Www Bearshare Com Free Music Downloads

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Www Bearshare Com Free Music Downloads
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Www bearshare com free music downloads for computer

Do you want to have millions of songs at your disposal, but not to buy, collect, download or save any of them on your computer, but you want to listen to them anywhere you are, watch their video clips or collect and choose your favorites? All this is offered by BearShare, as you can download it for free and you don't need to pay at any time, except of course if you want to buy a song, which supports not only the app, but also the artists, because all the content in BearShare is legal. But you can also download your favorite song for free and create your own personal collection if you still want to have your MP3s on your PC.



  1. This free music download website is a hub for artists, labels, and music lovers to discover amazing music. It has well-categorized sections such as Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums that will.
  2. BearShare – a software to search, view, share and download the media files. The software contains a built-in search engine to quickly find the necessary files and the player to play media files. BearShare allows you to create your own playlist or music library and transfer them to portable devices.
  3. BearShare Download is the Free Music Downloader. It allows you to download around 20 million of these newest songs and music pictures. Let’s interact with allies to get music libraries. And provide new people that share similar music pursuits.
  1. Listen to MP3s
  2. Download music
  3. Create collections
  4. Has a social network
  5. Integrated DJ
  6. Searches for your songs

After you install the app and create an account you can start discovering how many and nice functions BearShare has. First of all you can search your music and find your favorites among more than 20 million songs. After that you can create playlists where you can arrange them as you like or you can activate a DJ function that creates its own set. But this function has some other capabilities and that's why it is separated in its own tab. From there you can choose your mood and make the DJ create playlists that correspond to it. For example if you are in the mood to get drunk you can set the mood to it and the DJ will choose songs for such an “activity”.

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Largest Selection of Music, Movies & Games. All of your Favourite Music Artists - Guaranteed. Unlimited FREE Downloads No Fees Per Download. Highest Quality MP3 Format. Mix and Burn your own CDs to play in your car. Over 15 Billion MP3s to Download. Free 24 Hour Technical Support. No Spyware, No Adware, No Popups. BearShare Turbo Accelerator is a very easy to use application designed to increase the transfer speed of the downloads you make through the popular BearShare file sharing tool.