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All Games Action Games Xenus 2. Caribbean islands; islands full of secrets, mystery and the spirit of romance. These islands are both beautiful and lethally dangerous. Centuries ago the waters of this region were teeming with pirates and adventurers. And frankly, not much has changed since then. In October, two games about mercenaries in the tropics were released almost simultaneously. This, as you know, is Far Cry 2 and our today's hero - Xenus 2.It would seem that games are of different levels and different budgets, but now we will say, perhaps, a seditious thing: Xenus 2 is more interesting to play.

  • I've encountered situations where the radio text is completely wrong, such as in the Eudez Ambush by the soldiers, where they start talking about a dungeon and spiders instead of the actual Ambush. EDIT: Okay, pretty much every plot-radio covnersation is scrambled now, I've even had the exact same text lines play for different pieces of dialogue in the same conversation.
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In October, two games about mercenaries in the tropics were released almost simultaneously. This, as you know, is Far Cry 2 and our today's hero - Xenus 2 . It would seem that games are of different levels and different budgets, but now we will say, perhaps, a seditious thing: Xenus 2 is more interesting to play. More precisely, the Ukrainians manage to keep our interest throughout the entire game. The reason is clear: there is more life, more detail, more freedom, more variety, and instead of silent clones, there are talkative glassware sellers and drunks who mistake you for the devil in the flesh. But most importantly, there are no checkpoints where enemies respawn every 10 minutes.
'Perks' for Sol
In fact, in Far Cry 2there are also unique characters - our companion friends, for example. Moreover, there is real role-playing: the reputation system plus the need to make moral choices when deciding who to save and who to let perish. But the authors of Far Cry 2, it seems to us, made one big mistake: unlike Deep Shadows, they did not dare to turn the game into a kind of analogue of 'Gothic' or Oblivion about a mercenary in the jungle. There is rather a more advanced, more correct version of Just Cause and Mercenaries . And in the end, all these decisions and unique characters are drowned in the monotony of the gameplay, which makes itself felt closer to the middle of the game.

But the Ukrainians initially relied on the RPG, and, thank God, did not abandon this approach in the second part. Of course, there are some local changes in the role-playing mechanics. So, now there are no character parameters that develop depending on the frequency of their use. But a system of perks appeared, where there are skills for almost all cases of role-playing life: from breaking locks and the ability to use grenade launchers to deception and bribery. Even the ability to hold your breath while firing a sniper rifle is now a separate skill. As a result, the system of 'perks', of course, gave the game spice and incentive: the player became more involved in character development, more tools appeared in order to bend the game to suit him.


The ability to open and steal any vehicle also benefited. The system of groupings is noticeably more organized: in particular, chaotic insane firefights and skirmishes at every turn, which often made the first part almost unplayable, have disappeared. Otherwise, everything is the same here: initially neutral to everyone, the player decides for himself whom to work for and with whom to fight, but if he wants, he can correct his attitude towards himself for a certain amount of money.

But the most important thing that has changed in the second part is the surrounding world. It sounds corny, but he really got livelier. If in the first part most of the residents we met were just dummies for the same questions and answers, now there are a lot of really unique personalities here: they either burden us with their problems (and this is not only 'find the stolen' or 'kill the foe', there are just a lot of tasks here. for every taste and temperament), or give useful advice, or tell some stories. And some can even teach the hero one or another perk. It became better with the simulation of life. This, of course, is not 'Gothic 3', but people sleep at night, and during the day the streets are full of even pre-registered, but quite vivid details: someone hit a man on the road, an armed robbery begins in the store where you entered, etc. .d.

Xenus 2 pleases, first of all, with real, not imaginary freedom. Here you can easily turn off the main road and drive into some small fishing village or just stumble upon a couple of huts, where there will be some new characters, new stories and tasks. Or you can swim into the sea and look for treasure chests at the bottom. You can come to the bandits, smile nice to everyone, and then get the 'barrel' and shoot everyone, including the leader. And after that, the bandits will choose a new leader, and for the murder of the old they promise to take revenge. Instead of just calmly photographing the drug mafia airfield, you can take out all living things and take the same pictures, but with the corpses in the frame. You ruin the relationship, they will hunt for you, but, in any case, you will know why they are trying to kill you and how it can be fixed: and in the same Far Cry 2there is no logic in the fact that everyone is up in arms against the main hero and indiscriminately firing only at him. From this point of view, it is also correct that in Xenus 2 they first try to identify you, and at this stage you can try to deceive or bribe the 'inspectors', and only then they start shooting.
It is also important that from Xenus 2it turned out to be a good, vigorous action. Artificial intelligence does not amaze with the wonders of fiction, but it is still able to provide adequate resistance, not allowing the game to slide into an easy walk over corpses. Additional acuity is added by the fact that there is still dependence on drugs and drugs that arises as they are used, as well as a system of point damage, when, due to being hit in the limbs, you start to limp and the weapon trembles in your hands. As a result, fighting here is really interesting.
The increased transport fleet and the ability to hijack a boat at any time in order to return to the island that has been well-worn far and wide and finally surrender the quest taken at the beginning of the game - another strong argument up the sleeve of Xenus 2… Finally, it's a damn beautiful game. Not technologically advanced: it can't keep up with Crysis and Far Cry 2 . But the picture here really pleases the eye: juicy, rich and rich in details.

Again patches, patches, patches …
Of course, Xenus 2 is not perfect. The plot of the second part loses to the original: after all, saving your own child is a much more emotional, powerful story than an investigation into the causes of poisoned cocaine. From the script and dialogues, in general, it smacks of amateur performance, a sort of coursework of second-year students of the theater school. No, in general it's not bad, of course, everything is quite readable, and there are jokes of humor, but the level of elaboration is infinitely far from the great epic RPGs. Here the game even loses to Far Cry 2 in some ways: there was still some kind of drama, some kind of adult direction, and here, by and large, a children's matinee. In addition, with vague voice acting.
Loses to competitors Xenus 2and in terms of weapon modification: it is too primitive, and to be honest, you can live without it here. In the same Far Cry 2, there is much more sense, incentive and variety in upgrades.
The life simulation system, despite the praises sung above, still leaves much to be desired. Physics and the level of destructibility are noticeably inferior to all nextgen-action games of recent times. The hero moves too fast, constantly bumps into someone, strives to climb on the table, walks over the heads, and can accidentally send the boat flying 30-40 meters in a big way. Driving vehicles is inconvenient: like the hero on the ground, the car moves too fast. Finally, there are a lot of bugs, crashes and defective triggers that do not allow you to pass the quest: as in the case of the first part, megabytes of patches are again needed.


Xenus 2 White Gold Patches

Yes, Xenus 2 can and should be improved, tweaked and balanced, but it is already clear that the sequel was a success. We got a large, bright and interesting, even despite the primitive scenario, a game that clearly shows how you can combine a really interesting world and a modern 'free' shooter. And most importantly, Xenus 2 has one most important quality today: this game does not get boring.

Xenus 2 White Gold Patchwork

Gameplay: 7.5
Graphics: 8.0
Sound and music: 7.0
Interface and controls: 7.0
Author rating: 7.5
Overall rating: 7.3