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Mahabharat Bangla or Mohavarot Bangla Star Jalsha Full Episode 1-288 Download and Review: Mabaharat is the most important part of the Hindu Region. You can get a lot of information that will help you to make your life happy. If you follow the instruction of Lord Krishna from the Mahabharat, then you will be found Happiness in your life. Here you will learn How to Download Mohavarot Bangla Star Jalsha(স্টার জলসা মহাভারত বাংলা পর্ব ১ থেকে ২৮৮) All Episodes easily without having a problem. Before that, you can also watch all the episodes from the official sources.

First episode date: 16 September 2013 Final episode date: 16 August 2014 Number of episodes: 267 Director: Siddharth Kumar Tewary Mahabharat Star Plus Serial All Episodes List. Mahabharat - Episode 29.ogv download. Mahabharat - Episode 30.ogv download. Download 1 file. TORRENT download. Download 389 Files download 36 Original. Community Video. Uploaded by Hindi Book-govind13298 on. Download all mahabharat (1-268) episodes for free. So, don't wait and get your. If you get any problem then watch the video or contact us through our email. Thanks for visiting. Mahabharat is a Hindu epic that narrates the story of the struggle to establish righteousness on the throne of Hastinapura. Two collateral branches of the family, Pandavas and Kauravas, participate in the struggle for right to the throne of Hastinapura, affecting lots of lives in the way. The struggle culminates in the great battle of Kurukshetra that produces complex conflicts of kinship.

Hello Everyone! Namaskar and Welcome to I am Sankar Das Admin of this website and today here you will learn How to download or Watch Mohavarot Bangla All Episode easily.



The Mahabharat (Sanskrit: महाभारतम्, বাংলা: মহাভারত) is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, the other being the Ramayan. It narrates the struggle between two groups of cousins in the Kurukshetra War and the fates of the Kaurava and the Pāṇḍava princes and their successors.

There are philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four “goals of life”.

Mahabharat Bangla

In 2013, The Historical Indian television series “Mahabharat” was aired. The Hindi Version aired from 16 September 2013 to 16 August 2014 on Star Plus. Swastik Productions Pvt. Ltd was the produced The television show. You may be happy to know that; On 30 March 2020, The Television Show is Re-Run on Star Plus during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. Unfortunately, you can watch this show on Star Plus with only Hindi Language.

But if you want to watch or download this Historical television series in Bengali Language, so you can also do this easily through my instruction. So with the delay, you may read the following process to download or watch it.

How to watch or Download Mohavarot Bangla?

This is also a hard topic for most people. Because if you searching on Youtube to watch it, so you can’t do this. That’s why most of the people searching on Google, Yahoo or other search engines to know the process for watching Mohavarot Bangla Full Episode 288 Star Jalsha. But unfortunately, most of the time they failed to watch or download it.

If you one of them and also searching on the internet to know how to watch Mahabharat Bengali, so you can get a clear guide from here to get the best result. I have already discussed too many methods to watch it through your Smart Phone or Smart TV.

1. Watch Mahabharat Bangla Star Jalsha

As I already told that, Only Indian People can watch Hotstar show. Unfortunately, in other countries, people can’t watch it easily. But if you want to watch on download Mohavarot Bangla Full Episode 288 Star Jalsha, so here is the best way for you.

It will also help you to download without any problem. But if you like to watch Mahabharat on online, so you can also do it without any problem. Just click on the following link and follow the instruction.

  • First of all, you have to visit the Mohavarot Bangla Episodes link that I have inserted here. When you click on the link then you can see 288 Bangla Episodes. So click here to visit the link (মহাভারত বাংলা ভাষায়).
  • After that, if you want to download an episode then click on a video. Episode names are also visible there. And then click on the option that I have marked like the picture below.
  • When you click on this option, then you will get four different option like the picture below. Finally, click on the “Download” option, then the downloading process will start automatically within a few seconds.

Note: If you want to watch any show of Hotstar, so I always recommend you to watch Mahabharat and also other shows only on Hotstar.

2. Watch On Hotstar

I think you guys will know that Mababharat Hindi Language TV Show only available on Star Plus Channel. But you can also watch this show on Hotstar App. Here you will get Mahabharat in Six Different Language. There are Hindi, Tamil, Bangla, Telegu, Malayalam, Kannada.

Everyone can watch the show using the Hotstar app. Unfortunately, there is a simple problem. Only Indian people can watch Mahabharat on Hotstar App or So, if you live outside of India, so you can’t watch the show even any shows on Hotstar.

So, if you living in India and if you want to watch it, so you may follow the instruction below. It will help you to watch Mahabharat Bangla on Hotstar without any problem.

  • First of all, you have to visit the official website of Hotstar. The official link is You can also download the app from Google Play and also from Apple Store.
  • When you successfully logged in on Hotstar, then you will get a window like an image below. And you have to click on the “Search” icon like the picture.
  • After that, type “Mahabharat” on the search bar. Then click on Bangla Text like the picture below.
  • Now you have choose “Season” and Episode from the window. Just click on there and after that the selected episode will run automatically.

So, this is the easiest and legal way to watch Mohavarot Bangla on Hotstar. If you follow the above process correctly, so you can easily watch all the episodes without any problem. Remember, Hotstar is completely free to watch any shows. But there is some disadvantage with Hotstar. You may also check it from below.


  • Hotstar is completely free to watch Mahabharat.
  • Easy to use.
  • Mobile-Friendly.
  • User Friendly


  • There are some ads on free account.

If you Live in Bangladesh, so you guys can’t watch this Show from Hotstar. So what to do? Are you worried? Don’t worry dear! I have another way to watch or Download Mohavarot Bangla Full Episode 288. You may follow this below.

In Conclusion:

So, that’s was all about Mahabharat Bangla Star Jalsha Full Episode 1-288 watching method. I hope you guys will be successfully understood about this article and also success to watch Mohavarot Bangla using the above method. So if you like this article, so please try to share with your friends. Thank you very much for being with us. Hare Krishna.

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Awe-Inspiring Series
There never was ,is or will be anything greater than BR Chopra's Mahabharata on Indian TV ..... As Mahabharata is the king of epics,this TV series is the KING of TV SERIES. All credit goes to splendid production value,out-of-the-world dialogs (by Dr. Raza........may his soul rest in peace), superb acting,great action and a very 'real'casting. Every character has played his /her part so well that we can' imagine anyone else playing them now.... . Incidentally ,Mahabharata is the longest epic in the world 4 times longer than 'Odyssey'.It is supposed to have been written by Lord Ganesha and dictated by Ved Vyasa.Its historical proofs are scattered all over northern India.
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This is amazing...
...if you have the time to watch it consistently, and give it your attention. This is a very demanding piece of work-- there are many characters, and many plots going on simultaneously. Stop watching for a few days and you might just forget what was going on. Nevertheless, this is an amazing piece of work, incredibly moving, and affecting like very few works before it. I can't overstate how incredibly emotional the experience of watching it from beginning to end was; the ending, in particular, is a extremely powerful.
True, the scenes are a bit drawn out at times; personally, as director, I would have shaved off about 10-15 minutes from each episode. Obviously, the special effects are outdated as well, but they are sufficient to get the point across, which is the most important thing.
Ideally, this series should be watched when you have 4-5 days dedicated to just watching it from beginning to end. Yeah, that's a big dedication, but it is also an incredibly rewarding experience.
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Loved it
I greatly enjoyed watching this TV series. Some say that the special effects of this series are bad.
To me, I could care less about the special effects. It's the actual meaning the series demonstrated that really counts.
It captured the holy essence and is extremely closely aligned with the original epic. It covers an immense amount of the original epic, as there are ninety-four 45 minute episodes. It educated me a lot on Hinduism. It showed the awesome power and grace of countless heroes like Bhishma, Arjuna, Karna, and Holy Krishna. I would greatly recommend this movie to everyone. I absolutely loved it.
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Long live the legends!!
Mahabharat was a landmark in Indian TV industry. It did to TV in 80's what Kaun Banega Karodpati did in 2000. It carried on what was started by Ramayan - an epic saga series.
Many Indians who gave no more importance to the epic, those had forgotten it, and most importantly the kids who would have had no chance of learning about it, were greatly helped by the TV version. Its greatest achievement was to revive the lost pride in the culture.
Though the special features will now seem kiddish, the costume will seem gaudy, yet I appreciate the details that were achieved with such small budgets. Fast-paced episodes aptly covered the whole epic in just 94 episodes.
I would recommend it to all Indian parents bringing up children in western countries to help kids learn about our great culture.
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This shows you what we dream life would be like
This reminds you of how you should live and how the world is so different and corrupted from before. Back then they had so much respect for their elders and even when wars were fought the enemies were respected nowadays all of that has disappeared. This is my favourite TV series of all time and I'm Canadian born too but this just reminds me of how life should be especially karn. You'll never find a person like him in this world. For a series made 18 years ago, its an awesome series and if this did happen then i wish i was living back in that time not during the war but i mean in general with all the respect and honour. This is our history don't forget it.
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Full justice to the epic...
The T.V. Series Mahabharat produced by B.R.Chopra is the most popular t.v. series ever showcased on Indian idiot boxes. The extent of influence the series commanded on Indian population can be gaged from the fact that during the time of its broadcast streets would get empty, and it would be impossible to find a single living soul at the busiest of the town centers. People who were fortunate to own a television would play hosts to all the less fortunate neighboring families. Even passers by would get a place in ones living room.
The series though technically lousy, and made with cheapest special effects, ended up doing full justice to the sentiments with which Ved Vyasa compiled the greatest of the epics. Its 93 episodes take you through every possible sentiment, every possible emotion, every possible relation that a human mind can fathom. People not familiar with Hinduism might find this series a perfect introduction to Hindu way of thinking, and its deep rooted beliefs and the social structure of the Hindu society.
Series does full justice to the complicated intertwined stories and their sub plots. The story of Mahabharat is narrated by Time ('Samay') which was kind of nice concept and helped in rushing through the less important details. Baring a few, most actors did full justice to the characters they were portraying. The portion of 'Bhagwat Geeta' (the divine song) was also performed with great gusto and in its true spirit.
If you want to feel the true essence of Mahabharat, then this is certainly the right thing for you. However the technical aspects might disappoint you. Highly recommended to everybody. By far the greatest story ever told, nothing in this world can ever come close to it.
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The Best adaption of the biggest epic ever!!
This is was made in late 1980s and I watched it as I was young in India. But when I bought the all 16 DVDs. It was amazing...the special effects may look old but the acting is superb...the acting done by the leading cast is unbelievable..this epic is about the meaning of life and Bhagavad Geeta spoken by Lord Krishna looks so real and understandable. Highly recommend this version..I know there are many versions but this is the best and the original. I think everyone in life should either read this great epic or watch's not about Hinduism its about your Dharma (Duty) as human being. And if you are interested in great story telling you won't be disappointed.
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Simply WOW. No words exists in any language.I think i have seen more than 10 times .I bought the VCD collection and i saw all 64 CDs fully.
Each and every dialog is amazing.
Especially Karna,Beeshma,Vidura and all ...
I am really ..really... no words really.
Thanks to Chopra and his team.
Please see this serial before you die ...
Especially the conversation of Karna-Krishna and Karna - Kunthi and all, is truly great.
I think god came to earth and taken this serial in the form of Chopra.
Every body perfectly matched with their roles. Thats the special about it.
Please Please Please watch this Mahabharath Serial (all 64 VCD) at least once in your life.
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My favorite series of all time.
This Mahabharata series was almost perfectly done from beginning to end. There are few moments when the script goes off course from the actual scripture, and the actors did an excellent job in portraying the mannerisms and likeness of the actual personalities, Shakuni, Bhishma and Krishna in particular. The story of Krishna's birth, Bhishma's vow, the Great War it's all in here. Absolutely fantastic series, it is very inspiring to children and to adults. Whenever I see this, it encourages me to learn more about Hinduism and such a powerful series deserves equal praise. A must-see for Hindus and non-Hindus alike, especially those who wish to learn more about the faith.
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History Can't be repeated
The great thing happen rare time in the world , and Mahabharata is one of those great things.
All of the character had played very well, and It's a result of their respective work..
I have already told that history can't be repeated, means even though same people Try to do work with their all ability they can't do same like they have did, so it's a time dependent story. I like the all characters but among them the most that I like is a Krishna, because of his speech, and elegant behavior.
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The greatest TV series ever!!!!!!
It is simply 'the greatest TV series ever created'!!!!! Perfectly created!!!! First of all, adapting the legend of Mahabharatha is itself a monumental task since it is the greatest and the biggest epic ever written on earth. BR Chopra has done a magnificent job of adapting it onto the small screen. What clinches the score is the casting, dialogues, screenplay and direction.
1. Casting - Everyone!!!!!!! No mistake in even a single character, be it even a small one. The best of all is Mukesh Khanna as Bhishma and Nitish Bharadwaj as Krishna. People used to literally call them as their characters even in their personal lives. 2. Dialogues - A single man, Dr.Rahi Masoom Raza. Despite being a Muslim from Ghazipur, UP, he was well-versed in Sanskrit. The dialogues were top-notch and incomparable to anything else. One of the main reasons for the popularity of the serial. 3. Screenplay and Direction - It is the magnum opus of BR Chopra. Each and every scene was perfectly created. Performances were terrific. Costumes, sets are truly reflective of Dwapara Yuga.
I will not delve into the details of the plot since it will result in me over-running the prescribed limit of IMDb message space.
Overall, this is a masterpiece of a TV serial and it will be a Herculean effort to remake. Several rumors float around like Muslim gullies used to be empty during 10-11 AM on Sundays, i.e., during the running time of the serial. Even shops used to be closed because shop-owners themselves used to watch it. I personally remember that every newspaper in South India used to print the dialogues in native languages beforehand for the convenience of the public to understand the Hindi language. I can confidently assert that there are not more than 5% of people who haven't watched this legend. And they are unluckiest of the Indian citizens!!!!!!
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movie based on mahabharat
this is to all people associated in the movie business i request producers from bollywood along with the major Hollywood studios like sony,warner brothers,fox movies to recreate the epic 'MAHABHARAT' for the big screen.You will do a great favour to mankind as there is none nor there will be another epic as 'THE MAHABHARATA' which teaches values and ethics which were relevant not only in the past but are very much relevant in today's time.Hire the best of talents from across the globe with special effects teams from India and abroad and with the epic divided into 3 parts which can be modelled just as the matrix series or the lord of rings trilogy.Mark my words 'A FILM MADE ON THIS EPIC WITH THE COMBINE TALENTS OF Hollywood AND Indian FILM INDUSTRY WOULD BE A GREAT SERVICE TO MANKIND AND WOULD GENERATE REVENUES THAT ARE UNIMAGINABLE!!!'.
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The greatest series ever to walk on earth.
Mahabharat,the battle for Bharat,now the modernize India is the grandest and greatest epic serial i have seen in my whole life.The war that was fought for all the rightfully reasons.For some the greed,for some the revenge,for some the pride,for god just to show his divine power.This is the best we see from the Indian Television Cinema.
B.R Chopra,what a proud man he would be after portraying us the grandest and biggest unforgettable epic ever to see.A startling insight of the life of God Shri Krishna,making of many legends like Bheem,Karana,Arjuna & Bhishma ,also one of the most ferocious and epic battles you will ever see.
This battle was fought for various different reasons.A thousand reasons may be.All characters are just perfect.Bhima looks definitive Bhima,Karana looks remind us of how in that period Karan would have looked like.Casting of Krishna is perfect.It can't get better then this.You should just see Shikhandi and Duryodhan for the perfection matter.Fabulous.Casting hits the top in Mahabharata with Beautiful Draupadi taking most of the lime light.
Fight scenes are gruesome.Lot of blood but truly in those ages war would have been fought like that only.Lot of divine and magical stuff.Some battle scenes are emphatic.Just try and remember the fight between Bhima and Jarasandh.Also,fight between Arjun & rest of the Hastinapur known as Virat Yudh.The fight scenes of Karna and Arjun are a sight to see.Bhishma too with Abhimanyu lives up to be the most emphatic battles you would see.And the breaking of the Chakarvyu by Abhimanyu was simply amazing.Death of Abhimanyu and the arrival of Ghatotkatch.I can remember every scene till the end.
The 94 episodes get to you.But still every episode is unique in its own and portrays different attributes of India at that time.We are all fascinated by wars but this is grand,more than a war.Some scenes like Krishna taking the divine form and Bhishma vow are just astonishing.Krishna and Karna talks just seem endless.We cannot forget the Samay(meaning time) here who narrates this fascinating epic story to us.Nor can you forget the game of dice neither the Draupadi harassing scene.
The soundtrack is surely divine.The voice of Mahendra Kapoor on the start of each episode just sets the mood to watch it even more.I am not sure if i will see a better Indian epic serial then this.This is Indian Cinema at its zenith.Even if God would see this serial he would surely bow and applaud the commendable work done by B.R Chopra.I can't stop applauding him anytime.The dialogs and all,they still echo in my ears.
Starting from King Bharat to Krishna to Arjun to Bhishma to Shikhandi to Shakuni to Karana to Bheema to Duryodhan to Balram to Parshuram.I feel i have already touched the feet of God.That's only because of this.I can't stop watching this.Its just my moral now that does not allow.Geeta Saar still echo's in my ears.The beautiful visions of Shri Krishna truly comes in front of me every time.This is grand.This is magnanimous.This is class.If God could walk on earth ,surely it is due to this epic serial only.I cannot say more.I am lost for words.
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Must watch for Everyone.
Mahabharat directed by B R Chopra, is the Best TV Series Ever Produced on Indian Television.A serial like Mahabharat had neither been produced in the past & can never be produced in Future also.. It has got all the crux of the ancient epic Mahabharat & does full justice to the epic. Don't bother much about the special effects, if you really want to gain some knowledge & wisdom and really want to know the true meaning of Life,Culture,Values and DHARMA, listen carefully to the Dialogues ,they are the best, simple yet worthy, to the point & very interesting. And I assure you that you wont get bored for a single moment in the entire journey spanning 94 episodes of 45 minutes each. Mahabharat has more than enough content to keep you occupied & mesmerized by its contents,its story, its amazing screenplay & dialogs & spectacular performances by Most of the actors.. The actors which deserves special mention are those who played Shri Krishna, Bhishma, Arjuna, Duryodhna, Karna, Vidur & Dhritrashtra.After looking at them, you'll feel that real Krishna, Bhishma etc would have been looked like them only...All actors have made the characters alive. To sum up my review, I would say that that if you haven't seen Mahabharat yet ,then you really have missed a very important & worth watching TV series in your life. I have already seen it twice & seeing it again for the 3rd time & every time I see, I learn a new aspect of Life, Religion & Dharma.. My Vote 10/10.......... :-)
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Amazingly good
This production is the brainchild of Mr B.R Chopra,which provides a amazingly good insight into Ancient India,the way it talked,walked.....It is a must watch for any human,not just any Hindu or an Indian for that matter.....It inspires one to lead his life in such a way that he/she gets the most out of life and gets to know how life should be spent on this earth...It contains all the emotions that a human can feel..surpassing all the other literatures of the would suggest everyone to watch it from the beginning although one can watch it from the middle as it succeeds in striking a note even at a very short notice.....
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Did anyone say 'best in the class'
Well, the plot is as complicated as life. The problems tackled can be compared to the most complex ones in today's world. Thats Mahabharat for you, worlds longest and greatest epics. And putting it in a format that will capture the hearts and brain the world over, simply demands the best of the class title. The gem of it is Geeta, and Chopra has sprinkled its wisdom throughout the script, not only when it was explicitly recited. Mahabharat as an epic deserves much more then currently its getting not only in Bharat (India) but the world over. And Mahabharat as made by Chopras is an ideal way to begin with. I'd easily and highly recommend this in its pure format to general human in general and budding ups in particular.
Other's comments say it all!! get a copy of it and entertain, enlighten and educate yourself. the sheer volume may take a few months to complete if watched a few hours a week, but its simply worth spending that much time and effort!
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No One Can Do A Better Job No Matter What
No one can do a better job then this seriously.
You can cast these roles in their prime if they looked like these people and spoke their lanugague.
You can cast Robert DeNiro Al Pachino Christen Bale Edward Norton Tom Hanks Leonardo Dicaprio Ben Kingsley
Have the greatest producer
The Directors- Steven Spielberg, Hitchkock, and Scorescese
and this TV show will be a complet waste of time and boring crap compared to this TV show.
The Mahabharata in its entirety was just perfect from every angle. The acting is better than The Godfather. The directing better than Phsyco. The drama, emotion, and complexity better than Schindler's List. The enthuisasm better than Star Wars. Forget the visuals and this TV show crushes the others and makes them feel like a childish, and immature movie. To make the Mahabharata is the toughest of all Steven Spielberg would die trying to make it and if you say he would then you are wrong considering the fact that SPielberg probably has never written 1.8 million words in his life. I do not need to explain how good this is based on this.
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Absolutely Masterpiece
Mahabharat would always be remembered for its story, dialogue, screenplay and performances. The actors who played the characters in Mahabharat would always be remembered by the character name. It has been over 20years since the serial ended but people still remember it very fondly.
The best part of the serial was its focus on the main story. Mahabharat is such a huge epic that anyone could have got lost in the innumberable stories. Thanks to the concept of Samay (Time) all the minor details were briefly mentioned and the serial moved forward.
The serial should also been seen for the interplays between the great characters and their interpretation of Dharma (Righteousness). Statecraft was one thing that is worth learning from the serial. Easily it could have got sucked into the maize of godliness but even Lord Krishna is not shown as The God but a divine human being. I have seen back to back reruns of the serial and every time it seems that it has something new to offer.
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What matters for epics of this sorts when made in serials, is how much justice done to the substance by the script, characters and most of all direction; screenplay is critical as you are expecting viewers to follow this for over ninety episodes, and there Mahabharat won't command anything less than a complete 10. Full marks to the casting and acting, every actor including the not so important ones, have done absolute justice to the character, nowhere you see an actor taking over character; which is rampant in remakes reason enough they fizzle out in first five episodes.
Mind you, this is a long story going over 90 full episodes, but not even a single episode is tacky or boring. Mahabharat is a very complicated plot to narrate because of the number of important characters involved in the epic and so many other stories running in parallel, but all this was directed and presented so tactfully and stylishly that it never lose the pace. Every subplot was placed and shown where it became important, rather than going by tricky flashbacks or a chronological screenplay. We can argue endlessly about this being technically not up to the mark but that's not important as this is the beauty of substance if used properly it can definitely make an everlasting impression just like this one. I have watched the complete series twice but even now whenever I watch any episode again, it is as good as ever.
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India's Greatest Epic
I don't have words to describe this series. This series is very good directed and acted. I recommend everybody to watch this once in their life. After watch this, everyone will realize the meaning of life and what is the purpose of life. This could be the most viewed series ever made. The dialogs are great and supported by incredibly talented actors. It's rating shows,how favorite it is. It was first seen on Doorderson, and people still thanking to doorderson for this greatest epic.Thank you. excellent.excellent.great.great.great.very.very.very.very good.10+/10 excellent.
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The biggest epic the world has seen.
I was too young at that time. Around 6-7 years. Live in a joint family of 7-8 people and shared a single TV at home.
I still remember 9 am on Sunday morning, it was a time when India became lifeless and explored its very own roots.
Mahabharata has always been the largest epic in the world. Converting the same into TV serial would have been some task and congratulations to Chopra's for doing such a wonderful job.
The other day I saw all three parts (extended editions) of Lord of the Rings Trilogy and thought how complicated it was. But when I actually started to compare it with Mahabharata I realized how simple LOTR was, how many complex characters, scenarios, emotions were portrayed in Mahabharata.
In fact the actors who portrayed those parts did such a wonderful job, and were so much convincing in their roles, that they were etched in public memory, that barring one or two, none of them have been successful in other ventures on Screen.
I must have watched it numerous times and end up enjoying the same every single time.
There are no words enough to describe the epic, but as someone else said earlier, make sure you watch it before you die, it will change your life.
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Very Very Very Excellent !!!!
His Holiness, His Divine Grace, Maharishi B. R. Chopra has done excellent job. Credit goes to all the cast and Directors.
From all the characters of Mahabharta, I like Her Divine Grace Ganga and His Divine Grace Karan.
Thank you very much for your kind considerations.
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Epic Indian TV series Of- Worlds Largest Epic(The Mahabharata)

Mahabharat Episode Download

Thank you sir B.R Chopra and all other cast to introduce us with this Indian epic, don't know if i ever read this epic or Bhagavad-Geeta on my own.
When you starts watching it from very first episode might be you would not like it very much but after watching continuously 2-3 episode you will find that you are start liking it and after watching further You will find that You are becoming addicted to it.And after watched completely you would know about Hinduism,meaning of Dharam,Geeta,what actually religion is and its aspects?? and many more things which will be very helpful in every moment of your life.This is for everyone..
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King of the Indian Television History
More than Extraordinary Great work by chopra brothers & Perfect Act by each & every Actors Characters are Unmatchable. special effects are poor but even today with Money & technology no one Can match this one what chopra bros. made All of the actors are perfect match with characters
like every character it self came back from history. my favorite are Krishna,Bhishma,ganga,Arjun,Karna, I watched this series 22 years ago. Every Indian should see this once. this Epic Shows you how to live a Life & what is the purpose of our life. especially todays generation who where know very little about this Epic & Our true culture. if you Still didn't watch this than you are really missed something Great. Most Must see for every one i'll give 11 out of 10
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Literally no words and it's a freaking true story.
No everything can be described in words. Just watch it. There are many versions of Mahabharat but nothing comes close to this version. No a single character was even remotely disappointing. They were perfect. I guess they are the definition of what perfect acting is. And what to say about Nitish Bharadwaj? It literally felt as if I was watching Krishna himself because he executed that role perfectly. Kudos to B.R.Chopra.
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Producer & Director : B. R. Chopra & Ravi Chopra
Music Director : Raj Kamal
Lyrics : Pandit Narendra Sharma & Bhring Tupkari
Dialogue : Dr. Rahi Masoom Reza
Story Line:
At the heart of the story are two families. The Pandavas are the five sons of King Pandu, each fathered by a different god, Pandu himself having been cursed into celibacy. On the other side are the hundred sons of Pandu’s blind elder brother Dhritarashtra, led by Duryodhana (Puneet Essar). Over the course of this epic narrative, the two families become bitter enemies, resulting in a costly, bloody war.
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Mahabharat Episode 6
Mahabharat old all episodes7 Dhritarashtra and Gandhari get married, Pandu and Kunti get married and Karna’s birth
Mahabharat Episode 7
8 Madri is gifted to pandu, pandu is resting and Dhritarashtra is king
Mahabharat Episode 8
9 Pandu’s curse, his sanyas and birth of Pandavas
Mahabharat Episode 9
10 Kaunsa is king and Akashwani about Krishna
Mahabharat Episode 10
11 Krishna Janma
Mahabharat Episode 11
12 Pootna’s death
Mahabharat Episode 12
13 Krishna brahmand darshan and krishna gets caught while stealing makhan
Mahabharat Episode 13
14 Maiya Mori Mai nahi makhan khayo and Kaliya Nag Tandav
Mahabharat Episode 14
15 Radha and Gopikas, protest against Mathura, Devakasur and Trulambasur Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 15
16 Kansa invites Krishna to Mathura
Mahabharat Episode 16
17 Kansa vadh
Mahabharat Episode 17
18 Pandu’s death
Mahabharat Episode 18
19 Styavati, Amba, Ambika take sanyas with Rishi Vyas
Mahabharat Episode 19
20 Duryodhan poisons bhim and bhim gets strength of 10 elephants
Mahabharat Episode 20
21 Sudama’s chivda and Dron arrrives to hastinapur
Mahabharat Episode 21
22 Shastra Pooja, Drona insults Karna and Arjun’s Test
Mahabharat Episode 22
23 Ekalavya, Karna’s Education, Arjun’s test of Bird’s eye
Mahabharat Episode 23
24 All grow-up, prince is to be nominated and everyone exhibits their skills in rangbhoomi, Karna challenges Arjun and Duryodhan gives Anga desh to Karna
Mahabharat Episode 24
25 Drona’s guru Dakshina to capture Dhrupad
Mahabharat Episode 25
26 Krishna gets sudarshan chakra from parshuram, defeats Jarasandh and orders building Dwarika
Mahabharat Episode 26
27 Yudhishthir is crowned as prince. Rukmini is being forced to marry Shishupal
Mahabharat Episode 27
28 Krishna kidnaps Rukmini
Mahabharat Episode 28
29 Lakshagraha is built in Varnavar by Purochan
Mahabharat Episode 29
30 Tunneling in varnavat begins
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31 Escape from Lakshagraha
Mahabharat Episode 31
32 Hidimb Vadh and Bhims marriage
Mahabharat Episode 32
33 Bakasur Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 33
34 Dristadyumna & Draupadi Birth and Draupadi Swayamvar
Mahabharat Episode 34
35 Arjun wins Draupadi
Mahabharat Episode 35
36 Pandav leave from panchal to hastinapur
Mahabharat Episode 36
37 Pandav arrive at Hastinapur and kingdom is divided
Mahabharat Episode 37
38 Pandav get khandavprastha
Mahabharat Episode 38
39 Coronation of Yudhirsthir, Khandavprastha becomes Indraprastha
Mahabharat Episode 39
40 Arjun runs away with Subhadra
Mahabharat episode 40
41 Arjun weds Subhadra. Arjun gets Devdatta conch and Gandiv and Bhim gets his Gada
Mahabharat Episode 41
42 Jarasandh Vadh, Rajsuya Yagnya begins, Shishupals Story
Mahabharat Episode 42
43 Rajsuya Yagya, Shishupal Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 43
44 Vyas predicts war, Draupadi laughs at Duryodhan
Mahabharat Episode 44
45 Pandavas go to Hastinapur to Gamble
Mahabharat Episode 45
All46 Yudhirshthir loses everything
Mahabharat Episode 46
47 Vastraharan
Mahabharat Episode 47
48 Pandav Get Back Everything
Mahabharat Episode 48
Mahabharat watch online49 Rematch of Dyut
Mahabharat Episode 49
50 Vanvas Begins
Mahabharat Episode 50
51 Gandharvas Catch Duryodhan
Mahabharat Episode 51
52 Arjun worships Indra and Shiva for Divyastra and gets Pashupatastra
Mahabharat Episode 52
53 Krishna’s story of one grain of rice, Bhim meets Ghatotkach and Hanuman, Arjun learns dance from Chitrasen
Mahabharat Episode 53
54 Arjun gets curse of impotency from Urvashi, Abhimanyus as a kid, Jayadraths head is shaved
Mahabharat Episode 54
55 Story of poisoned water and Yaksha, Abhimanyu is Big
Mahabharat Episode 55
56 Agyatvas in Matsya desh
Mahabharat Episode 56
57 Karna’s curse, Sairandhri rejects Keechak
Mahabharat Episode 57
58 Keechak Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 58
59 Kaurav attack Matsya desh
Mahabharat Episode 59
60 Viraat yudh and clothes for Uttaras dolls
Mahabharat Episode 60
61 Abhimanyu’s marriage and Pandavs decide to send a doot to hastinapur
Mahabharat Episode 62
62 Dhritarashtra does not agree and sends Sanjay
Mahabharat Episode 62
63 Krishna or Narayani Sena
Mahabharat Episode 63
64 Krishna goes to hastinapur as shanti doot
Mahabharat Episdoe 64
65 Krishna avtar and Indra takes Karna’s kawach kundala
Mahabharat Episdoe 65
66 Karna’s Identity is disclosed
Mahabharat Episode 66
67 Vidur resigns as a prime minister, Kunti meets Karna
Mahabharat Episode 67
68 Sanjay gets divya drishti, Ulluk goes to Pandavs
Mahabharat Episode 68
69 Shalya becomes Karna’s Sarathi
Mahabharat Episode 69
70 Shikhandi’s Story
Mahabharat Episode 70Episodes
71 Arjun worships Durga,rules of war layed
Mahabharat Episode 71
72 War begins and Arjun drops his weapons, geeta saar begins
Mahabharat Episode 72
73 Geeta Saar part 2
Mahabharat Episode 73
74 Geeta Saar and Krishna Maha Avtaar
Mahabharat Episode 74
75 Yudhishthir gets blessings, Yuyutsu changes side and war begins, Abhimanyu faces Bhishma
Mahabharat Episode 75
76 Uttar dies, Arjun faces bhishma and day 2 begins
Mahabharat Episdoe 76
77 Arjun is unstoppable, 3rd is over, 4th day begins, Bhim is surrounded, 10 Kauravs are killed, Krishna
takes out his sudarshan

Mahabharat Episode 77
78 9th day is over and 16 kauravs are dead, Bhisma tells Arjun how to take him out of the war
Mahabharat Episode 78
79 Bhishma lies on the Bed of Arrows, Karna meets Bhisma
Mahabharat Episdoe 79
80 Day 11, Dron tries to capture Yudhishthir but is unsuccesful, Shantanu comes to Bhishma
Mahabharat Episdoe 80
81 81 Chakraview planned, Duryodhan promises Susharma
Mahabharat Episode 81
82 Abhimanyu Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 82
83 Arjun vows to kill Jayadrath and Story about Jayadraths Curse
Mahabharat Episode 83
84 Arjun breaks chakravyuh to get to jayadrath
Mahabharat Episode 84
Watch mahabharat all episodes85 Jayadrath Vadh
Mahabharat Episode 85
86 Ghatotkach dies
Mahabharat Episode 86
87 Drona Dies
Mahabharat Episode 87
88 Dushyasan dies Karna fights with Arjun, Krishna puts the rath in the land so that Arjun is saved
Mahabharat Episode 88
89 Karna Dies

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Mahabharat Episode 89
90 Yudhishthir curses all woman kind and Duryodhan becomes iron bodied
Mahabharat Episode 90
91 Bhim duryodhan Gada Yudh
Mahabharat Episode 91
92 Duryodhan Dies, Ashwathama, Krip and Kritvarma is remaining, Parikshit’s story
Mahabharat Episode 92

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93 Dhritarashtra tries to kill Bhim

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Mahabharat Episode 93
94 The End

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Mahabharat Episode 94

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