Warzone 2100 3.2 3

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Warzone 2100 was originally developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. In 1999, it was released commercially for Microsoft Windows and Sony PlayStation. Pumpkin Studios ended their support for Warzone 2100 on January 5, 2000. In 2004, after fan petition, Warzone's source code was released publicly under an open-source license.

Warzone 2100 3.2 3
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  4. Warzone 2100 was originally developed by Pumpkin Studios and published by Eidos Interactive. In 1999, it was released commercially for Microsoft Windows and Sony PlayStation. Pumpkin Studios ended their support for Warzone 2100 on January 5, 2000. In 2004, after fan petition, Warzone's source code was released publicly under an open-source license.

It has been three years since the last stable release. There is an enormous amount of changes in this release compared to 3.2.0. These changes include:

  • Display / UI scaling
  • Performance improvements
  • Major improvements to campaign
  • The return of secondary orders removed in the previous release
  • Fix for shooting through walls
  • The return of macOS builds
  • and many, many other things

Warzone 2100 Update

Below you can see the list of changes compared to the previous beta release.

It is available at our usual location: https://sourceforge.net/projects/warzone2100/files/releases/3.3.0/

You can now also download it from: https://github.com/Warzone2100/warzone2100/releases/tag/3.3.0

We have also changed where to report bugs. Please report all bugs to https://github.com/Warzone2100/warzone2100/issues.

Warzone 2100 sequel

Changelog since 3.3.0-beta1:

2019-08-31: Version 3.3.0

Warzone 2100 Download Full Game

Warzone 2100 download full game

Warzone 2100 Pc

  • General:
    • Add: Reinstated secondary orders Pursue, Guard, and Hold (29d3696, 4b974e5, 2fb1727, 274fab1, cfa8ca6, 8f611fe, ff5ec8c, #263, ticket:4303)
    • Add: Reinstated range orders Optimum, Short, and Long range (too many commits, #314)
    • Change: Pressing Escape clears chatbox if it contains text and closes it otherwise (809dd2a, #294)
    • Fix: Processing of radar input after disabling its widget (39f083e, ticket:4867)
    • Fix: Saving of challenge scores (e1b3eac, ticket:4868)
    • Fix: Crashes caused by missing support for mipmap generation (a850fb5, #260)
    • Fix: Improved window resizing and display scaling (aedc207, 39aeb51, e1e991c, c89a299, aaf79ed, 924b982, #319)
    • Fix: Support for more graphics driver workarounds and platform compatibility (d517b62, #331)
    • Fix: Units shooting through walls to attack targets (4ed887e, 5cbe6b9, #271)
    • Fix: Very slow map/mod transfer when vertical sync is enabled (1d1050f, #392)
    • Fix: Do not try to attack jammed units before being in range (b9cd1cd)
  • Graphics:
    • Add: Hit-testing support for widgets (405a594, 9394cd5, #264)
    • Change: Increase click area for in-game options (bb15fba, #266)
    • Change: Improved text width calculation (f4a8c93, c27ad85, 0fcad70, 35e5a8d, #287)
    • Change: Split challenge tooltips in challenge selection screen into multiple lines (2cc667c, #299)
    • Fix: Issue loading OpenGL on older Intel chipsets on Windows 10 (8a755a5)
    • Fix: Flamer Bunker model (400191c, ticket:4856)
    • Fix: Objects darkening when zooming out (456a74e, ticket:4375)
    • Fix: Layout calculation for unit orders panel (67b64e6, #261)
    • Fix: Layout calculation for mission timer (d655de8, #261)
    • Fix: Misplaced reticule area buttons (6731c4c, #262)
    • Fix: Broken shadows with rotated structures (b7e0061, #285)
    • Fix: Horizontal offset of chatbox cursor (8944aac, #282, ticket:4796)
    • Fix: Alignment of right-justified small text buttons in main menu (e6aa879, #287)
    • Fix: Shader warning on some systems (189b18d, #318)
    • Fix: Broken shadows with rotated features (3902165, #368)
    • Fix: Broken shadows with corner walls (33963b5, #368)
    • Fix: Color cursor offset (66322c9, #426)
    • Fix: Fix cyborg and scavenger leg animation bug (123ded5)
    • Remove: Flickering of blue/red laser beam when building/demolishing (724750e)
    • Remove: Disable PIE SHADERS directive support (ca536c3, #380)
  • Campaign:
    • Add: Time conversion functions, for timers (bfde3e1, b497b1f, #322, #411)
    • Change: Campaign scripts to automatically play the “reinforcements are available” sound (33764ec, #320)
    • Fix: Overlapping objects on maps (f3a9b4d, ticket:4865)
    • Fix: Gamma 1 is instantly lost if first transporter drop contains no trucks (e2dc5d7, #277)
    • Fix: Gamma 1 transporter drops being randomized after loading a save from end of Beta campaign (58ac40f, #278, #280, ticket:3009)
    • Fix: Timeout missions not properly failing when player should be considered dead (8042e44, #320)
    • Fix: End of Beta campaign requiring more than one transporter to start, unlike the original campaign (9d1fc6f, #320)
    • Fix: Laser satellite not firing at unfinished structures (8b8653a, #369)
    • Fix: Calculation of player power at start of Gamma 9 (30fc938, #370)
    • Fix: Structures built in Gamma 2 save zone prematurely ending mission due to them being counted as units (04a78c9, #416)
    • Fix: Assert from destroying the Gamma 2 base during the nuke event if the player didn’t destroy it themselves (71b1005, #416)
    • Fix: Alpha 1 area triggers potentially being triggered too early by the AI (fdebdf5, #454)
    • Remove: Ability to build MG tanks before having an HQ in Alpha 1 so as to stay consistent with the rest of the game (cc6ea54, #383)
    • Remove: Large power bonus given from starting Beta 1 on Insane difficulty (3c7691c, #435)
  • Scripting:
    • Change: Function componentAvailable() returns true for redundant components (0b535c8, #321)
    • Fix: Group label ID and game object ID collision (b63648f, #304, #355)
    • Fix: Check for redundant templates with setDesign() (370cfd6, #378)
  • AI:
    • Fix: NullBot gateway building function causing a good chunk of lag (db51614, #313)
    • Fix: NullBot owned VTOLs attacking things they cannot hit (43d5ee0, #313)
    • Fix: NullBot ordering non-sensors to observe objects rather than scout by driving towards them (4b97f42, #313)
    • Fix: NullBot trying to assign a label to a dead unit in eventAttacked (8fab71b, #313)
    • Fix: SemperFi-JS not building its fourth research lab when it should (6634148, #429)
  • Other:
    • Add: Console message for missing Command Relay Center preventing Commander production (c165d8c, #327, #329)
    • Add: AI related tooltips and changes (too many commits, #419)
    • Change: Time and date representation to ISO 8601 (224a92a, #343)
    • Change: Configuration directory of debug builds (e9830eb, #335)
    • Change: AI descriptions and tooltips (4b2c88f, c4b5f4d, a8cc35f, db1a216, #281, #419)
    • Change: Always initialize SDL before Qt which may solve some crashes on Linux systems (ccb70cb, #401)
    • Fix: Truck getting stuck when picking up artifact in tutorial due to a cliff (f4fa0a9, ticket:4866)
    • Fix: Throttling of production console messages (3bb244b, #327, #329)
    • Fix: Undefined behavior (41af29c, 43a34a8, fa02178, 070f0c8, #351, #353, #356, #436)
    • Fix: Tutorial issues (18a0b6a, d79c2a3, f41f78a, 518b256, #381)
    • Fix: Being able to use saved combat templates before building an HQ (7d62105, 9e22db3, 15ec435, #378, #394)
    • Fix: Debug menu crashing when trying to open it after loading a skirmish save (f340d89, #422)
    • Fix: Missing AI difficulty button when everyone is on the same team (63c358c, #423)
    • Fix: Always make sure the default AI stays as the first list entry (6b91d9e, #419, ticket:4791)
    • Fix: “biffer baker” and “double up” cheats causing unintended behavior (6f24a6c, #438, ticket:4795)
    • Fix: Crash when loading a saved game of a challenge from commandline interface (244fd2c, #439)
    • Remove: More Qt dependency from the source (97cf508, ca9c116, 131e4f7, #276, #299)
  • Modding:
    • Fix: Desync when trying to use mods while hosting 3rd party maps (7d62105, #388)
    • Fix: Windows hosts crashing when clients connect and mod transfer is attempted (2cddc2f, 1b5fe86, #441)
  • Balance:
    • Add: Restored multiplayer weapon range and accuracy stats of version 3.1, with small changes (7f4c03c, 20345ce, b1d5f8e, #387)
    • Add: Restored campaign weapon range and accuracy stats of version 3.1, with small changes (c8ecd75, e6ebad0, #399)
    • Add: Accuracy research upgrades short range accuracy (50a6d90, 1896ca1, #410)
    • Fix: Cyborg flamer and cyborg lancer not being affected by upgrades (303b27f, #362, #363)
    • Fix: Weapons missing behind targets which caused higher accuracy than intended for all weapons (44eb5e4, #371)
  • Translation:
    • Add: Translation of structure limits screen title (198215b, ticket:4871)
    • Add: Support a second line for translating the “AUDIO / ZOOM OPTIONS” message (7073993, #345, ticket:4629)
    • Add: Translation of commandline synopsis (98cee00, #425)
    • Change: Russian (too many commits, #239, #382)
    • Change: German (too many commits, #326, #328, #413, ticket:4845)
    • Change: Turkish (b14f9bd, #259)
    • Change: Brazilian (b00b17c, 30a7855, #315, #402)
    • Change: Polish (211574f, 4087263, #339)
    • Change: Slovenian (cac83e9, b33d1e3, #357, #377)
    • Fix: Translation of research messages not being shown (f1b170d, ticket:4843)
    • Fix: Mismatching format specifiers for singular and plural form of a translatable string (db95329, ticket:4872)
    • Fix: Version string being printed in the wrong language (4236886, #344)
    • Fix: Printing of commandline options for foreign languages (9d31736, #425)
  • Documentation:
    • Fix: PIE format documentation (7a4fdb1, 58e78a2, #295, #325, #334)
    • Fix: Bug tracker URLs and wiki links (06503bb, d4af395, #427)
  • Build systems:
    • Add: Folders to CMake builds to improve target organization in IDEs (093aad3, #291)
    • Change: Disable 3rd-party dependency installation in CMake builds (c40ff4b, #340)