Sony Vegas 13

• Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

What's new in BCC 8 for Sony Vegas (Summary of major changes since BCC7):

• True 32bit float processing support

• Integrated Beat Reactor added to many filters enabling audio driven animation

• New/Revised filter categories

• 32 new filters:

-3D Extruded Image Shatter


-Burnt Film



-Film Glow

-Flicker Fixer

-Fractal Noise

-Glow Matte


-Lens Flare 3D

-Mixed Colors

-Noise Map 2

-Organic Strands

-Particle Array

-Particle Emitter 3D

-Particle Systems

-Pin Art




-Stage Light

Vegas Pro 12.0 Download

-Star Matte


-Steel Plate


-Tile Mosaic

-Veined Marble




-Wild Cards


-Wood Planks

What's new in BCC 8.1.0 for Sony Vegas:

• Depth of Field support in the new particle filters (Particle Emitter 3D, Organic Strands, Wild Cards, Particle Array 3D, Pin Art 3D).

• Fixed sporadic instability when first applying filters from the 3D Objects category in a new session.

• Significant performance improvements in 3D Objects filters.

• Improved performance and render quality with the antialiasing modes in the new particle filters. Using the High quality mode now renders twice as fast as previously and with better quality making it largely unnecessary to use the Higher and Highest settings.

• Motion Tracker workflow improvements including the ability to jump ahead in the timeline instead of tracking frame by frame.

• Enabled support for TGA image formats in Pan and Zoom in 64bit hosts (was already present in 32bit hosts).

• Enabled support for PSD (Photoshop) image formats in Pan and Zoom.

• Enabled support for 16bit TIFF files (without alpha channels) in Pan and Zoom.

• Fixed problem with Wild Card displaying the wrong frames in the second half of interlaced clips.

• Fixed cases where the Compare Mode didn't display accurately when using the Pixel Chooser.

• Fixed incorrect rendering in Damaged TV when stacked with other BCC OpenGL filters.

• Fixed dark fringes around alpha objects when using Radial Blur.

• Fixed render differences between 8 and higher bit depth renders of BCC Snow and sporadic animation jumps in higher bit depths.


• Fixed problem in the new particle filters with all built in lights using the same spot/point setting as Light 1 regardless of the setting for the individual light.

Sony vegas pro 8.0 download

• Fixed incorrect renders on the last frame/field of Pan and Zoom animations when Ease Out is set to 0.

• Improved render quality of the outer portions of Lens Flare 3d gradients.

• Fixed support for 24bit AIF files in the Beat Reactor.

• Fixed problem in Organic Strands with getting only a single strand when using Accelerated Sprites as the particle shape.

• Fixed problem in the new particle filters whereby the Spawn Particle Opacity control would sometimes have no effect.

• Fixed rendering of the Lines options in Damaged TV

• Improved render quality in Stage Light when using the Reach functionality and when using multiple overlapping lights.

• Fixed uneven animation when keyframing the Smoke Speed parameter in Stage Light.

• Fixed loading of the Sunset reflection option in 3D Object materials.

• Fixed problem where 3D Objects filters would not auto-animate when applied to static static generators, stills, or empty events.

• Added missing docs and presets to several of the filters which were new to BCC8 Vegas.

• Implemented workaround for a host problem specific to Vegas 11.683 with parameters appearing to be disabled when they shouldn't be or with point pickers controls failing to open. A side effect of this fix is that controls are never enabled/disabled in BCC effects in Vegas 11.683.

• Fixed problem where 3D Extruded Image shatter when applied as a transition would fail to correctly composite the shards over the incoming layer.

• Fix problem where Optical Stabilizer would not correctly force reanalyzing the footage if the Smoothing Range parameter was adjusted after the initial Analyzation pass.

• Applying Videoscope to any footage with an alpha channel now premultiplies the image over black before analyzing color data.

• Fixed problem where Optical Stabilizer produced jitter in the second field when applied to progressive media in an interlaced project. Note, you must manually set the new 'Mixed Media' popup menu to “Progressive Media in Interlaced Project” to avoid this bug.

• Fixed sporadically incorrect particle positions in Particle Emitter 3D.

• Fixed problem in Extruded Text and Type on Text where hitting the spacebar once in the text editor would sometimes insert two spaces.

• Fixed skewed particles in Particles Emitter 3D in non-square PAR comps.

• Fix skewed light geometry in Stage Light in non-square PAR comps.

• Numerous additional bug fixes.

BCC 8.1.0 for Sony Vegas - Known Issues and Limitations:

• BCC Pan and Zoom supports 16 bit TIFF files on windows now, but it does not properly preserve alpha if the TIFF files contain embedded alpha channels. TIFF files containing alpha should be converted to 8 bit before being loaded into Pan and Zoom.

• In BCC particle filters if you change a keyframe for a parameter whose full animation history affects the particle rendering (such as the keyframed history of the particle emitter location), any previously cached frames that are more than one keyframe away from the changed keyframe will not be automatically recalculated. This only happens if the keyframe in question is edited in the lanes or curves view of the animation timeline. If the parameter value is changed with the parameter control directly then this stale cache problem does not occur. To force cached frames to be recalculated you can make a tiny change to some parameter in the effect which will refresh all frames without changing the overall look of the effect.

• In Particle Emitter 3D keyframing the Wind X/Y/Z sliders can yield unexpected movement of the particles and as a temporary workaround these parameters should remain static.

• In Optical Stabilizer incorrect stabilization can result if a clip's trim points are edited after the clip has been partially or completely analyzed. As a temporary workaround you can adjust the trim points prior to analyzing the clip or you can force reanalyzation after changing the trim points by increasing the Stabilization Samples parameter in the Optical Flow group by 1 unit.

• The Beat Reactor audio graph becomes less accurate as the Frequency Resolution is increased to high values. As a temporary workaround use low values near the default setting of 32.

• The Beat Reactor audio graph shifts by a noticeable amount when resoltuion is less than full. Set the preview resolution to full when setting up Beat Reactor clips to avoid any discrepancies between preview and final renders.

• Some BCC transitions do not work as when applied as one sided transitions to the front of a clip or when applied to clips with alpha channels. This can generally be worked around by applying the effect as a VideoFx transition with media separated on different tracks if necessary rather than applying as a true transition.

• If a project is saved after loading a preset in the BCC effect controls and this preset is removed from the system (or the project is copied to another system that doesn't contain this preset), then when the project is reopened the UI for the effect does not appear correctly. This can be worked around by reinstating the missing preset and relaunching vegas or by saving the current filter settings as a Vegas preset, deleting the filter, and loading that vegas preset in a new instance of the filter.

• In filters with more than one Motion Tracker point (e.g. BCC Witness Protection), saving/loading the motion tracker data only works for the first tracker point.

• Filters which access frames at alternate times such as the Time category filters can produce unexpected jitter when applied to clips that have more horizontal frame aspect than the project's frame aspect.

• BCC Posterize Time can show interlacing artifacts when applied in interlaced projects. As a workaround you can prerender Posterize Time clips in progressive projects which will produce correctly posterized frames when reimported into interlaced projects.

• BCC Stars will occasionally exhibit horizontal bands of artifacts in the star field and galaxy controls.

• In BCC Particle Systems (but not in Particle Emitter 3D), particles are rendered as if progressive even when in interlaced projects thus yielding less fluid motion in fast moving particle animations.

• BCC LED shows occasional mis-colored dots on Quadro FX 3500 cards.

• The Beat Reactor propagation options generate unexpected results in Organic Strands. Use non-propagation modes which work as expected as a temporary workaround.

• Glyph fonts such as IMG Extreme or HolidayPi BT will sometimes render incorrectly or cause unexpected behavior in Extruded Text or Type On Text.

• Gaps in text characters in Extruded Text and Type on Text will sometimes jump between filled and unfilled states while animating with changing geometry such as text on a path or jittering text. Increasing the Polygon Count or adjusting the font or font size my provide a temporary workaround.

• The various Blend Modes in Corner Pin or Match Move always render as if the Normal mode was chosen in float bit depth projects.

• Deinterlace will occasionally render an upside down frame.

• After editing multiple different parameters in a BCC filter you are sometimes unable to Undo more than one step back. We are working with Sony to resolve this issue. Hitting undo multiple times very quickly will sometimes work around this issue.

• In order to workaround a problem with parameters being incorrectly disabled in Vegas 11.683, all enabling/disabling of parameters has been turned off in that specific version of Vegas and parameters remain enabled at all times.

• In 32bit Vegas 10e when working with float bit depth projects you will sometimes see a black screen or an Open GL error message with OpenGL intensive BCC filters such as Particle Emitter 3D. Switching to 8 bit may provide a temporary workaround.

• In Vegas 10 only you will sometimes see incorrect geometry in filters previewed at less than full resolution when applied to media whose pixel aspect ratio does not match the aspect ratio of the final project.

Using BCC 2 to 1 Transforms :

  • In Vegas Pro for an effect to be able to access an alternate video layer (a layer other than the layer the effect is applied to) for processing it needs to be applied on a per track basis as a 2 to 1 Transform. Boris Continuum for Sony Vegas Pro currently offers the following filters as 2 to 1 Transforms:

Edge treatment for keying and alpha effects (uses a softened area of the background to composite on foreground):

  • Light Wrap

Composite effects (combine layers according to blend modes, allow for mixing multiple blend modes, using user defined regions and image based channels to define blend area etc.):

  • Boost Blend
  • Composite
  • RGB Blend

Displacement effects (can be used to access the layer below the filter layer as a displacement map):

  • Displacement Map
  • Polar Displacement
  • Vector Displacement

Two-Image effects (allows accessing the layer below as an alternate foreground/background layer when compositing or as an alternate particle face):

  • Corner Pin
  • Match Move
  • Wild Cards

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      Yes! The free Sony Vegas Pro download for PC works on most current Windows operating systems.


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